Wolf's Blood

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Goth rocker the “Emo” Queen

Sarah sat at the window, watching the upcoming dawn and drinking her coffee or a simulation of it. Coffee, by definition alone, she held in her hands the equivalent of last night’s mud. She had not yet gotten dressed this morning, her unkempt raven black hair undone from the day before. Eyeliner and thick mascara smeared by intermittent crying coupled with the large bags under her eyes made her look like a Goth rocker or an “Emo” Queen.

Sipping her mud and clutching her cell phone she waited for the State police department to call her back. She had been on and off the phone with detective after detective since she had gotten up, now a daily ritual that she had grown accustomed to since Tequila and Garrett’s disappearance. Her friends were dropping like flies. Roxy and Desiree made it home late that fateful night but now Tequila and Garrett were missing. Tina and Jac were still missing but her heart sank when the local police office told her that her friends were considered adults and from “out of town”, a matter for their local Police Department, or at least the State Police. She finally found an officer that would hear her problem. She waited for their call back now, trying to hold back the bile in the back of her throat.

A tear formed in Sarah’s eye. She started to cry and once she started she couldn’t stop. It was all a huge mistake coming down to New Orleans. Nostalgia, a trip back in time, her found diary and a place to call her very own. She took full advantage of the lawyer’s fine print condition that she would get paid a bonus fifty grand if she had decided to stay and fix up the estate. She felt giddy to pay off her mounting debts, but now it felt like it was all such a horrible mistake.

She tiptoed through the kitchen to brew another pot of coffee, careful not to wake AJ. To stave off Tommy’s drunken advances every night AJ had moved into her room but in different beds. The TV off and the radio at a comfortable level Sarah sat pondering her next move when her cell phone rang.

“Hello?” Sarah answered, cautiously optimistic.

“Miss Sarah Poirier? This is Captain Rogers returning your call, what seems to be the problem?” The Captain asked in a monotone voice as if the call disinterested him and that enraged Sarah to her core.

“Yes! My friends are missing and I wanted to know what you are going to do about it!” Sarah said in an octave just under shouting.

“Oh, I apologize Miss Poirier,” his voice sympathetic, “your friends are missing, tell me their names and I’ll see what I can do.”

“Two of my friends, Tina and Jac, were the first to go missing,” she downed the rest of her mud, flinching just a bit as it made its way down her throat.

Sarah said their last names, where they went to school, and where they lived, before continuing, “Now my other friends, Tequila and Garrett, are gone too!”

A stirring in the other room, she heard AJ as he struggled to get out of bed. A clunk first, one foot then two hit the floor; he had fallen asleep with his boots on.

“Hey, we have coffee?” AJ yelled from down the hallway.

She covered the receiver with her hand and responded, “yes and no, fresh coffee is still brewing last night’s coffee tastes like dirt. But I’m sure there’s some left.”

Sarah heard a grateful mutter of relief then a scuttle as he stumbled into the kitchenette, “what are we going to do about the Van? It’s been parked at the bar for going on weeks now. Apparently Garrett had the keys!”

Sarah shrugged for now they were getting by using cabs, “I don’t know. The van is rental; it has been such a headache to try and get it rekeyed without the proper paperwork…”

Sarah paused to give all the information to Captain Rogers that she knew of. Her confidence growing as she heard Rogers furiously typing. To get to the bottom of the case Rogers made plans to meet up later.

“So you’ll be there two PM right?” She confirmed with Captain Rogers, her eyes traveling off in AJ’s shirtless direction.

“Thank you so much, AJ and I will meet you at the van’s site at two, then.” Sarah said, smiling as she pressed end.

She stood up to stretch her numb legs, pins and needles instantly stabbing her over and over again.

AJ patted his shiny dark brown hair full of gel, downing what was left of the muddy coffee mixture in the glass carafe, “Hey, have you seen


“No…” AJ said, coffee trickling down his chin and neck, “I need a shower!”

He rubbed his wet curly chest hairs, soggy from the spilled coffee, “when we got back, I turned my back on him for two seconds to make some coffee and when I turned around he was gone. I didn’t worry about it, though, he didn’t have any money to speak of and no car so he wasn’t going far, then I guess I passed out... With everybody vanishing though

I guess I should have checked up on him!”

“Hmmmmm…” Sarah’s said scratching her head, lost in thought, she was pleased with Tommy’s absence but she worried for his safety since two more of her friends had gone missing, “AJ, can you call a cab that could take me by my house then go wait by the van for the police today?”

“Sure I can, honey, I just gotta hop in the shower first,” AJ turned around, looked at Sarah with a naughty smile on his face, “ya know, you can shower with me to save some time, right?”

He laughed as he saw Sarah’s disapproving face.

“Oh, Hell no!” She uttered caught off guard from his comment, “I mean thanks for the offer, but I’ll have to decline, thank you.”

Sarah’s cheeks were starting to redden as she remembered all the tawdry details of their once torrid love affair and embarrassment began to creep in.

“Okay, you don’t know what you’re missing,” AJ give Sarah a mischievous wink, “when I am out of the shower I will call a cab for you.”

Leaving the door open Sarah could not resist but peek as she watched AJ enter the bedroom and undress. She frowned when he shut the bathroom door behind him and turned the shower on, the exploitation over.

“What is wrong with you?” Sarah mumbled to herself a guilty smile on her face. She knew in the back of her mind sleeping with him again would be a disastrous thing to do. She had to get out of the room before she regretted her actions.

Sarah bit her knuckles to resist the urge to follow him. Instead she headed toward the front door. Without a second thought she was out on the deck of the cabin. The flowers of late August bloomed in flower boxes waist high along the wall of the cabin. She rested her arms on the wooden rails closing her eyes to warm her cheeks in the sunlight. Eventually she opened her eyes, the long stilted deck creaking as she stepped off the deck and onto the steps.

She casually strolled down the wooden stairway sliding her hands down the wooden banister. She stopped for a moment at the sidewalk to look at the other cabins nearby. She saw a row of three-foot tall Sunflowers warming in the morning sun. In another month or two the sunflowers would grow fifteen feet or more to block the windows on the other cabins. She turned her gaze on the Lake called False River, aptly named for its horseshoe appearance as it traveled down Louisiana, and then abruptly curved and stopped.

Maybe working on the estate would help keep her mind off of her missing friends. She had replaced the scorched floorboards, cleaned the windows, and mudded the holes on the burned walls. Old rags, a lot of bleach and old-fashioned elbow grease and the living room felt warm and pleasant once again. Maybe it was a waste of time to worry at all, AJ said Louisiana was a notorious party state. Perhaps the hard labor and her slave driving ways drove her friends into hiding.

“What time is it?” AJ asked as he dried his clean wet hair with a complementary towel, “if we have time I need to eat something.”

“It’s still only ten or so, we have plenty of time before we have to meet the police officer, what are you hungry for?” Sarah’s face turned flush before the words left her mouth.

She turned to look at AJ, but the play on words was not lost to him. Sarah braced herself for the onslaught of filthy comments to come with AJ’s mischievous smile as he opened his mouth.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m hungry for…” AJ was interrupted by the yellow cab, throwing up dust continuing until it stopped at its destination, The Point Breeze Motel.

Meanwhile Montezmu peered over the waters of the hotel watching every move that AJ and Sarah made, with his arm around Tommy. His bare chest shone white as a ghost, and his yellow eyes reflecting red from the sunlight. He wore white robes that wouldn’t interfere with the transformation to wolf, hybrid wolf-thing, or to a human. Montezmu’s ghost white appearance from the top of his long white hair to his pale chest and white robes made him look like a Renaissance statue of a God come to life.

Tommy’s button up shirt had been shredded and hung caked with mud and dirt. His cuffs from his dirty shirt were torn as well. His blue jeans had been torn in two spots at the knees and ankles. He had lost his shoes the night before and his feet both were bloodied and caked with mud. Tommy had been given a chance to drink a special solution that invigorated him. Last night he ran around in the forest in a state of lunacy. With the Crescent Moon there would be no transformation, however, the wolf’s blood entered Tommy’s blood system invigorating him, empowering him and altering his mindset.

“I feel strange, I feel strong…” His fists began to clench, “Are you sure I will be able to get the attention of Sarah?” Tommy asked.

Tommy already could see much further than before and he used it to stare over the lake at Sarah. Oh how he longed for her, he would do anything for her, Tommy silently vowed.

“Stick with us and you will be powerful, you do what we say, you’ll get what you pine for!” Montezmu spit when he talked, and it was hard for him speaking English, he sniffed deeply before he continued, “follow us, we will teach you the ways and you’ll get what is coming to you.”

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