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Akai Kenshi wakes up one normal winter day to find that he left his window open "Oh no dad's gonna kill me". Later on after he quickly leaves for school he meets up with his friend Tsuyoi but when he does there is a group of students surrounding two students. They seem to be having some sort of mental breakdown but Akai decides not to bother with them. Even though he decides to chat with his friend, he can't shake an ominous feeling that something really isn't right.

Horror / Fantasy
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An Unusually Beautiful Morning

As the sun rose over the horizon a beautiful ray of light full of elegance came in through Akai’s window, striking his face and gently guiding him back into the world. Feeling groggy from oversleeping and confused by his unusual awakening he looked at his alarm clock to see it’s half-past 6 in the morning. He wasn’t late, in fact he was right on time. But why was the sun beaming in through his window if it was so early? “Ah man I left the window open again” This concerning realization meant that he would certainly be overwhelmed by the frigid air of the Japanese winter, no cherry blossoms for you today Akai, it’s gonna be a cold one.

Feeling quite the opposite of anticipation, Akai rubs his hands together and adjusts his shirt so that it covers as much of his body as possible, trying to buy himself as much time as possible before the frigid air overtakes him with discomfort. “K, I’m ready”. He throws his thick cotton blanket off of him and dashes to his dresser scrambling as he tries to grab the right handle, desperately reaching for a pair of pants to cover his boxers. Confusion hits him for a moment when he realizes that he isn’t freezing to death, his room isn’t even that cold. “Oh hell no. I didn’t really leave the heater on all night.” Realizing his mistake he covers his face with his school uniform pants letting out a soft “I’m dead” as he reaches to grab a proper shirt. You know the feeling when you did something you shouldn’t have as a kid and just think “maybe they won’t notice” well that’s Akai right now. Chills up his spine as he freezes for a moment from the warm air. ” I think I should head to school early today”.

Akai slides open the door leading to the rest of his families home, looking out into his living room he sees an already set table with a rice omelet and 2 packaged rice cakes sitting next to it, this was certainly his sister’s doing. “Morning Baka, how was the breeze nice last night?” His sister walks back down the stairs with a mischievous grin on her face as if telling him to bow before her.

" Don’t do me like that sis, I didn’t mean to leave it open last night”.

She responds in a her normal mocking tone ” He he, I’m sure you didn’t notice that amongst a multitude of things”.

Now completely confused Akai ponders on what she could be talking about but can’t seem to figure anything out which horrifies him even more. ” Hey um, yah wanna tell me what happened yesterday. I can’t remember anything after Sanae came over”.

Her mockery flooded tone turned to sarcasm as she looked at her older brother with an impressed look ” Sounds like you two enjoyed yourselves then”.

This, again confuses Akai even more until he remembers that this is his sister, Yuna Kenshi. She always plays games like this and so Akai just shrugs his shoulders and says ” Well then I guess we did enjoy ourselves”.

“How about you and Tsuyoi, I heard you went over to his place yesterday?” She quickly responds in an embarrassed voice ” W-what do you mean? I didn’t go over to Tsuyoi’s yesterday, heh”. This clearly gets to her and so Akai takes this opportunity to quit while he’s ahead and sits down at the nicely polished wooden table with a dark Brown finish.

" You ok Yuna? Yah look nervous”.

In a mellow tone now ” I’m fine, just eat the damn omelet and get the bike out”.

Akai scarfs down his omelet and shoves the two rice cakes in his pocket. He goes over to the door and puts on his blue sneakers and unlocks his bike, just before opening the door he looks back to see his sister standing behind him, waiting for him to roll his bike out the door. ” You ready Yuna”? She turns her gaze from her wrist to her brother and confirms. “Alright, let’s head out”! ” ugh, why did you say it like that?” Akai pushes the door open as he is blasted by cold winter air and a beautiful ray of light from far off peaking at them from behind the clouds. “Stopping at the shop or are we heading straight there”? Yuna gets onto the back of the bike and tells him to go straight to school and so they begin their adventure through the freezing temperatures of Japanese winter.

Some Time Later. . .

The two siblings arrive at Fujikawa High School on the way and so Akai gets off and lets his younger sister ride off to her middle school. Akai was about to turn 16 so he was attending his first year of high school at a rather prestigious one to be exact. many of the richer families in the surrounding cities sent their kids here to attend advanced English and Math classes, a Fujikawa staple was their rather exceptional English courses as well as their high averages in Math. Although, the only reason our friend Akai Kenshi got into this school was because of his inhuman scores in all of these courses. He received a perfect 75 on all of his entrance exams in every subject except for English and Japanese in which he scored high 80′s. He was considered to be the definition of the average student here and was quite literally the minimum requirement to stay enrolled, and being this way he was quite popular for a multitude of reasons.

“Oi, Akai! Over here!” Akai turned to see his good friend Tsuyoi Kosho who his sister had a serious crush on, but this wasn’t the normal greeting Akai got from his childhood friend. Walking over to his friend he sees a crowd of students flooding onto the campus and crowding around two students whom Akai assumed were fighting. ” Yo Akai! Get over here and look at this!”

Akai didn’t want to be the good kid and not watch a good fight but he didn’t feel like getting suspended either so he just opted not to. ” Nah man, I don’t want to get caught up in this”. Akai turns to walk away but can’t shake a strange feeling, like he can’t afford to walk away.

A warm sensation washes over Akai’s chest as he is overwhelmed by mixed emotions of happiness and paranoia as the color escapes from the world around him. Unable to move he is confused as his body won’t move but is eyes and head will move just fine, his dark blonde hair blowing in the stale air and his tie flapping up into his face without any wind to push it. The world around him began to warp and twist, as he begins to gain mobility again the color floods back over his surroundings and he can move again. He feels a strong grip on his shoulder softly tugging at him to turn around, it was Tsuyoi.

“You ok? You just froze for a second there”. These words hit Akai like a pile of leaves being picked by the wind, no pain but it certainly caught him off guard.

Akai rubs his eyes as he jumps up and down in short stationary skips trying to get all the blood flowing. “Hey uhm, Tsuyoi.”

Tsuyoi turned around before Akai says this to direct his attention at the crowd of kids. “Yeah. What is it?”

“Did you see anything strange just now? When I walked away I mean?”

Tsuyoi looked back at Akai for just a moment with his normal calm and collected expression. “No. Why?”

Akai responds with a his usual reaction to unusual stuff. “It’s probably fine. I was probably just coming down from my caffeine meds.”

After he says this, a soft and elegant voice comes from behind them. The voice no doubt belonged to a beautiful girl with a calm and charming personality, so elegant and cheerful despite having a hint of concern within it. This voice belonged to the one and only Amai Sora, she was known for her strange hair colors and had even been accused of being a Chuunibyo a few times but she never cared, she was a nice and caring person. The two boys looked towards the voice to see a first year girl standing at average height for a Japanese girl of her age with Dark Green hair and Pink eyes. She wore the standard Fujikawa high school female uniform. A blue skirt with white around the bottom going all the way around, the top a cream colored shirt with blue cuffs and a red tie. The red tie was a staple of this school as well, males wore a solid red tie whereas the female students had a black checkered pattern on theirs. Students were supplied with a tie of either gender so they didn’t come without one but it would be clear that they had lost their proper tie.

“Ohayou Akai! How are you doing today?” She spoke in an almost hypnotizing voice, so soft and calm that it could carry someone away. This wasn’t how she spoke to anyone other than Akai and this was clear. Her attention never left Akai’s face and her body stayed facing him without fail, she didn’t care about anyone else’s thoughts other than his.

Akai wasn’t able to reciprocate this passion though as he turned his head away in embarrassment at first but kept it that way when he saw the medical staff and counselors sprinting over to the crowd of kids he had all but forgotten about since his panic attack. ” I’m feeling pretty different today, got a feeling today won’t be a boring one.”

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