Wolf's Blood

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Captain Rogers sat at his desk staring at his hand that held the sealed baggy. A clear plastic bag that said “EVIDENCE” in big black block letters held a commandeered motorcycle license plate. Blue uniforms with shiny badges entered and exited the area without disrupting him in his office. He alternately inhaled the fragrant coffee and carefully sipped the hot black brew. He released the license plate and began reading the reports with interest. The CSI technician checked the tire mold and based on the width, the size, and dimension of the tires he had determined that it could be the exact make and model ATV that escaped from the inferno at Michael Miller’s shack. The plate’s numbers registered a 4 x 4, side-by-side owned by A-1 Rituals and was rented by the woman that filled out the first missing person’s report, Sarah.

He drank from the small, white Styrofoam cup then scratched his head while staring at the license plate yet again. He had found the license plate beneath the undercarriage of the Van, the white Van driven by Sarah and her group. Months ago she had reported two friends missing and now two others had went missing from the group as well. The results of the license plate registration deliberately threw Sarah into the midst of the confusion, from innocent victim to perpetrator, but to what ends? His mind raced a mile a minute, Captain Rogers’s bloodshot eyes watered. He hastily picked up the black outdated and corded phone and began to dial a familiar number.

“Hello, is this Detective Jenkins? This is Captain Rogers, do you remember me?” Rogers questioned while putting his feet up on the desk.

“Yes, yes I remember you, what’s up?” Detective Jenkins slurred his question. Tired of Phillip’s constant ridicule the detective had already drank a significant amount of alcohol for breakfast.

Rogers looked up at the clock inside his office, 9:30 a.m... Jenkins was pretty sauced already, he thought to himself, “I got to check out a lead, you wanna team up with me on this?”

Rogers’ phone on the other end went silent for several moments, Captain Rogers’ mouth hung open about to respond when Detective Jenkins slurred, “Yeah, sure, I’m sure, and we’ll get Dexter again. If it is the same culprits, Dexter has had experience with them before.”

“Good.” Rogers said with an authoritative voice, clearing his throat.

“We have got to find and talk to Dr. Jacobs, first and foremost.” Jenkins said and Captain Rogers was amazed by Jenkins’ logical and coherent idea despite his blatant drunkenness, “He was on scene when I had to fire on the lunatic. Since his alleged attack and the missing corpse incident he’s left work. Dr. Jacobs had been researching some off the wall monster myths before he fell off the face of the Earth.”

Captain Rogers and Detective Jenkins both stayed on the phone for several moments silently contemplating their next move. On Jenkins’ end, Rogers heard loud classical music blaring at an uncomfortable level. On Rogers’ end he could hear typing, muffled conversations, and the dispatcher wading through her calls, a relatively quiet day fielding sparse calls for the EMT; a heart attack, a missing kid, a four car fender bender.

“When you sober up we can plan our strategy. …” Captain Rogers paused for a moment, shaking his head, “I know in my rational mind I should report this to the proper authorities, but nobody would believe me, not after what we experienced…”

“I’m just glad I have company now,” Jenkins sounded more coherent and upbeat, no longer in a deep depression, suddenly a man on a mission. Before he got off the phone with Rogers he had just one more question, “I always wondered, your first name is Thompson, it just sounds like a last name, there has got to be a story behind it, just curious about that.”

“Nothing major,” Rogers laughed, “my mother still wanted me to be named after my maternal grandfather. His name was Jules. My dad thought it was a girl’s name, so they named me after his surname, “Thompson”. Simple as that….” The two men laughed together as they mutually hung up their phones feeling a little more hopeful.

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