Wolf's Blood

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a growing pack

The capsized barge and her murdered crew were swept out to the Gulf of Mexico never to be seen again. As the days, then weeks, progressed the people of Royal Bay marched on with their lives as if the surreal events were just a distant dream. The infected returned to their jobs, back to their families. Royal Bay residents staggered on about their lives as if the strange events never happened.

The full moon’s appearance across the sky could be foretold by the flood of news reports featuring Pointe Coupee General Hospital on the Internet and radio, and marked increase in personnel at the Hospital. This full Moon resulted in the inflicted with the mysterious disease walking out of the Hospital. Since last month’s full Moon the hospital had an increase in researchers to uncover the recent rash of violent outbreaks. The hospital called in geneticists to track down the still yet unknown beast. Three weeks’ worth of genetic tests had resulted in failure after failure so far. Six tests just yielded only human DNA and two specimens somehow were deemed “contaminated” thought to be a mixture of human and canine. Vehicle after vehicle now pulled into the parking lot and every slot stayed full twenty-four-seven, bursting at the seams to accommodate the employee only area. Personnel had a steady increase since the mauling’s from a yet unknown animal. There were whispers about the disappearance of Dr. Jacobs.

At the same time the full moon progressed, in a different neighborhood Col. Miller and Sgt. Adam Alexander, who now had all of his limbs, gathered an Army of the displaced and homeless. They transformed into a Wolf-like state, each one different from the other depending on the physiological anomalies and how long the parasite had progressed as the full moon arose once. For three days they were on the hunt but when the full Moon waned they were human again and the growing packs slumbering in the safety of the overpass homeless encampment.

Meanwhile, Lou clung to Viddarr’s coat tails and watched his every movement, learned from him. Bobby and Terry went home to their mother and father, who were separated from one another. The boys headed off to separate schools, one of them at the private Catholic High School of Pointe Coupee, home of the track and field stars, the hornets- the other boy going to school at Livonia High School in Batchelor, LA., though they were apart somehow they knew each other’s emotions, at night they dreamed wild lupine dreams.

Steve prowled just short of the marshlands in the rustic area alone, giving rise to the reports of wild boar loose in the Pointe Coupee Parish. Aticus, Lance, Tonya, the youngling Tracy, and a sickly Alex Seller, who was a glorified ghoul running a perilous fever, were overtaking unincorporated rural shacks in a circle like a tightening noose.

As the days progressed the hospital quieted down clearing out patients with a clean bill of health. The CDC acknowledged an infection but gave Pointe Coupee hospital an all-clear. The tests indicated no smallpox, bubonic plague, or even leprosy, so rumors of a rabid animal were more and more likely, but without an animal or body to confirm it they were only rumors.

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