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Chapter 3


Upon leaving for the night my boss had informed me that I needed to stay later, due to a large amount of paperwork I needed to fill out.

Some of it was just routine paperwork that I needed to fill out because I had just returned from my absence, however there had been some recent changes too. I now needed to do some extra work because of Alexander’s high profile. He was by far the most dangerous criminal I had ever dealt with.

Usually my patients had killed 2 or 3 people and were completely crazy. They would just laugh at you when you tried to talk, or you would get the ones who just stared with empty gazes. But here was Alexander, a seemingly sane and sweet guy but he was part of the mafia and related to the leader. He had killed people. And no amount of light hearted jokes he made could bring those people back.

Most of the paperwork was reading, something I had always enjoyed but when it was compulsory it lost that magical feel. As a child I had always struggled finding books I would like and didn’t find my style until I was a teenager.

I had launched straight into reading books that my English teachers still had on their shelves. The other children read about romance and adventures while I stuck to darker themes.

My mom was always proud deep down but they never really showed it. I figured it was because I pushed her away, as a normal teen girl would, but then she never understood she had to hold me and ignoring me was actually the opposite of what I wanted.

It didn’t matter anymore though, the damage was done and it’s time to get over it.

Suddenly an alarm began to blare through my office.

It took me a few moments to recognize the sound, but sure enough it was to alert all senior staff that there was an issue in the ward.

I was classed as someone who would need to be present, along with security and medical staff in case things got out of hand and someone needed to be restrained or even sedated.

Immediately I shoved the files into my desk and locked it (I couldn’t risk someone stealing this while I was gone if I wanted to keep my job) and left my office.

The alarm was very loud and accompanied by a red flashing light, by no means was it a warning to be taken lightly. The siren most likely meant a patient was being violent or escaping the premises.

I had never experienced an emergency like this personally but the lady who had trained me once told me a story about how she saw a man try to escape, badly injuring a security guard while doing so. So for that reason these situations were not the kind to be taking lightly. It could have been a very serious issue, or it could have even been an accident. But the point was, I didn’t know.

I jogged down the hallways, the building was empty apart from the guards that were probably already on the scene. However it did occur to me that it was slightly odd how the alarm was still blaring. Usually within a few minutes it would be shut off, perhaps 2 inmates were having a fight and both had to be restrained, but then why would they be out of their cells?

Each cell had its own facilities so there would be no need for any of the people to be let out for the bathroom during the evening.

I reached the door and pulled out my keycard and swiped it against the pad, immediately the door opened and I practically ran through due to the anticipation. However I instantly stopped in my tracks.

There was a dead body. A dead body just lying there, bullet in the head, right before my feet. He was a guard. I had seen him before, laughed with him, waved hello in the morning and here he was. Dead.

I looked up and my breath was caught in my throat. There were several more bodies scattered around the hall, just lying there.

Suddenly everything became too much. The blood of the ward staff smeared on the walls as they no doubt were begging for their lives. The screams and laughs of the inmates, who couldn’t see what had happened but would have heard the shots. What had happened?

Suddenly my legs gave out beneath me and I collapsed onto the floor. I began to cry, tears fell from my eyes and short loud breaths came out due to my panic.

I was used to dealing with patients not witnessing a murder scene and being on my own surrounded by a sea of dead bodies. This was not part of my training.

I heard footsteps but my mind was long gone at that point. I could only focus on the fear coursing through my veins. It was like ice, forcing my body to instantly freeze.

“Ah shit, guys come here.”

I heard shuffling and several people walking around before I felt big arms pull me to my feet, they practically held me up as I couldn’t support myself any longer.

Then I looked up to be met with a cold gaze. I stared back into a pair of dark, alluring eyes. Then I studied the rest of the owner’s face. The eyes belonged to a man a bit older than me, perhaps his late 20s. He had dark chocolate hair which was messy but professional and slick at the same time. He had light stubble on his chin and his skin tone was tan. In fact he looked rather like Alexander. Then it hit me all in a huge rush, I was remembering what I felt like with Ryan. Pure terror.

This was Alex’s Brother.

The leader of the Italian mafia, possibly the cruelest man alive.

Antonio Marino

My attention was momentarily drawn away from Antonio and redirected onto Alexander who had just entered.

“Ahh, Dr. Green.” He seemed shocked by my presence but didn’t seem very concerned.

I only cried more.

“You know her?” Instantly shivers ran down my spine as I heard his voice. I was so cold and he almost sounded bored. How could anyone possibly be bored in a situation like this?

“I guess. She’s my psychologist. By the way Doctor, I won’t be needing a referral to the prison, as you can see my dear bro here,” he jokingly punched Antonio’s shoulder who didn’t flinch as he continued to stare at me, “has broken me out.”

Antonio just nodded in response whereas I let out another howl. I was so scared. The fear kept coming and I was shaking all over.

“What are we gonna do with her boss? We could kill her but she’s a real pretty one. It’d be a waste, she’d sell high on the market, nice ass, good pair of tits.” The man holding me began groping me and I pulled against him, sobbing, but he was too strong.

“No, p-please no no.” I could barely form a sentence.

All of a sudden a strong hand grabbed my chin. Antonio turned by head side to side as if he was inspecting me. He then moved the hair off my face which had stuck to me due to my constantly flowing tears.

We made eye contact once again and I did the only thing I could.

I begged.

“No” I said while shaking my head the best I could.

He then glanced at the man who held me and gestured to another man to pass him something. I was then spun around so my back was against Antonio’s chest, his arm firmly over my chest, locking me in place. The man who had held me originally just stared at me, well my body at least. His eyes just roamed my form hungrily.

In a flash a cloth was pressed harshly into my face, in a panic I breathed in but immediately regretted it once I could comprehend I was being drugged. I clawed at my captors arms, desperate to get free but the world began closing in on me and I felt the walls of consciousness collapsing around me.

I knew I couldn’t last any longer and I let out a final cry, desperate for someone to come and save me.

But no one came.


I could feel the girl’s body go limp in my arms. I shifted her and lifted her up so I could carry her bridal style. Her head flopped over my arm as I began to walk to the exit.

My men chased after me.

“What are we gonna do with the girl?”

One of my guys asked me, Lucas. I couldn’t help but feel agitated when I saw him grope the girl. It bothered me and I didn’t know why. In all honesty I didn’t know what I would do with her. But Lucas was right, she would sell for a lot. Nice body, long brown hair, nice eyes and all in all she was a very beautiful woman.

We sat in one of the cars, Alex next to me. We were always close as kids. I was 3 years older, making me 28 and my little brother 25. I took over the family business when my father died of cancer 7 years ago. The man thought he was invincible because of his position in our world but he thought wrong. I was brought up knowing one day I would lead the mafia so it came naturally to me.

“What are you gonna do with her?” Alex asked me.

I stared at the unconscious girl in my arms and wiped her wet cheeks and brushed a thumb against her lip which she had obviously bitten on as there were several scratches on them.

I could sell her for sure, we would get at least half a million, not that we needed the money. I had everything and more that I needed and so much money in my possession that half a million would barely have an effect on me.

I could kill her. But again Lucas was right. She was undoubtedly stunning and it would be such a waste to kill such a young and pretty girl.

She could be kept on as a servant in my household I suppose. I had enough staff but an extra maid or cook wouldn’t hurt.

I also owned several strip clubs and brothels. Yes she would fit nicely there. She was sexy. Just the thought of her in lingerie made my dick hard, I could feel my trousers tightening by the second. I was desperate for a peek beneath her clothing.

In the clubs I owned she would earn me a lot and hopefully pull more attention towards it. I had a lot of loyal customers. She would also be fed and have a roof over her head.

The girls I kept in the brothels were usually so drugged up that they couldn’t remember their own name. I once again gazed at the girl. That could be her. This time tomorrow she could be out of her face and under a man she didn’t know just so I could get an extra few hundred.

But suddenly a possessive side took over. For some reason I didn’t want that for her. It was an odd feeling but I knew what I wanted.

“Bro?” Alex asked again, seeing as I was still yet to answer his question. He had a look of confusion on his face and waited for my answer patiently.

I let out a sigh and stroked the girl’s face. Alice, I was told her name was.


The name rolled off my tongue. And then I responded to my brother’s question, I was unsure why but I knew where she belonged.

“You know, I think I might just keep this one.”

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