Wolf's Blood

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Wolf’s Den Tavern

Amy had finally left the cabin to do yet even more research like she did every day leaving Devon alone to his own devices. He was free to spy upon the group, specifically Sarah. He watched Sarah and Desiree, Roxy, A.J., Garrett, Tommy and Tequila go into the Wolf’s Den bar after some argument that he reasoned had to do with the disappearance of friends Jac and Tina. They were still missing going on weeks without a peep from them.

The last of the group had gone through the swinging doors. The white Wolf concealed in the bushes felt safe. Devon looked around one more time then came out from the weeds and thickets, standing upright and stretching his stiff muscles before getting dressed from a satchel loosely hung around his neck. The air all around him smelled of lupine stench. Apparently it’s been lycanthropic for some time now. This was Viddarr’s lair and if Viddarr had aligned himself with Aticus his body would surely be pulled apart when he stepped into the Wolf’s Den.

Devon started off to find Viddarr. His human nature had long since passed. Devon’s stomach began to churn remembering their last fleeting encounter. His biker jacket had a peculiar but familiar scent. Then he started to uncontrollably gag when he first realized what material it had been stitched from.

Viddarr tugged on his leather jacket remarking, “Human skin, it is made with human skin. I have a really excellent tailor with questionable morals,” he told him, answering the question before Devon had asked. “Bring him the materials and an obscene amount of money, and you’ll get a magnificent wardrobe no questions asked.”

“I’m a wolf... in human clothing.” Viddarr made a toothy grin while gesturing at his human leather coat. He shivered thinking about the surreal experience, and then before he realized it Devon was staring at the swinging doors of the bar. Opening the doors he slowly eased in, trying to blend into the crowd.

His preternatural senses found Sarah who sat at a stool with A.J. As she sucked her fruity drink that she had ordered only moments ago. Devon politely put his hand up in protest at the cocktail waitress when she suggested a drink. Although he did not order the waitress did not leave. She stared at him in awe.

Devon’s outfit would have had no extravagances. Generic cheap mass-produced clothing, no head would turn looking at his long-sleeved shirt and pants with sneakers. His tattooed face would scare off males but not females and cocktail waitress. The musk all around her and the preternatural aroma permeating her senses combined with his strangely animalistic eyes had her in heat, a bizarre affect that came along with all lycanthropes. He gave her a quick kiss on her forearm to pacify before he shooed her away. She only blinking back with disappointment once then she headed off.

“I just worry about Tina and Jac is all. They took off and now are completely gone the four-wheeler included.” Sarah sucked down more of her bright green drink while A.J. put his hands on her forearms to comfort her.

“You went to the police. Besides we’re in a tempting town, Sarah, I expect they’ll turn up sooner or later. I’m sure they just wanted to be alone and not stuck in a group, if you get my meaning.” A.J. said his voice soothing enough to reassure her.

“I think you’re right A.J., I shouldn’t be worried, but I’m going to call it a night anyway, if it is all right with you. I’m going to take a cab to the motel and read a while before I fall asleep.”

Sarah’s thumbs were busy dialing the number for the local cab company so A.J. gave her a quick peck on the cheek, “well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m a little disappointed you’re not going to finish out the festivities, but get some rest, okay?”

She nodded then finished her drink, smiled and stood up from her stool.

Like a gentleman A.J. went outside to wait for the cab to come pick her up so she wouldn’t be lonely. He smiled and waved as the door closed to Sarah’s cab. She couldn’t see the bright animalistic eyes, staring daggers at her in the darkness. The bright red taillights mimicked the two wolves’ eyes. The cab’s two red eyes faded into the night while two bright pair of eyes crept ever closer out of the woods towards the parking lot and A.J. But he eluded the advancing wolves by going back to the safety of the building.

Devon let out a deep breath as he saw Sarah leaving out the far window. She didn’t notice him sitting at the bar. Confident that Aticus would honor his promise and leave Sarah alone when she arrived at the motel room. He scanned the floor for the remainder of her friends: Desiree, Roxy, Garrett, Tommy and Tequila gyrating out on the dance floor. He mapped their individual scents so he could keep track of them while he searched for the proprietor, Viddarr.

The music tore through his head like a blade, some type of new wave electronica, it was all he could do to concentrate and scan the area against all the turning, whirling, dancing mortals to find Viddarr. His heart quickened, the target of his search was already peering at him through the wave of people between them. A cold shiver ran through him and a nervous anticipation stood the hairs up on the nape of his neck. He couldn’t kill him in public, could he? Devon hoped so as he remembered the moment that they met.

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