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The Song

Edward felt a chill run down the base of his spine and his heart began thumping in his chest as he slowly walked to the bottom of the stairs and after a beat he began walking up.

Slowly he crept up the stairs, step after step the singing grew louder and yet more and more familiar until Edward had reached the top step and turned the brass knob on the basement door. Slowly he opened the door revealing the main floor of the house bathed in moonlight, the storm now long since passed.

The voice came out bright and sweet amongst the darkness and as he stepped onto the main floor of the house he now knew why he found the voice so familiar.

As he rounded the corner Mary sat in her chair singing softly to herself, broken glass on the floor, knitting needles in her hands. She stopped singing and looked up towards him. Her face was pale and porous as if bugs had been carving small holes into her cheeks and bone. The smell was muted as her body was no doubt still very cold and her eyes were empty, only the sockets of her eyes remained.

“M..mary?” Edward managed to stammer

She lifted a single pale finger to her face and said, “shhhh…”

Edward was shaking uncontrollably and only managed to mutter a single hushed question, “…the cows?”

Mary stood up and set the knitting needles back down on her side table and walked towards Edward who took a half step back before she arrived before him. Her face was missing pieces of flesh and portions of her jaw were visible through the cracked and broken skin.

“Not for me Edward,” She said in almost a whisper, “for your son.”

A soft cooing came from the once vacant crib that sat behind him. Edward turned to the crib to see the once white linen lining the crib now blood stained and foul smelling. As he approached the child came into his view, blackened and scaled; an inhuman creature spawned from unfathomable horror. Edward’s eyes filled with tears as he leaned in…and picked up the child. He held him close and kissed the small crimson coloured lesions that dotted the child’s face before he held him at an arm’s length to admire him.

“My Son,” He said through tears of joy, beaming with the pride that only a father could have for his son.

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