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The Wife

Edward popped his collar and continued across the barren fields towards the tree line at a steady pace, looking back every so often to make sure the carcass didn’t slide off the board attached to the back of the horse. After a few gusts of wind he thought on the carcass and what animal had been killing his cows, he thought that Mary would have probably had some idea as to what did this, she was always clever with these things. It wasn’t long before he found his mind drifting back to the night Mary had passed and his heart ached again.

He recalled the doctor coming out of their shared bedroom shaking his head solemnly while he dabbed his large forehead with a monogrammed handkerchief.

“What?” Edward pressed the doctor with a lump in his throat.

“She’s sick Ed…and she’s not going to get better.” He said flatly, “She’s in pain and she’s going to die.”

“When?” Edward asked with tears swelling in his eyes.

“Soon, Ed. Tonight, maybe tomorrow morning…” The Doctor said, his eyes flashing to the floor.

Edward sat down in the chair outside his bedroom and cried softly into his hands.

The Doctor took a few steps down the hall to gather himself and after a deep breath Edward leaned forward. Looking through the crack in the door that the doctor had left he leaned forward to see his wife; tied to the bed where he had left her.

The scene in the bedroom painted out a horrid tableau depicting what could only be described as “hell on earth.” The sheets were stained with blood and human excrement and the walls were dark and wet with the humidity Mary’s thrashing body created. Her eyes were bloodshot and soulless as if her very being had been lost within the murky waters of her now blackened soul. Blood ran down her jaw forming a small crimson coloured pool on her chest, and lines were drawn down her chin from when she had bitten small pieces off of her tongue and spat them at Edward the day before. She laughed maniacally and screamed in between short, shallow breaths which gradually sped up as if she was running. Edward was sitting, staring through the crack in the door, one hand over his mouth and desperation in his eyes when Mary’s eyes met his. She smiled an evil, cancerous smile and spit towards the door, laughing when it only went a few inches and landed square on her pregnant belly.

“What about the baby, it’s nearly 9 months…” Edward said standing up shaking

The doctor walked back down the hall towards Edward, his own eyes red with tears from seeing the vision of hell he’d witnessed in the room moments earlier.

“It’s dead and if it isn’t she will kill it, Ed.” The doctor grabbed Edward by the shoulder, “This isn’t Mary, you need to know that. I don’t know what it is, but it isn’t human.”

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