Wolf's Blood

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Amy the tabloid reporter

Several hours of searching had Devon tired and frustrated. He did not find anything of significance outside either. He found tracks of their comings and goings but nothing else. Defeated, slump-shouldered he set off to find his truck now a glorified junk heap on wheels. The tires were flattened and the wheels were resting horizontally on the rocks. The driveshaft and shocks were completely busted. It was on foot again, but he decided this time he would stay on the dirt roads and highways until he made it back to New Roads.

He couldn’t shake the uneasiness and he knew in the pit of his gut what it meant, ultrasonic frequencies were howls of a growing pack. No more procrastination, shaking his thoughts away he headed out on a poorly maintained dirt road. He knew this land in the old world like the back of his hand. He traversed the seven continents before the birth of the industrial revolution. He could smell each and every local game and locate their den, nest, and burrow miles away even with hurricane winds, betraying scents, and the winds at his back. He stopped at a crossroads governed by a bullet ridden stop sign. He had grown to become a powerful lycanthrope, as a cunning lupine he had no need or desire for the trappings of pack life. But there was no denying a stirring in the air. Curiosity had got the better of him. He knew the now-emerging pack had a leader, Aticus. He wanted a peek at the pack’s social structure.

Were they benevolent or malevolent in nature? Was it to be run as a republic or is Aticus ruling with an iron fist?

Amy rationalized to herself as she stopped for the fourth time at the bullet ridden stop sign on a barely visible road, all this work would be worth it. She had been out in the general vicinity on the hunt for a whitehaired wild-man. Amy all but kicked herself for losing him at the Seller’s house in the first place. It would be the last time she circled around the route that led to Sellers’ house then a stop at Raccourci Island. She cursed her decision to stay in the car and follow by roadway instead of veering off on a lesser-known shortcut.

Her foot eased off of the break just in time to see the shadowy figure emerging from the forest. Her heart stopped, could it be!? She had finally found him! With a screech of tires Amy’s car abruptly stopped.

“Excuse me!” Amy yelled, but her voice broke and then nerves overtook her. Then with a tentative smile, she squeaked, “Are you hurt, or lost, has your car broken down somewhere? Can I interest you in a ride? My name is Amy. I have a motel room. It would give you a chance to shower and nap, you look like you need it.” She rambled nervously.

Devon stopped though he did not turn around; thinking about his stolen truck broke down in the middle of the wilderness so painfully close to the Malstros’ plantation. The wheels of his mind turning, he considered the invitation. Fresh water, food, company, and a chance to heal his infernal wounds and rest just did not fall in his lap every day, he thought. Besides, there was something about Amy’s fragrance and the inquisitive blue eyes that had him enthralled.

“That would be nice… Thank you; I’m Devon by the way.” He grinned, before turning around and striding to the waiting car. Amy did not know what to expect when she found the wild-man but his eyes looked wise and civilized.

They traveled silently, each sizing the other one up until they reached Point Breeze Motel parking lot. Amy stepped out onto the porch of Point Breeze Motel smiling as she found the key to her room in the back into her purse.

“Damn”, he thought to himself as he self-consciously tried to clean the blood of a recent kill off his chin and face, “Did Amy see all this blood?”

“Well, I got a room but it’s only got one bed,” Amy hesitated, “so if you stay the night...”

“That is fine; I’ll sleep on the floor. It will be a refreshing change from the cold Earth,” Devon said this under his breath, Amy heard him however. Despite what he had said Amy imagined he had tents set up to stave off the elements and a sleeping bag perhaps, in the woods somewhere, unaware instead of sleeping bags and tents he had preferred twigs, leaves, and cold, wet grass, “If It doesn’t bother you, I mean.” “It is awful kind of you,” Devon blushed.

“If you wouldn’t mind,” Amy said, “I would love to pick your brain a bit about the recent string of arsons in the area.”

As Amy unlocked and opened the door to the cabin, Devon thought that staying in the Point Breeze Motel may be a blessing in disguise. Aticus promised no harm would come to those who dwell in the Motel, nevertheless Devon knew the flurry of activity all somehow centered on the group in the white Van. He could watch the group more closely while staying at the motel.

“That is actually why I am out in this area too,” Devon surveyed the horizon,” I am hunting a dangerous animal and I tracked it to two local parishes.”

Somehow satisfied with Devon’s answer and not quite ready to pry, Amy walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on, “I am sorry for cutting in line, but I feel icky. When I’m finished the shower is all yours.”

“Take your time,” Devon nodded as he pulled the curtains halfway open to stare at the beautiful view from the window.

“I have been going to the library every day for some research so I will be out during the day tomorrow,” Amy peeked out from the bathroom her unclothed body concealed by the doorway, “but you are welcome to hang out here.”

Still full from a small deer and exhausted from healing wounds he reasoned it would be nice to have a place to bed down comfortably without risk of anyone else stumbling upon him. He saw the thick soft blanket on the bed; he couldn’t help but smile, it actually would beat leaves and sticks. He could not help but think of Amy as he sat on the bed and got comfortable. Smooth skin, that milky white complexion and shy smile.

Amy casually strolled out from the bathroom drying her shimmering red hair off with a Point Breeze Motel towel, dressed and refreshed. A spontaneous animal magnetism happened right before their eyes; as he gazed at her, holding her in a trance like state. Her gaze fell upon him, he was gorgeous, and there was something different about him. She had fallen in lust with him from the moment they had met.

Devon stood before her now captivated as well. Her long red hair hung down to her shoulders, pink and orange highlights burning like the fires in his soul. Devon breathed in Amy’s freshly showered skin that hinted of coconuts. Devon instinctively reached out for her hand leaning in to inhale her freshly washed hair.

“Hold me tight.” She told him, her hands caressing his massive defined back.

He had a large chest and broad shoulders that she could rest her head upon. He ran his hands over her body. Strong powerful hands, she thought to herself, while his golden brown eyes seemed to pierce the very secrets of her soul. She felt wild and reckless, throwing caution to the wind.

He held her tightly in his arms. His body was warm, almost searing to her touch, as she rested her hand on his chest. His lips melted her inhibitions as they met and lingered with hers. Lightheaded from his nearness she felt as if her blood boiled. He pressed himself against her lifting her effortlessly from the floor to the bed. Her body ached for his touch but she feared what lay beneath those animalistic eyes that glowed with a golden hue. He ripped her freshly laundered shirt from her back rendering it to pieces with the twitch of a hand. He had large shoulders and a broad chest her hands glided over his body as he gingerly removed the pants she had just gotten on a moment ago. She worked diligently at the buttons of his pants tugging in frustration at them. He helped her along, his camouflage pants falling into a heap. He stepped out of his camouflage pants in a circle on the floor and flung her backwards onto the bed.

His large hands found and fondly held the base of her skull as he leisurely savored her luscious lips. She uttered soft moans as their lips mingled together for what felt like an eternity. Her spine arched in anticipation. Amy felt Devon’s engorged member pressed against her smooth thighs. Devon’s tongue tasted her salty perky breasts until her rosy hued nipples reared awake. Then his tongue moved down to her navel pausing for a moment while his hands slowly slid down the length of her hips and along her warm sparsely red-haired triangle. Her creamy thighs parted to make way for Devon’s head. She inhaled deeply, he smelled like blood, sweat, and pine. She pictured a beautiful but deadly forest.

Amy’s hands clenched the back of Devon’s head. His tongue found her inner lips. She moaned, his tongue flirting and skirting around her sweet spot until it moistened. Amy could not stand it anymore. Devon emerged from her hips and they stared eye to eye at one another. She had to have him, all of him right now. Her legs crossed she pulled him closer to her until they merged into one.

Devon let himself go; he could not restrain the animalistic side of him any longer. Devon’s fingernails lengthened his eyes glowing brightly. Devon scratched at Amy’s shoulders blood intermingled with her sweat and he breathed in the coppery, salty aroma. Devon and Amy’s bodies merged, their eyes met and their gaze remained locked until an explosion of ecstasy and release made them both yell out.

His energies spent, Devon collapsed and rested upon his stomach on the bed. Eventually Devon curled up in the fetal position and drifted off to sleep, still lying next to Amy on the soft blanket, instead of sticks and leaves, as she hummed softly in her sleep.

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