Ghost Town

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Chapter 4

I couldn’t move. I gripped the plastic handle on the cart until it cracked and blood started to ooze from between my fingers. The thing then turned and darted into the woods. Eventually, I regained enough composure to race into my house and lock the door. I went through the house trying to find a weapon of some sort. I managed to find an old crutch and not much else. I laid the crutch on the bed, sat down beside it, and waited for night to come. I know that sounds crazy considering I was terrified of this creature, but I knew I couldn’t escape town. It would find me. I don’t know how I knew that, but I did. Darkness slipped over the town and still I waited. 3 am. I heard that same scratching sound at my window and looked over expecting to see the creature. Nothing was there. That’s when I realized that the scratches were on the inside. I turned my head and reached for the crutch. When I turned my head back it was INCHES from my face. I grabbed the crutch, but it was too late. It sank its long claws into my leg and I howled with pain. I dropped the crutch in my agony and came to the realization that this was how I was going to die. Just when my conscience began to slip away the creature was gone. It was daylight and I was alone. The creature had disappeared. I ran to my front porch to be greeted by neighbors walking down the street, dogs barking and birds singing. I wept with joy. I’ve never been so relieved to wake up from a dream. It was so vivid that I had convinced myself that it was real. I went to the bedroom to change and take a walk into town. That’s when I noticed it. My pajama leg was in tatters. My leg had deep cuts on them and were crusted with blood. On my bedroom wall, written in my own blood. “I’ll be back soon, Brian.”

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