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Chapter 11


When I woke up I was lying in the bed, the duvet tucked around me perfectly. I sat up so it slipped off and then realized that I was no longer wearing the red dress from last night but instead a new pair of pale blue pajamas. Who had changed me?

With perfect timing Linda entered with my breakfast and answered my unasked question.

“You fell asleep on the way home last night so Sir asked me to change you.”

I nodded my head as she placed the meal down next to me on the bed. Avocado toast. My favorite. The staff had obviously already taken note of what I liked to eat as they now only served things I’d shown a liking towards. I still had cravings for so many things I missed from home and was sure the kitchen would happily provide them for me but I was too scared to ask. I missed sitting on my sofa watching a movie while gorging on chips and wine. Now I couldn’t do any of those things. There was no TV in this room I was constantly cooped up in, nor was I given any snacks to enjoy. I couldn’t even drink anymore thanks to the man holding me captive here.

Then a thought struck. Where was he? Normally I slept on the sofa and he in the bed. There was no sign he had slept with me nor had he given me any instructions. I decided to ask Linda as she would certainly know everything.

“Where is Antonio?”

“Last night after he got you into bed, Sir left for a business trip.”

I raised a brow at Linda, I wondered why he had not just told me this news himself but at least it bought me time away from him. I still wanted more information so inquired further.

“He has traveled home to....”

Linda paused, unsure of what to say.

“Arrange some things. But he will return by the end of the week once everything is prepared.”

I nodded. A week. That was enough time for me to escape and get far away from here without Antonio on my tail. If I played my cards right then I could actually leave this prison and be free again.

I had worked out that I would leave ASAP. I had to wait for the evening to come so that I could escape without anyone noticing. I was always locked in the room and the only time that anyone entered was for meals or to prepare me, none of which would happen in the night time. The next step was for me to figure out how to escape. The windows and doors were both locked and there was no way I could break them. The door was locked from the outside and the windows needed a key.

My plan became clear in my mind. I was told I could yell for help if I needed it because a guard was always stationed outside the room and would come in. I would do just that, before knocking him out with the lamp that was positioned on the bed side table. I then had two options.

I could just dodge past him and hope he hadn’t locked the door already but the problem with that was there were too many guards in the hallway.

The better choice would be to steal the window key and yell out to the guards outside for help. They were not particularly smart, as I observed and without their boss here wouldn’t be on top of their game (so I hoped). They would most likely fall for it and rush inside. Then once the coast was clear, I could climb out of the window and run as fast as I could.

From what I could tell there was a gate around the mansion, but I could easily climb it. The main difficulty would be getting out unnoticed by any security. But it was dark so I prayed my plan would be successful.

I couldn’t wait any longer. Every 12 hours the chance of finding a missing person decreases so by now my hopes of being saved by the police would be long gone and I didn’t know when Antonio would next leave me alone.

The first thing I would do once free was go straight home. Once I figured out my whereabouts I could get back to my apartment and go to the authorities. I was aware how dangerous it was to snitch but if they had no time to track me then I would be offered protection by police before anything bad could happen. I then thought about work. Could I even go back after this? It just seemed that the job brought me nothing but misery and I know my coworkers would all think me mad to go back after being kidnapped by a patient’s brother. It was also expected for a panic episode to be triggered every time I had a new case. This could happen again and that would be the idea always buzzing around in my mind as I tried to work. But what else could I do?

It didn’t matter. The main focus was getting out alive and relatively unharmed. Clothes had been installed into a wardrobe so I could change into something more practical. However, that would have to wait until later on because if Linda walked in and saw me in all dark and camouflaging colors along with a pair of running shoes, she would know something was up. After what happened last time I couldn’t afford to even ask Linda for help so God knows what would happen if she found out I was trying to get away.

For the whole day I had to act natural. Anything bizarre or out of the ordinary would alert red flags. So I ate meals as they came and sat by the window, trying to read my book but I couldn’t help stare out of the glass instead. I would soon be out there again, free. I was ready to join the outside world. I was ready to escape.


I had returned back to my home in Italy to make wedding arrangements. I was only in America to deal with some drug business but now that that was started up and could be handled on it’s own, Alexander and I would return home along with most of our men.

I wanted to have the wedding as soon as possible so it would be easier to keep an eye on Alice, when we became husband and wife she would be bound to me. I also didn’t want to wait till the last minute and then force her into having my child, these things took time. The wedding would be local to the house and would be officiated by our family priest. He was well aware of the situation and I could trust him unlike a normal officiator who would realize what was going on with Alice and I didn’t want to kill anyone on our wedding day. Alice would be terrified enough so things needed to run smoothly. I wanted her to enjoy this.

The date was set for 3 weeks from now so I would take her home a week before. I still had no intention to tell her we were to be wed until she was being dressed in the white gown. I had chosen that too. It was a beautiful dress and I knew it would make my girl look like a goddess.

As for the guests, I didn’t want hundreds. Knowing Alice, she was bound to kick off and if anything went wrong I wasn’t going to be embarrassed. I would just invite my men (mainly for security purposes), close family and my more powerful business partners.

Currently there were three things I was certain of. One, Alice would marry me. Two, we would share our first night together on the evening of our wedding day whether she liked it or not and three she would learn to submit to me and in turn, be happy.

Back home I had made sure everything was prepared for our return. I had already chosen clothes and other necessities for Alice to be delivered and installed into my own room. I’d also added extra safety measures to ensure that my house was inescapable.

I also had designed other precautions for when Alice had one of her....moments and needed punishing. But like I said, she would learn to submit to me, fully. And only then could she be truly happy. She would be happy, I’d make sure of it. She would have everything she ever wanted and more, all with me.

I sat at my desk, watching Alice on my computer screen through the cameras I had installed in my bedroom. She had no idea that I had done so. Judging by her body language I could tell she was up to something. Yes, my dear Alice was planning to escape. I was going to let her leave me forever though. I would enjoy a good game of cat and mouse. What she didn’t know was that once she was caught and once again in my arms I would have a tracker installed in her. That way she would never be able to leave me again. I knew people who sold them so I would most likely get them installed on the same day that we flew back to Italy. I was already planning to drug her for the duration of the journey, any idiot could see she wouldn’t react well to being flown out of her own country by her abductor. Just wait until she finds out about the marriage! Although my mind was made up about the fact she would receive a tracker I had not yet decided on if I would tell her. If I did then she wouldn’t try to run again, she’d know she was trapped but if I didn’t tell her then she wouldn’t hate me even more and I’d have more power over her due to her obliviousness. After the wedding I was hoping to have her broken anyway.

I already saw a small piece of her breaking last night. When she told me about Ryan I loved the way she felt in my arms. I loved the pain in her voice as she told me about him. I knew what he had done but wanted her to tell me. As long as I kept my knowledge hidden from her then it meant there was another opportunity for her to give into me.

I was curious about her escape. Where she would go and who she’d talk to. I already had alerted my men to follow her and those at the house to let her run but act oblivious. Most importantly my allies in the system were aware. I had eyes everywhere and she would always be watched and controlled. Even when ‘free’ she would remain mine.

So run Alice because I will find you, and you will be punished.

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