Wolf's Blood

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In the corner brooding

Sitting in the corner, Tommy brooded over Sarah, sucking back the third beer of the night until only foam remained; he tried Sarah’s cell phone with no answer once again. AJ and Garrett gripped the upstairs railing watching Tequila drunkenly dance on the downstairs dance floor slipping only two or three times before getting into the rhythm of the dance.

“Dammit!” Tommy beat his fist on the table knocking down empty bottles in the process.

“What’s the matter, buddy?” AJ questioned turning around from Tequila’s comical drunken dancing to see what was bothering his friend.

AJ motioned for the cocktail waitress to get him yet another shot from the upstairs corner bar. She retrieved it and brought it to him with a smile. AJ looked over at the pitiful puffy-eyed Tommy. He rubbed his dirty blonde curly hair. Tommy had let his hair grow out the last time Sarah had broken up with him when he usually kept his hair cut short and business-like. Now, his hair had grown out to his shoulders. However, the dirty blonde curls and glasses did not achieve the look Tommy desired. He looked like a dirty hippie. AJ felt sorry for him. With his unkempt appearance, unshaved face, his long blonde hair and black glasses, he reminded him of shaggy off the Scooby-doo reruns he loved so much. He just needed to get a green shirt. AJ was left with the thought of this taking another drink of whiskey.

Tommy put his hands up in disgust, “oh, nothing!”

Tommy squeezed his cell phone with enough force that he heard a crack and the screen went white imagining squeezing Sarah’s neck, “she’s not answering her cell or the motel room phone either!”

“Listen, man,” AJ slid his arm around Tommy to console him but cringed as Tommy instantly froze up, uncomfortable with his closeness, “don’t worry about it, man. We are in Louisiana, half a click from New Orleans; you should make the most of it.”

Tommy’s relationship with AJ had been strained at best. Tommy and AJ’s relationship with Sarah overlapped when Tommy and Sarah had broken up for a time, and if AJ would not have been cheating on Sarah she wouldn’t have left him and gotten back together with Tommy. But AJ’s crooked smile and carefree attitude made it difficult for Tommy to stay distraught, and to whine and mope into his beer.

“I can see the enthusiasm and excitement in her eyes every time she is working on fixing up that fucking pigpen. I tried to convince her to sell that godforsaken place; it is in her best interest, really, with the debt that she has accumulated and all. But the immense acreage and a house of her very own coupled with the diary have her dreaming of a yesteryear and a simpler time. She’s a damn irresponsible daydreamer.”

“Hey I think I’m going to go down there and show these girls how to dance!” Garrett muttered pushing away from the rail. He had heard enough of Tommy’s whining and he quickly downed the last of his imported beer whole. He wiped up the spillage with his forearm, staining his expensive black felt button-up shirt sleeve.

AJ turned from Tommy to Garrett, enthusiastically responding, “Go for it, man!”

He would like nothing more than to go with Garrett to pick up women. In his experience playing in his rock band, affectionately titled “Leviathan”, the drunker women became, the better chance of success using corny pick-up lines and flattery. With a wingman his chances of picking up a woman grew astronomically but he stayed with his downtrodden friend. He felt partially responsible for Sarah’s decision to nix the money that could be made from the sale of the fixer-upper plantation property, her decision to stay partly due to their conversation in the woods, back at the motel.

“Tommy and I are gonna talk for a while.” AJ said, patting him on the back and waving for Garrett to go ahead.

“Have it your way!” Garrett scoffed as he headed downstairs, the music going up in Tempo.

Tequila had gotten off the dance floor and had attracted the attention of Tomas. He managed to brush her shoulder only briefly. She thought electricity flowed through her body as goose bumps awakened on her neck from the short encounter. The musk that Tomas exuded intoxicated her even further than the cheap drinks that she had consumed throughout the evening as he sidled up next to her.

“My, my, but you are a gorgeous one,” Tomas flirted with an unrecognized accent, mysterious and alluring to her, “what brings you to these parts?”

A simple icebreaker that she had heard before, but somehow with Tomas’ accent she found it quite charming. Tequila glanced at AJ and Tommy briefly then back to Tomas. His clothing and demeanor made him look out of place with the normal patrons in the bar. His features intrigued her. His features made him ageless and Tequila had trouble judging just how old he appeared.

Mesmerized by Tomas’ cunning, radiantly animalistic eyes Tequila only glanced for a moment at his dreadlocks. She saw shiny silver studs hidden under his full-bodied Brown dreadlocks flowing down his back before she inevitably stared into his eyes again, his remarkable eyes that seemed to change color depending on the light.

“Well, I am originally from New York City. I am going to college. My friends and I are just down here for my friend, Sarah. She just inherited some property here in Louisiana,” Tequila put her head down and shyly smiled, “my name is Tequila, by the way…. what’s your name?”

Her cell phone rang in her pocket interrupting their conversation and startling her. She signaled at Tomas to excuse her and answered, “Yes?”

On the other end AJ answered, “Hey, Tequila! I think Tommy is plenty drunk enough. I’m going to call it a night. I’m going to get him a cab and get him back to the motel safely. I am taking the key to the van with me. In case you get the bright idea to drink and drive. I’ll be back for the van tomorrow. I’ll pay for all of you to get cabs for the night. I just wanted to let you know, sweetie.”

“It’s awful sweet of you AJ. Thank you,” Tequila said still staring at Tomas’ eyes. “Hopefully, I won’t need a cab at all though!”

Tequila and AJ said their pleasantries to one another and hung up, “now, where were we?” She leaned in and bit her lip. Tomas pulled her onto the dance floor.

Tequila stared at Tomas, his hemp poncho and his homemade drawstring baggy pants. He looked as if the clothing had him uneasy, edgy and uncomfortable. He looked as if he would be quite comfortable unclothed and unrestricted by the materials that restricted him. The other patrons had noticed this too, but instead of making him the outcast they were intrigued and drawn to him like a wild animal let loose in a school, the children wanting to know him, touch him, excitedly circling around him.

All eyes were on Tequila too, thrilling, exciting her. By reflection the other patrons were quite jealous of her.

Lost in Tomas’ eyes she almost didn’t hear his question, “would you like to run away with me? We could get out of here.”

The words come out of Tequila’s mouth before she could think about it, “yes, yes I would run off with you, just say the word.”

Tomas reached out his long black nailed hand as Tequila reached out her hand to meet his, while wildly jealous eyes watched on.

Garrett watched through the crowd of people as Tequila and Tomas went off and left through the double doors out of The Wolf’s Den Tavern.

“Hey, handsome!” Tracy smiled as she took Garrett’s hand.

Time seemed to stop when he noticed her. Tracy Miller, now a widow, had conceived her baby earlier than the nine months gestation period due to her recent affliction. The lupine, just like the lycanthrope had a two month gestation period so she had given birth to a healthy, albeit small baby, human-lycanthrope.

The new born baby had been ripped from Tracy’s hands by Lance at an early age while the pineal gland was young and pliable. So the baby could learn the secret of the lycanthrope, to learn the wolf’s ways.

Tracy had just given birth to a son when the next full moon arose she had transformed into a complete lupine for the first time. When the full moon set she involuntarily transformed into a human woman. Yet unable to voluntarily transform until the next full moon but somehow change body and mind. Her excess skin that she had gained from the birth of her son easily shrunk back. No stretch marks could be seen in her taut skin, muscles firmer now. Her human skin had no imperfections, like Aphrodite De Milos; as if she was made from marble statue.

She made full use of her attractive body. Among the many articles of clothing in one of the houses that had been converted to an auxiliary den she had gotten a tight mini-skirt and a tank top two sizes too small now she wore it to her advantage. Garrett could not help but be entranced by Tracy’s seductive eyes. Then like gravity his eyes wandered down to her bare stomach. She had the classic hour glass shaped curve to her that appealed to so many men. His eyes lingered on her legs, muscled tight thighs and calves, runner’s legs fit to run a marathon.

Tracy slowly and deliberately sauntered closer to Garrett. Her breath warm and minty, “it’s awfully crowded in here, or is it just my imagination?”

Garrett glanced about the dance floor, pulsating lights alternating in color made his eyes hurt. The people moved like waves in the sea, ebbing and flowing to the DJ’s beat. He breathed in her sweet aroma, intoxicating and mesmerizing aroma until he began to feel an ache and a stirring in his pants.

“Yes, yes, it is kind of crowded. Let’s get out of here. I gotta a make a call first, though, um, real quick...” Garrett stuttered not used to aggressive women making the first move.

Garrett’s fingers could not dial the numbers in his cell phone fast enough. He put the phone to his ear, the hesitation threatening to kill him, until Roxy answered.

“Speak to me!” the disembodied voice of Roxy answered at the other end.

“Hey Roxy, I just wanted you guys to know I’m taking off. Don’t worry about the van, okay? AJ is willing to comp for your cab fare. Have a nice time and stay safe, okay?” Garrett yelled out, competing with the music. His eyes locked onto Tracy’s mysterious and hungry eyes.

“Will do, I will tell Desiree!” somewhere across the crowded room Roxy quickly hung up with him.

“Well handsome, are we good to go?” Tracy whispered seductively, her warm breath blowing on the nape of is neck.

“We are set, lead the way.” Garrett said smiling like it was his birthday.

“Follow me,” Tracy said with a mischievous smile, “I’ll give you a night that you won’t forget.”

Like a racehorse with blinders on Garrett could only see Tracy as she guided him toward the door. Garrett shivered as a strong wind whipped through him and a cold chill ran through his spine as they stepped out into the parking lot. The wind changing direction gave Garrett a chance to breathe in her alluring, mysterious aroma, calming the chills.

Tracy squeezed his hand, “come on baby, my car is a little bit further.”

Looking around the almost barren parking lot Garrett glanced at his watch, 1:30 a.m. It would soon be last call in the bar anyway. Garrett questioned, “Which car is yours?”

“There it is!” Tracy whispered, then stopped and pointed in the direction of a little silver two-door sports car.

Garrett and Tracy broke hands. She headed toward the silver car’s trunk he headed toward the passenger door.

It took a moment for Garrett to adjust his eyes to the deep shadows between the parked cars. He squinted. Though he could make out no details two shadowy forms could be seen one still and the other swayed back and forth in front of him. He thought he heard a faint slurping noise alternating with a low growl.

Garrett did not notice Tracy moving closer to him when he knelt down to get a closer look. Was that a body on the ground!? His heart quickened, was that Tequila lying motionless? His mind going a mile a minute he gasped, definitely Tequila, Garrett thought he could tell by the blood stained shirt that she wore, he could see the gaudy shiny rhinestones that had decorated her shirt.

“Tequila??!!?” the question left his mouth but he feared there would be no answer. Now that his eyes had adjusted to the darkness he saw a massive amount of pooling blood and Tequila’s hazy dead eyes staring up at him. He fell back a step, out of breath.

Garrett felt Tracy’s delicate hands press down upon his collarbones. He froze as in the corner of his eye he thought he saw a movement, fleeting though it had been, at the edge of the silver car’s rear fender.

The smell of a feral lupine, like a wet dog jumped down near the shadow and Tequila’s dead body. He tried to recoil but Tracy tightened her grip. Garrett had no time to think as a monstrous brown head with starving yellow, glowing eyes looked hungrily down at him. He tried to move again and to no avail Tracy’s long fingernails sunk into his shoulders.

“What the…?” Garrett struggled to be free, but with every movement she tightened her grip.

The monster animal stood up on hind legs. His mind harkening back to his youth, creatures of the dark and things that go bump in the night, he stared eye to eye with a werewolf whose hot putrid breath assaulted his senses. The claws of the werewolf struck his cheek. It’s impossible, he thought, and the new Moon not in sight, weeks until the full Moon rose again he was seeing things, wasn’t he?

Tracy wanted more than anything to change form to please the orders of her master, Aticus, but although her blood was boiling and her hair stood on end with no full moon in sight the change would not come to her. However, she still had an uncanny strength that she used to restrain Garrett. He strained against her. He had probably eighty or more pounds on her but Tracy had a preternatural strength that held him prostrate.

He looked from the monster’s menacing eyes down to Tequila’s lifeless body then back to the monster again in time for the monster’s claws to grip Garrett’s neck and force his neck around until it snapped, cutting off the path from his brain to his spine. The weight of his body crumbled to the ground.

A roar from the woods grew louder until the commandeered Can-am side-by-side ATV burst out from the trees, driven by Aticus himself, “get on!”

Without a second thought Tracy quickly obeyed, she slid onto the ATV as Aticus got off it and with one hand picked up the two corpses from off the ground and dumped them into the oversized basket on the back of the ATV blood spilled out the basket dripping onto the gravel.

Aticus throttled the engine as the brown wolf with dreadlocks whipped its muzzle back and howled, blending in with the music coming from The Wolf’s Den Tavern in the background.

The ATV navigated deftly through the high grass down a shortcut with the huge brown Wolf on the ATV’s heels until they arrived near Raccourci Island and the barn. Two sets of glowing eyes, Lance and Montezmu, stood watch as Aticus turned off the engine.

Montezmu’s wolf’s muzzle manipulated the barn door with his nose and pushed it open. Aticus and Tracy both picked up the corpses out of the basket and threw down the bodies with a thud once they entered the barn.

Smelling the air around him, he determined Oung and O-kami still searched for any reluctant member, meditating in their minds. Soseti and James were out walking the fields, her teaching the secrets of transforming at will which involves a powerful and discipline- dedicated mind, which James had in spades. Relief washed over Aticus, grateful for James’ absence. He crinkled his nose in disgust every time James had walked by him. James’ odor smelled odd. However, the alluring aroma coming from the corpses brought out the hungry glowing eyes of the filthy and nude infected human group.

“Come and get it, my pets!” Aticus yelled. He kicked one corpse towards the hay with a thump. It wobbled toward the group.

Tracy knelt down before the others and with human hands started to devour the human flesh and then one by one they got down on their knees and started to devour the corpse too.

“Good, eat up!” Aticus watched with keen interest hoping the blood and protein may satisfy the group’s hunger, awakening the group’s transformation, “In a couple of months the perigee full Moon will be near and then I will harken back to the Earth our lycanthrope mother, Aisos, and she will heal my wounds and comfort me!”

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