Bury A Friend

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Benji has to bury his friend...over and over again.

Horror / Other
Mama Hoe ♥️
5.0 1 review
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The scream tore from his chest as he tripped over his own feet trying to get away.

Blood pooled underneath him soaking his clothes. He lifted his hands slowly from the puddle of blood he sat in and stared at the deep red liquid dripping from his hands. He managed to look away from his palms and look into the eyes of his friend.

His eyes widened as his friend slowly got to their feet twitching and a low rumble tickled their throat as they stepped forward with a slow prowl, their dark hair covering most of their face. The only colour that he could see, was the dark redness of the blood almost drowning his friend.

He tried to shuffle back, but only slipped in the blood and his friend grabbed his ankle, dragging him closer. He screamed once more as their hands grabbed his neck and lowered their face closer to his.

Frantically he searched for something to help him escape and when his fingers touched something wooden, he grabbed it and swung it as hard as he could. His friend yowled in pain and curled into a ball, holding their head.

He got to his feet after a few attempts and stared at his friend wide-eyed. They looked up at him and their bottom lip trembled.

“B-Benji,” They cried, “Please kill me,”

His grip tightened on the wooden bat and he let out an ear-piercing shriek as he smashed the bat against his friend’s skull.

Over and over again.

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