Night Hawks Files III

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Aw, dear sweet Eurus. There is so much that she doesn’t know. Yet, she keeps looking. I don’t think she’s going to like what she’s going to find. Can she save the world? Can she save everyone from dying? I have the answers, but I’m not telling.

Oh, allow me to introduce myself.

You know me from my island and my pets. Why did I leave my kingdom? The modern times. These humans don’t believe in gods anymore. They have new gods now. Technology, cell phones, social media, and the internet. These are their gods now. I got bored with being left alone in the dust.

That’s why I came to England.

Don’t get me wrong. The country is rather nice. Plenty of history and secrets. I blend in easily. However, I love my solitude more.

Which leads me back to her. She is like me. We have no origin. I don’t even think anyone knows how old Eurus really is. She never tells them anything about herself. Even her dear sweet Angus doesn’t know everything about her. It seems like Eurus just appeared in Scotland (I at least believe it was Scotland. Maybe it was England. I digress.) and everyone accepted it.

Well, she’s become England’s silent protector. But Eurus doesn’t do it alone. She’s got her little team. They work at night. The rest of the country doesn’t know a thing. But I see everything.

So where does that put me?

Well… That depends on who you ask. Why am I so interested in Eurus? What makes her so special? To answer that, I will have to break down my reasoning into little pieces. They will all focus on a few questions: Who is Eurus? What drives her? What exactly is she looking for? What will happen when she does? And how do I fit in?

Who is Eurus?

You’ve heard the story before. She came from a rich family. I think her father was a doctor. There wasn’t much about the family. Her mother died when Eurus was a child. The family stayed on a commune. Angus’ family stayed there too. There was another girl there. Mina was her name. You already know what happened to her.

This history all leads into my next question.

What drives her?

Eurus wants revenge and justice. All are about Mina. To make sure that others don’t end up like her. Noble on her part, wouldn’t you agree? She and Angus grew up to be demon hunters. Both took different methods of work, however. Angus turned to psychology. Eurus worked through demon hunting. Two different paths, one goal. Sounds pure and noble, right?

But what’s the real reason here? The well-being of their fellow man can’t just be it. There has to be a motive of some sort. Why do they bother? Why does it even matter? To answer that, we will have to look into…

What exactly is she looking for?

Ah, yes. Her motives. What are dear Eurus’ motives here? There’s Mina’s death. That’s one. There’s something else. Want to hear my theory about what?

I think she is seeking to die. Hear me out for this. I have seen people like her. They are drawn to death. Not exactly, suicidal. It’s just that death happens to find them. It just happens. No explanation. Doesn’t there need to be?

That beings said, Eurus is one of those people. She hunts down demons. She’s bound to be close to death. Yes, our dear Eurus doesn’t stop. The motive of death and justice pushes her to keep going. I don’t know whether to praise her or pity her. Still, I have to question the outcome. What does she hope to accomplish? What is the outcome that she hopes for?

You already know what’s coming next. Here we go with another question.

What will happen when she does?

Will things be better or worse? Who can say? Just kidding. I have a clue. I am a witch, you know? I can see the future. What does her future look like? Well, I can’t say it in words. Okay, I will give you somewhat of a hint.

Japan will be the first to fall. Then Asia. Soon Europe. Eurus is trying to stop it from coming to England. But what happens after that? Will the world be safe? What will become of her when or if she succeeds?

I have some idea.

She’s not going to like the answer. And neither will you. Maybe she’s known all along. But she does it, nevertheless. No one else knows about the impending doom coming for them. That’s how the human race is. They either don’t know, or they don’t care. They are too distracted with technology and social media. (In a way, I don’t blame them. I have found them to be rather useful.) By the time they notice, it will be too late. Eurus doesn’t want that. To be honest, neither do I.

That leads to my last question.

And how do I fit in?

Ah, yes. That. I have my reasons. One of which is curiosity. This race to stop the apocalypse is like a soap opera. Did you know that the others are watching too? Oh yes. There are several deities watching. Some are even taking bets. Some want the End of Days to happen. Others don’t want to help stop it. Me? I am just watching and seeing what happens next. (I might step in if I feel like it.)

Oh? Come take a look at that. That looks interesting. Shhh. Come take a seat and see what happens next.

This is going to be good.

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