Wolf's Blood

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God's light

Kathy stood up and walked around her desk to hold the frosted glass door open. A scientist named Carson carefully maneuvered the top, and Byron the bottom, of the stretcher bound for the lower levels. Matt futilely lost in conversation while his inattentive friend, James, strained his neck trying to get one last look at So-seti before the doors closed.

So-seti stared up at the florescent lights moving above her, trying to turn her neck but failing, forced to watch the flickering bulbs pass over head one by one. James’ strong aroma fading as the stretcher with its faulty wheel headed towards her new home.

Ultimately she stopped fighting to move and succumbed to the paralysis. So-seti closed her eyelids below her furrowed brow and dreamed. A habit she had grown accustomed to, to keep her sane, throughout the centuries. The smell had reminded her of a lonesome and sorrowful howl where late at night in a lonely forest she had found her grandson, Aticus.

She remembered the stormy night, the howls like an emergency beacon getting louder and louder as she drew closer to the source of the sound. She remembered sloshing around, all four paws sticking in the mud until she locked onto him in the dark, unforgiving terrain, crawling on her belly, circumnavigating overgrown grass and weeds until the howling stopped abruptly. She remembered fondly finding her grandson for the very first time hiding between the groves. He had the emerald eyes of her sons, with strikingly familiar features that cemented his origin.

Pity washed over her majestic lupine form. With the exception of his eyes, he was covered with mud and grime from head to toe, the rain soaking his greasy, long black hair and pasting it across his forehead and hanging off his long human nose. His clothing just as grimy, nothing more than a toga of sorts, rags meant to cover him whether as a human or Wolf. So-seti cautiously crept forward, her tail wagging in excitement, but was met with bared human teeth, a feeble warning for trespassers.

Do not worry my child.” So-seti had whispered in his mind in a language far older than Aticus. “I heard your calls and I am here now.”

So-seti transformed seamlessly into a mature, stunning woman. She had a taut and flawless physique with full-bodied raven-black hair, which fell delicately to her shoulders. Unmistakable aromas that he had been searching for encouraged Aticus to impulsively jump up and cling to her with all his might, another surviving relative! She would teach him her wisdom and knowledge, long lacking since birth, and help him learn the ways to walk in the worlds of man and wolf.

So-seti’s body jostled about as the stretcher lurched suddenly, turning toward the doorway, off balance and threatening to overturn. Byron stopped abruptly so he could slide his card into the card reader. A green light, a beep, and the doors to her new prison opened.

“Welcome to your new home!” Carson slyly smiled, looking directly at So-seti.

So-seti looked around in shock at the clean, modern steel walls. Stainless steel drawers graced the room wall to wall, clean smooth walls with no distinguishing features for distraction, absolutely no clocks anywhere to be seen either. Walking distance about five yards in either direction; Carson hurriedly pushed the I.V. stand somewhere in the corner of the room while Byron pushed the stretcher the rest of the way into the room. Carson ripped open an I.V. kit and began the procedure on So-seti.

“Saline bag,” Carson and Byron both mumbled under their breath.

“Silver nitrate,” both men said in monotone, robotically going through their motions like they had practiced hundreds of times before. “… Yeah, before she freaks out in her new change of environment!” Carson nervously mused.

“Like a fish in a clean tank,” the director Atkins added.

So-seti did not object to the silver needle with the sterile tubing looping into the I.V. stand violating her armpit. She closed her battered eyes again as Byron hooked up the Saline and Silver solution.

Byron plugged in a multi-parameter monitor then walked it over to the stretcher. He turned his attention to the Anesthesia Gas Monitor, the EKG Machine and last of all, ECG Monitor. The thought of Soseti’s body so near made Carson cringe in disgust but he had work to do. Carson taped two leads onto her drooping and wrinkled breasts then two more onto her emaciated and sunken abdomen. They slipped a blood pressure cuff onto the arm. Carson finished the job clipping onto her pinky a pulse/oxygen meter.

“No change.” Byron said, looking over her vital signs.

Byron Atkins quickly turned to the monitor, pressing the button that released the silver nitrate into So-seti’s veins. She did not even open her eyes in surprise now, conditioned so long. She just tightened her eyelids until the worst of the pain subsided.

Carson had a sick fascination with this, captivated almost instantly by the bulging at the source of the injection site. Her body involuntarily arching as it spread like a crack on a windshield the veins engorging and flowing out from her body until the entire surface of her skin turned pale silver. Carson smiled, almost sadistically, drool forming at the crevices of his lips. Smiling until the silver nitrate bag had all but dried up.

Byron checked her vitals again and said, “One more time.”

Her second dose of intravenous silver nitrate well on its way, Byron and Carson quietly finished up securing their prisoner, “I was excited at first, but the very image of her chills me to the bone now.” Byron said under his breath, unconsciously wiping his hands on his jacket.

“Don’t worry about it, Byron.” Carson smacked Byron on the back, “she is a paraplegic, thanks to the silver stakes implanted directly into her bones. She is fucking disabled… just like James.” Carson said jubilantly, making his hand go limp and shuffling around comically like a zombie.

Carson’s immaturities made Byron turn up his eyebrow and frown, protesting the pathetic display. Byron’s judging glare made Carson immediately stop. The work now complete and double checked, Byron motioned to Carson and they headed towards the door.

“Get comfortable,” Carson said under his breath as the doors shut, securely locking So-seti inside.

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