Ghost Town

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Chapter 2

The next morning woke up from a fitful night’s sleep to discover that I was still very much alone. I walked through town and tried to find anything that would convince me that I wasn’t the last man on Earth. That I wasn’t crazy. Again, my efforts yielded nothing except for an ever growing sense of panic. After another day of discovering nothing I went to bed hoping that sleep would come tonight. I awoke again during the night to a clatter outside my house. On a hunch I checked my watch again and was a little creeped out when I realized that it was 3 am again. Thinking maybe it was a raccoon or something I trudged to the living room and opened the blinds to see something in my yard the likes of which I’ve never seen. My first thought was that it was a man. It was squatting by the garbage cans and appeared to be looking for something. That’s when my blood ran cold. It stood up to move to another can and that’s when I realized it wasn’t human at all. It was shaped like a man, but that’s where the similarities ended. It seemed to be about 8 feet tall and naked. Its entire body was completely pale and its arms hung down past its knees. I gasped out of sheer shock, not a loud gasp, but a gasp nonetheless. I have no idea how it heard me, but it did. It whipped its head around and looked me right in the eye. That’s when I saw that its face had no features either except for two very large eyes that looked as if they could steal your very soul and a gaping mouth with jagged teeth. It roared at me and it was like staring into an abyss. I stood there frozen in fear as it sprinted off into the darkness, running on all fours. Needless to say I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

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