Ghost Town

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Chapter 3

The next day I didn’t even try to leave the house. I suspected that they only came out at night, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I realized that I would soon have to do something as I was running out of supplies. Although, something in me suspected that I may not be here that long. That night I lay in bed in pure terror and dread. I knew the thing would be back. I stared at my watch as the hour hand crept around the dial, minute by eternal minute. 3 am. I heard a scratching at my bedroom window. I froze in fear. Slowly a face began to appear in the window, if you could call it that. Those deep, soulless eyes gazed into mine. Then something even more horrible happened. It spoke. That voice was something more horrible than anything I had ever heard. It sounded like a monstrous, consuming voice that seemed to belong to the devil himself. What it said to me chilled me to the bone. “I’m coming for you, Brian.” I must have fainted from fear. When I awoke it was morning. I was now stricken with fear. I kept reliving the events from the previous night in my mind. I didn’t even want to leave the house, but I was out of food. I walked down to the store, checking over my shoulder and watching the bushes the entire way. I got to the store without any incident and collected some canned goods and bottled water to take back home. I stole a shopping cart from the store to transport my things home. Didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with stealing a shopping cart from an empty town. I was almost home when I saw it. It was standing in the shadows just up the street from my house. Thankfully it was on the opposite side of the house from me. It stared at me with those haunting eyes and whispered something to me. The odd thing was that even though it was whispering quietly I heard it loud and clear. “I’ll see you tonight, Brian.”

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