The apostles of the black goat Judas

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Author's forewords: Welcome I am bishop mizu A young Africa American writer this will be a ongoing series I am going drop multiple chapters each month for this dark novel or I might surprise you with random drops.I want to build a active community of fellow writers to freely give any advice or valid criticisms.I love fan engagement so you can hmu at Facebook and other social media by asking me .all art is own by their artist and dm if u need the artist names they are free to use .Content WARING THIS CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT and topics 18+ The authors do not share views with any of the characters. Also I'm not the only author I have guest authors to write some chapters in will give self credit .don't worry they will stay consistent with the plot and cannon. Much love and appreciate from your friendly neighborhood horror wittier Bishop Mizu. Story description: This is a tale of Judas baphomet the black goat and future ruler of earth and spawn of the black Gaia aka shub-niggurath .Will this eldritch half-goat half-man humanoid being rule the universe or will he be stopped by bill sliver and his friends .There are many cosmic deities and various demons that are pulling strings.This story is told in the eyes of the antagonist bill sliver .As him and a group of his friends camp in the black woods.Bill and his friends will soon find out that they are not the only one's in

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Black creek

Leviticus 16:8-10 (ESV): 8 And Aaron shall cast lots over the two goats, one lot for the LORD and the other lot for Azazel. 9 And Aaron shall present the goat on which the lot fell for the LORD and use it as a sin offering, 10 but the goat on which the lot fell for Azazel shall be presented alive before the LORD to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Azazel.

Hello my name is bill silver.I was just your average black Christian.Sinner on a Saturday but looking for my savior on a Sunday.We all sin but sometimes those sins come back to haunt us.My faith was destroyed because of all things I have seen.Things that would make you go mad from fright.The fear is like a flame burning and consuming you stealing your very will to even live and essence .My god was false but I found out that there are things that are beyond even what a god can comprehend.Things that would make Jesus Christ himself weep and lose his faith in god.

It all started when my friends came into town .We had our yearly camping trip we would travel all over the country and we seen many sites.My first friend Sarah green she was a very shy person.She was a typical hipster liberal and feminist.She was a artist that would sell her various exquisite pieces all around the world .She was like a modern day bob ross mixed with a little andy warhol. Her specialties involved speed painting,making sculptures, abstract art and other various forms of art.Sarah was beautiful she had red ember hair that would flow in the wind like fire.A face filled with freckles.She had eyes that were as green as the meadows during spring .She would wear this perfume that was alluring the smell of lavender and roses .Sarah was going to Wayne state for a bachelor degree in occultism and mythology.She would always make paintings of wolves eating goats and crows . Me and Sarah would talk on the phone for hours on end.

Then there was my other friend Oscar Noir .Oscar noir was a light skinned black man.He had green dyed dreadlocks also he wore uchica eye contacts but he had light hazel eyes .He had gages and various Japanese style tattoos .His fashion sense was dark but unique.Oscar was a hippie in the inside he was kinda straight edge cause he never would ever sip a beer or smoke .He was the was a nerd that always had odd conspiracy theories about black creek.I remembered all the demon,aliens and witch conspiracies he would talk about.He was a paranormal investigator .also a private investigator.He was still a rookie but he has a heart of gold.he oftentimes can be nervous he uses comedy as protect his emotions.

Then there was Emma White.Emma was a very religious person more then myself.Her farther was the pastor of Blackcreek's Baptist's church.She was also a stoner that was the opposite of uptight completely .Emma had daisy blonde hair that was curly.She had alluring eyes that were a icy ocean pale blue .Emma Stone dressed up like a typical mall chick.but her personality was great it shined like a sun.She was a Beauty YouTuber and video game streamer for twitch.she was also going to school for journalism.she honestly was the best gamer in the group often beating me and Oscar .She beat Oscar the most also Dante.I was her only rival.Me and her went to same church as kids.We met when we were seven years old at Sunday school.

Last but not least my friend Dante Levi was your typical all American college athlete.Dante is going to film school on the side .He was a hard working type of guy and hard on him self .He was a national known track star as well .Dante had Medium size hair that was black as coal.This year Dante wanted to surprise us.His surprise was that his girlfriend was going on our camping trip.His girlfriend name was Marry black.Marry black had blue dyed hair and hazel eyes.Marry black had pale skin that was white as snow. Marry was shy and very clam mellow person.she was a huge metal head and hip hop head more then even me her nickname was anthony fantano because she love a lot cool music but just wouldn't stop talking about how she hates nav and loves death grips.She had red highlights .
She wore a misfits tee shirt and other cool punk vibes.The only person who knew about her was me for I was in on the surprise.Dante & Marry would just FaceTime me a lot.But did have a another surprise that I didn't know.

Before our trip we all had to meet in town at the local bar called black water.Black water was a Small discreet pub where bikers,goths and metal bands all just hang.but it had the best liquor and music in this old boring small town.I drive my van until I reach black water.I walk in the pub then I see all my friends chatting loudly in a booth.I then walk over there but before I could join them.I bump into a large old biker.The biker had a leather black jacket that looked similar to ghost riders but it had patches and button black jack it had long spikes on it that were black and the biker had large skull ringes and he had a black hand skeleton tattoo on both hands and had death on both of his knuckles.He had various satanic tattoos and had a bald head with the Ouroboros snake on his bald head he had a long gray and black bread his bread look like a black bread type modern style also he had snake bites and a septum piercing .He had a creepy face his pure pitch black eyes were starring into my soul I felt his rage like a massive tsunami hitting me .He had the anger of a bull and it's intimidation he slowly was reaching for his knife .He had a sliver and gold serpentine like blade .His friends Suddenly grab him then all the bikers left the pub .All you heard was there loud engine's starting up.It see like they all started up at the same time.But before he left I saw that he had a large baphoment tattoo.

Then the next thing I hear is Sliver get over here.I Recognize the voice instantly it was Oscar.I take a seat in the booth surrounded by my friends.Oscar said so what was all that hostile energy about with those bikers.I Said in a Sarcastic tone I wanted to have a classic bar brawl .Emma breaks out in laugher .Then Oscar said well anyway are we going still go see that local creepy fortune teller .Dante smiled then said You know it's our tradition to get our Fortune told by the old Baba Yaga in the Witch forrest.Dante then said the Baba Yaga prediction have never ever been wrong.she is the best fortune teller with in the state.She is located deep hidden in the witch woods.Woods that was known as the twin of the black woods.

Emma then said she has actual human bones and Flesh she use them various things such as material for her gate or other darker things.Sarah said I heard she kidnaps children to then devour or use for her spells and rituals or even use them for blood magic and sacrifice .Marry was just texting her phone until Dante grabbed it and said so babe are you ready to meet the spooky witch.Marry smiles a face filled with love.Then she said I have you as my knight in shinny armor.Also you have back up knights that will protect us like Oscar and Bill.Oscar said I'm not going protect no one but myself.Then laughingly he said naw I'm just messing with y'all.

When everyone finally finished our delicious meals.We all began to get up in leave to go see the fortune teller.We get in my van in follow the path until we all stop at the witch woods.I parked then we walk on the forrest path until we hit the a fork in the path.We took a right on the path .I could hear the screams of crows and ravens. As we were walking I could not help but feel like that we were being watched by something or someone.The hairs on the back of my neck was raised high.I only just felt in this moment the sensation of fear and dread.I could feel chills going up and down my spine.we walk deeper in the Forrest the trees were just filled with murders of crows .I watched as they scream and fight each other .The other ones were just in the nest starring at me .The I saw a red raven with a third eye fly .nobody else saw the large red raven .

We finally walk to see the house of the Baba Yaga .It had a gate of bones and skulls multiple crows and ravens were everywhere they had nest on her roof.There was a large old walnut tree growing next to rosemary and various other plants that witch's use for spells.We walk toward the door were there is a crow 13 century door knocker.I use the door knocker twice .We wait for five minutes but it felt like hours have gone by then Oscar said .Will I think she is not home let's just go to my house then get ready for camping in the morning.Dante said you know we gotta wait she's a old lady she is taking her sweet time .Oscar said I don't care bro even if she was the mighty queen of England she's need to hurry up it's not like we have much time left and I hope we don't come across some modern day sundown town.

Then all we heard was the old door open.Then a small frail old woman walked up.She had long gray hair that covered small crow like eyes.She barely had any teeth .Her teeth was very yellow and damaged.She held a large staff that had a human skull and two crow skulls it also had crows feathers she also wore a necklace made out of crow bones and had a baby's skull on it as well .The Baba Yaga would use the staff like a cane.she wore a robe that was black as ravens feathers and she had a black large hat that looked like a wizard hat .she had multiple old magic seals and tattoos on her skin.She was very pale and had really wrinkly dry skin.Her nails were black and they look more like talons of a large eagle.She had sliver and gold skull rings also other jewelry.

The Baba Yaga spoke in a quiet malicious tone in said come in welcome to my lovely home.The house was heavily damaged and old it look like a tornado hit it very hard .Books,papers,runes everywhere and various potions .There was a large cauldron that had various animals ,and other unknown things.There was a table with 7 chairs.The Baba Yaga then said would you all please take a seat so I can read your fortune through tarot cards.We all take a seat in her old wooden black chairs.There was a black with green eyes .the cat was following the Baba Yaga .The cat had a white crescent moon on its forehead.

Oscar eyes widened as he heard her say that.Oscar then replied bro how did you know that we wanted that.Then the baba Yaga looked at Oscar then said I saw it in a dream that travelers would ask me to read there fortune through the cards and I see a lot of events of the future and past with In my dreams I have been a oracle since I was able to speak and walk.Dante laughed loud the said wow so spooky I'm shaking in my boots.The Baba Yaga said let's begin to read your fortune.Then the Baba Yaga shuffle the tarot cards multiple times .She cut the deck twice .Baba Yaga said wasn't your question how is your camping trip going be like this year ?Dante smile turned quickly into a confused gaze .Dante then said can you read our minds?!The Baba Yaga laughed then smiled I told you my dreams always tell me the future. My dreams tell me everything that going happen I have the eyes of fate and I'm one of the children of Loki the farther of Odin.

The Baba Yaga then pulled 3 cards from the deck .

Virgilivs and the evil spirt .The card had a goat like demon that had black fur and a Young man with long blonde hair and wore Greek like robes summoning the black demon.Then the Baba Yaga said You will all summon the spirts of the black woods.One of you will bring the great black darkness to this land .The black goat is watching you all and is hungry for new souls to You will all be responsible for countless bloodshed.the next card she pulled was the devil .

The Baba Yaga tapped on the card twice .Then she spoke with her frail voice in said One of you are the devil but in sheep's skin .You are a wolf hiding amongst sheep waiting for the right time to slaughter the weak lamps and sheep .The Baba Yaga then started to laugh with her evil frail voice.The Baba Yaga then pulled the final card .

Death was the next card .The Baba Yaga said only three of you will survive will live to tale the story but the others shall perish into ash .The room was completely silent as the candles in the room all quickly went out.The Baba Yaga then said If you go in those black woods you will die .Your fate will be sealed as soon as you will go to those black woods.Regardless of my warning i know you shall go I seen it in my dreams.My dreams are always true in I seen it clear as day those woods are cursed.She started laughing evilly it was like she had to voice one deep and the other was very weak old frail but creepy .

I break the silence and tension in the room by saying how much will this session cost us.The Baba Yaga had a creepy smile revealing her rotten old yellow teeth as she said. This was a free session on the house because you all have higher debts to pay.Oscar then said bro What is that suppose to mean?Everybody expect me walked out .The Baba Yaga stares at me with a creepy wide smile.
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