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Chapter 6


When I started to wake up the first thing I noticed that was different was the soft, warm material beneath me. This I found odd because I had presumed after the.....incident, I would have been taken into the basement. I opened my eyes (mainly to reassure myself that I wasn’t dreaming) and sure enough I was in the same room as earlier, when getting ready.

I sat up, my joints slightly hurting from fighting against that Goddamn chair. While rubbing my wrists, it was surprising to see that they were bound in white bandages. I slowly began to unwrap them, curious about what was underneath but paused when I heard the familiar cough of Antonio.

I kept my gaze on my wrists, worried he would hurt me for unwrapping them. God what was I saying! It’s my body I can do whatever the fuck I want, I want to remove the bandages then I will.....but I didn’t. The voice in my head clearly wasn’t stronger than the fear that froze my body into a stone like state.

“I will have someone check on them in a bit. You shouldn’t have made such a fuss. Trust me, I have much worse up my sleeves for your next.....adventure.”

I wanted to wipe that smug little grin off of his face but barely had the courage to look him in the eye. Upon noticing my reaction, or lack thereof, Antonio murmured to himself in Italien, “Sì, sarai divertente da rompere...“(yes, you will have fun breaking...)

I didn’t know what that meant but finding out certainly wouldn’t have reassured me. Nothing nice ever seemed to come out of his mouth.

“I think we need to lay down the ground rules. Ok?”

I didn’t respond, that seemed to make him agitated yet I doubt he was surprised. It wasn’t like my disliking him wasn’t clear enough already.

“That leads us to rule 1, when you are spoken to you will respond.”

He glared at me for a moment as if he was expecting something from me. Then I remembered what he had literally just told me and I whispered a quick yes in response.

“Rule 2, you will not run. Not like you could actually get away, in fact it’s rather amusing for me to see the hope suddenly vanish from your eyes when you realize you’re fucked, but we both know what’s best for you.

Rule 3, you treat me and my peers with respect. We are higher than you. You are only alive because I want you to be, you should see that as my mercy. Remember this, your life can be taken from you in a matter of seconds and if you think this is bad, trust me I have, and will do worse if I need to.

That’s it for now but if I see it fit to add to our little list then I will.”

Without so much as a little goodbye, he left. And this time I did hear the door lock.

There was very little to do in the room. Most of the drawers were locked, along with an attached door, which I guessed was a closet or storage cupboard. There was a bathroom though, which was a blessing since the whole bucket situation in the cell.

Despite my punishment I still spent the first few hours I was trapped there, looking for a phone that I could use to call for help, then a weapon - thinking I could stab my way out of here. That was also unsuccessful. So I settled for reading a book I picked up from a shelf. It was named ‘Crime and Punishment’ and was written by ‘Fyodor Dostoyevsky’. The book was ok at first but didn’t do anything for my nerves as it went on into more detail about torture. Normally that wouldn’t affect me but considering my current situation, things were a little different.

Sure enough Antonio kept his word and around lunch a nurse came into the room and cleaned my wrists before she bandaged them up again. When she revealed them I was surprised to see that the wounds were not actually as bad as I suspected. They were slightly raw and still red, but there was no scabbing and the lady reassured me that it wouldn’t scar. Not that adding another scar to my collection would bother me. Ryan already did a pretty good job of marking my body.

I had slightly bruised and raw lines on my back from whippings. Ryan only ever used a belt so they were not too bad and I was no medical doctor, but I’m sure one day they will fade. There was other damage too. I had looked into getting medical attention, to reduce their appearance but then I knew l couldn’t cope with the judgment and speculation I would receive from people. It was bad enough that l had to look at my injuries let alone having another person see them.

I also didn’t miss how his gaze would occasionally drop to my cigarette burns which were scattered on my collarbone. Usually I didn’t bother myself with revealing clothing but the top I now wore was obviously showing the burns along with a few other bruises.

Honestly it didn’t bother me that other people could see my scars. I covered them for me, it hurt every time I would have to look at myself. It was as if I was giving myself pity. So it became easier to just cover up my scars without any drastic style changes.

About two hours later several people entered the room. There was a man who had introduced himself as my stylist, Gavin. He was very eccentric and couldn’t stop flaunting the fact he was newly wed. He’d even showed me pictures from his wedding. I have to admit, him and his husband Jacob, did look in complete heaven standing on the beach at their summer wedding. I would do anything to be in love but now that seemed unlikely.

There was also another woman who was going to do my hair and makeup but I got no information out of her other than her name. Olivia. She wasn’t as talkative as Gavin but was a nice enough woman. And she definitely had amazing skills as my makeup and hair looked brilliant once she was done.

Gavin explained to me that I was being prepared for dinner, apparently in this world it was very normal for mafia families to dress up for their meals. I wasn’t used to such ways so found it bizarre how people would spend two hours getting ready just to eat at home. I would normally just get in my pajamas and whisk up some pasta, often not even bothering with a plate. I would stand at the stove eating from the saved on the washing up!

But they insisted and informed me they needed to check me out anyway because Olivia needed to match my skin tones and other things so she knew what products to use on me while Gavin needed to do my body measurements so he could ship in clothes for me.

That made me instantly question how long I was expected to stay here. Surely if I was going to be sold off or killed Antonio wouldn’t spend this much money on me. Judging by the high end beauty products and expensive looking summer dress I had been strapped into, his taste was not cheap. According to my new stylist all of the clothes were chosen by Antonio or if not were at least approved of first. Great, so this asshole was even dictating what I wore now.

I still had absolutely no idea why I was here. All the guards had been killed on sight, I was also a witness, yet I was alive. I was also finding it hard to believe that I was to be sold off because surely that would have happened by now.

Soon Olivia left because she was finished so while Gavin adjusted my shoes I decided to ask him if he knew anything (I couldn’t ask for help but nothing was ever mentioned about this).

“Look honey, I don’t know what he wants but my guess is it has something to do with that beautiful face and body of yours.”

As if sensing my worry at his comment he rose from the ground and sat next to me on the bed.

“I have known Mr. Marino for a while, I used to help his mother, so I advise you to do as he says. He is a ruthless man but as long as you obey, then you will be ok. Besides, he probably is just bored or something. You will likely be gone within the month.”

A month! I was expecting to be gone in the next few days so I could run off to the police and then get on with my life. I was fed up with all these interruptions. First, Ryan now, this. I didn’t ask for a life filled with a load of crap, I just wanted to be happy. I wasn’t different from any other girl as far as I was concerned. Sure I was smart and apparently pretty but that wasn’t rare. There were plenty of attractive female Doctors, Scientists and Professors who I’m sure would gladly stay with Antonio so why didn’t he go find himself a willing girl.

I had been here with Ryan already and vowed no man would touch me the way he did again.

Once Gavin also left I was instructed to wait on the bed. While waiting though I was struck by a hit of bravery in deciding that I would not be eating with my kidnapper. It was up to me what I did and if I wanted to eat it would be up here, alone. I’m sure he had servants more than capable to bring me a separate meal. Although I did feel somewhat guilty that I couldn’t go out wearing the grand piece that Olivia and Gavin had put together. It seemed like a crime to let all the hard work go to waste but I never asked to be attacked by makeup brushes and clothes. Screw that I never asked to be drugged and thrown into a cell before being told I would listen to some stranger’s list of rules!

As if on cue, the devil himself entered wearing a neat grey suit - though the top buttons of his shirt undone. It seemed that he was evaluating my appearance before he nodded and stated how it was time I came down for dinner.

“No.” I told him bluntly.

“No?” He sniggered at me. He was not meant to be amused. He was meant to go away after realizing I was serious!

“Are we already forgetting our rules? Do you need a little reminder of wh-” he was suddenly cut off mid sentence by his phone ringing loudly.

There was a moment of awkwardness in the room whilst he decided if he should pick up or not, but that soon was resolved when he accepted the call.

I couldn’t hear what was being said on the other end of the line but from what I could gather from Antonio’s tone there had been a problem.

“Is my attendance really necessary?”

He waited for the answer and when he let out an annoyed huff I assumed the response to his question was yes. I had to stop myself from smiling. Swiftly he hung up the phone after muttering a ‘see you soon’ to whoever was in the other line.

“Seems like you got away with that one but tomorrow you will be attending dinner, downstairs, with me.”

I opened my mouth to deny his request but just as he was about to slip out of the room into the hallway he interrupted me, “Oh and Alice, who knows....maybe if you get through today and tomorrow without any spontaneous....activities, I may answer a few of those questions i know are buzzing around in that little head of yours.”

And before I could answer he left.

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