Wolf's Blood

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inhuman & malevolent Lucius

The specifics were fuzzy to say the least and throughout his body and mind a powerful ache threatened to split his brain open. He felt like his body had been poured into concrete and set. Weakened and sickly, he felt as if he had one foot in the grave.

Atkins stared at his hand or the lack thereof, a mangled, broken, flattened hand… a useless stump of a hand, his body shaking. He adjusted his eyes to look around at the confined space he found himself in reminding him he had been hiding in a closet at The God’s Light compound.

He couldn’t help but flash back to the conflict between him and Lucius. He could not remember any detailed event but Lucius’ inhuman malevolent, shining cat-like eyes were seared in his mind. Atkins stared at the cat eyes; his body had materialized no more a dark specter. Could his mind play a trick on him; Lucius could not be out could he? Byron Atkins steadied himself to some form of a dream or a nightmare trying to recall the horrid offense. Dizzy, sickening, weakened and paler with each heartbeat that Byron’s body made.

Byron looked around with real effort, as he did so smoke billowed forth from the ceiling. The sirens blaring in his ear, oscillating red lights, alternating beams making shadows dance on the wall affecting his equilibrium.

“Ah, hello Mr. Atkins,” Lucius’ voice box shivered not yet used to physically talking. With his cold, complete hand he touched Byron’s cheek; Byron couldn’t help but notice the other arm with interest, a missing hand as Lucius continued, “my darling So-seti has slipped her chains, as have I.”

He had many questions but in the end he asked only one, “who let you out, Lucius?”

Instead of talking clumsily out loud, Lucius used his specter-self and violated Byron’s mind, “Wouldn’t you like to have the answer to that, Byron!”

Atkins’ pulse began to get weaker as Lucius’ pulse began to get stronger. Byron heard a beating pulse but pulsing wasn’t coming from Lucius’ heart which had stopped dead eons ago. His heart beat no longer, the sound Atkins heard was pure vibrating energy running through Lucius’ veins, currently being siphoned off from Atkins’ own body. Lucius did not need to feed in any traditional sense; a long time ago he became able to feed on the lifeblood energy without even biting his prey.

Lucius’s body was whole again all but his missing forearm, able to unify with the majority of his rats. He had consumed unsuspecting staff members just a floor below until he went from a skeletal, mummified figure to near perfection.

Lucius nodded his head, forcing Atkins off his feet, flinging him into the wall, “Where are the other rats?”

Atkins winced; an invisible force left him breathless from the wind being squeezed out of him. He could not say a word, for a lack of oxygen if nothing else. He clutched his neck, his face going through the colors of a twisted rainbow. First pink, then a deep red, followed by a pale purple hue graduating into a deep purple, finally a black face, his veins bursting in his eyes. Then the force squeezing his neck inexplicably relaxed.

“No matter… in time without nourishment my rats will eventually die and decay, then I’ll have forearm and hand back again… Dust to dust, as they say.” Lucius whispered then stomped down on Dr. Atkins’ left hand.

“Ahhhhhh!” Atkins tried his best to be silent, to grin and bear it. But then came more than he could stand as he yelled out like a baby.

Lucius began to smile, his glossy canines glinting under the fire, “Now you have a useless arm just like me! I would kill you, but I need you to spread a message for me to The God’s Light all over the world.”

Lucius continued, “Lucius, Cain’s apprentice, is loose and has set free So-seti. The lycanthropes are ready to wage war on humanity. Run and hide if you want to live but tremble with fear! The horrors that were waged on the children of the night come to haunt you!”

Atkins shivered as he remembered that, and the night’s events. With trembling hands he searched for his cell phone with his good hand.

He calmly looked around calculating his situation, and while waiting for the phone to pick up, nervously smiled, lucky to be alive, support beams rested just inches from where he stood. A dozen or so holes intermittently graced the scorched floor and ceiling. The walls that made barriers to the rooms were no more, just an occasional doorframe remained. The five million dollar custom bunker complete with an imported brick church had been destroyed in only hours. Now it was just a huge grave with charred debris.

In fact; the heat of the Inferno coupled with massive smoke inhalation he should have died hiding in the closet were it not for the fact that Lucius obviously put a spell on him. He would survive so he could deliver Lucius’ message. Then he thought of all the innocent employees, he saw flashes of Kathy the receptionist, clotting crimson gore all over her body, reflected in her pale flesh. Somehow he knew nobody but he remained alive here.

First he called God’s Light with exact coordinates so he could be picked up. He stood still as a deer in headlights estimating he was forty feet underground with another sixty feet or three floors above. He dared not move an inch or he could fall further into the flimsy structure should there be a critical failure.

“Yes, Dr. Atkins? What can we do for you?” The voice on the other line, a man called Hunter asked.

“Hunter, the ancient bitch So-seti has escaped! Seek and destroy her and any lycanthrope you find and immediately report back to me, is this clear to you?” squinting, Dr. Atkins did a salute to shield his eyes from the sunlight seeping in from the holes around him.

“I have just found an ancient lycanthrope with a red tattooed face. He has been stalking around the Point Breeze Motel, he could replace what we lost sir; do I capture him or destroy him?” A disembodied voice asked the leader of the Western God’s Light chapter.

“Destroy him…destroy all of them, and report back to me!”

“Yes sir, I’ll call you with my progress …over and out,” The disembodied voice hung up the phone.

A whirl of the helicopter could be heard from the distance, raising Dr. Atkins’ hopes. A lever dispatched the ladder that came down swaying in the wind. He watched the ladder as it easily threaded through the gaping holes in the floor.

He slid his cell phone back into his pocket, stabilizing his feet on the bottom runner of the ladder whilst crossing his forearm on the chesthigh runner with his useless hand. A sudden jolt and Atkins grasped his other hand firmly on the rope and closed his eyes as the ladder lifted up from the ground.

He opened his eyes long enough to see an aerial view of the ruined compound, the first time in his life he felt any humbleness and helplessness. He saw more corpses, dead receptionists and scientists could be seen on every floor, on every level.

“God help us, God help us all!” Atkins said under his breath closing his eyes again feeling the sun beat down on his bald head as the wind swirled around him.

His body slackened under the warm, healing rays of the sun that assuring him that he would not be attacked. He clutched the ladder for dear life until he felt the ground again. People on the sidewalk were pointing and gossiping. Word spread about the deaths and the church Inferno before the sun came up, but luckily there were no pedestrian casualties. He breathed a sigh of relief, the market and houses were all untouched just the compound which had been utterly destroyed. The ladder wound up and the roar of the helicopter faded away. A crowd of people had gathered around to watch the aftermath, making Dr. Atkins spontaneously smile. The monstrous captives were all preoccupied with escaping; no harm had come to the residents at all. Dr. Atkins sat on the cramped ground and crossed his legs. He cradled his wounded hand and had to take a moment to think, to strategize his next move before he passed out and went into a coma from exhaustion coupled with his diabetes.

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