Wolf's Blood

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batch of Crystal

Aticus stood in the doorway of the barn, trees obscuring his view of Sarah’s manor. The bright red barn, now dull rust-brown faded from age and neglect. Flimsy boards that were brittle had colonies of termites that had made this their home long ago. The dim light from the windows cast dancing shadows as the flames from the lanterns on the wall moved to and fro. Looking up at the half-moon he couldn’t help but smile ear to ear, a toothy smile full of jagged teeth and short fangs, his one good eye glinting green in the moonlight. He inhaled the air around him.

Orphaned and lonely, he found solace with military kinship and learned to think like a General so he thought with military precision and made his battle tactics. Things were going according to his plans. He could smell many more infected in the area. They were strangers to him, except for the distinct aroma surrounding them. He even sensed many more people that were not thinking as radically, Aticus had no hold over them yet, the infection slower to invade their systems. He knew that when the full Moon rose they would go wild and wreak havoc on their towns. Oung and O-kami destroyed any opposition with the strong-willed and resistant to Aticus’ demands.

The generator hummed to life again. They were careful to be sure that Sarah, AJ, and Tommy, minus Desiree, were done for the day and safely down the road before they turned the generator back on. James worked with Michael on the next batch of Wolf’s Blood crystal. James instructed Michael in a new way of creating the Wolf’s blood, full of Lycanthropus Snapdragon flowers and opium that he managed to save before he had exited the compound. Although Matt was silent now and huddled in the corner since he had come to his senses, with his knowledge they had made a mixture of the old world traditional potion with modern pharmaceuticals. Along with So-seti’s instructions the larvae combined with the crystals were turning out to be really powerful and extremely infectious.

From the shadows in the corner of the room So-seti quietly and with great care instructed and reassured the growing infected and the children. The children, almost adolescents, were growing rapidly with lupine blood a result of the full moon and pheromones spiking. The resulting lunatic males found the females, breeding in a mass orgy of copulation. Four children sat cross legged, quietly listening to the wisdom and instructions of their elder.

So-seti coddled the adolescents, it fulfilled a desire in her she had noticed since capture, the desire to nurture and protect children. Especially since So-seti’s abdomen had grown taut. She could tell that life resided in her compliments of James. She prepared for another quick two months, the conception and labor of a true wolf-thing.

Tonya seductively sauntered over to Aticus, his back turned to her. She resisted the urge to gag and cringe in disgust with the nearness of her murderous leader; however, she would obey her leader. She constantly teased the hell out of him; he could smell her fragrant perfume and the deliberate closeness of her body always killing him as she denied his advances every time. She slowly slid her hand around his thick neck imagining choking the life out of him, but massaging him instead.

Stepping back some Tonya reported, “Oung and O-kami have a line on another dissident in the middle of the black forest. It will be twenty seven that have actively resisted your rule.” “Good, good…” Aticus mused.

Oung emerged from the shadows, his complexion ashen with bloodshot eyes oblivious to everyone. He had just finished regurgitating the glands and heart from another slain resister. He paused, outstretching both arms, his hands against the wall stabilizing him. His long, straight black hair was pasted on his forehead and down against his face as he closed his eyes to get his bearings.

“For you,” Oung feebly said in broken English as he flung his arms in the general direction of the thick shadows, “O-kami and his pack of spirit wolves are on the trail of another ancient lycanthrope, I think he is the leader of his den.”

“Well done!” Aticus exclaimed pleased, seven separate dens, proud distinct individual dens that were around for millennia that held their separate myths, rituals, beliefs, and rules that govern soon would be united within Aticus’ powerful grasp.

Aticus could smell the sweet, sweet flesh that could relieve his hammering headache. He stopped listening after he heard “for you” in Oung’s infamous broken English. He could smell the gory entrails on the ground in the corner where O-kami still sat in meditation.

“Good, good,” Aticus said under his breath to no one in particular. Like a junkie craving his next fix he fell down on his knees, the junkie digging through the shag carpet, tiny pebbles and lint for an imagined crack rock.

Aticus’ heart skipped a beat as he found what he was looking for… two testes, an adrenal gland, thyroid, pituitary gland and he found hiding in the thick shag the Holy Grail of glands, the pineal gland housing the impenetrable parasite larvae. He plucked each and every the gland obscured in the carpet with his fumbling hand then the gulped all six glands down whole. The intricate glob traveling down his gullet and as soon as the glands digested in his stomach his one green eye dilated. Goose pimples traveled up his arms, up and down his spine, and for a moment time stood still. The pressure of small slivers of silver fragments burrowed deep in his brain eased, released him from his pain and agony for just one moment of bliss.

Except for the shaking his body stood rigid for just one moment then he bent down on the carpet again, wildly in search of the heart. The infected and the children shielded their ears as they heard the involuntary growling and disgusting chewing sounds as he swallowed torn pieces of the intricate muscle.

“Excuse me, Aticus,” Tomas with Montezmu walked toward the kneeling junkie, Aticus, and waited silent for a moment before they continued in unison, “Aticus… Michael and James are finished with another batch of Crystal.”

Aticus wiped his mouth of blood and with one knee twirled around, still kneeling as he acknowledged Michael and James. He had tried to wipe the gore from his chin and cheeks but when he opened his mouth to speak blood and drool pooled from the corners of his lips escaping down his neck and chest.

“Good, Tomas,” Aticus looked up; his one good eye looked crazed and luminous, terrifying Tomas and Montezmu who impulsively stumbled backward. Abundant straw piled up like a soft pillow on the dirt floor moving like a tidal wave, a shhhhhhhh sound like a moving snake.

He looked crazy, like a rabid, feral animal, “You and Montezmu take the surplus crystals to Viddarr’s establishment. He has connections in Washington and California which could establish our new type of drug in the streets.”

Suppressing his fear and mustering up his courage, Tomas held out his hand offering up a baggie full of Crystal. As Aticus quickly snatched the baggie from his hand Tomas could not hide the gathering disgust for his friend’s situation. He was addicted to the ecstasy and the escape from the pain that he always felt in his head that came with swallowing whole his fellow lycanthrope.

“I worry about you, Aticus,” Tomas said sincerely, Montezmu just silently observed.

In Tomas’ culture they only consumed the flesh of their kind if someone died or to decide who was going to lead the pack, the one that loses dies and in a highly ritualized ceremony everybody partakes of his flesh. The segments of flesh divided up by the den, so little there was only a mild buzz felt. In his whole long life this happened only twice.

Consuming all of the lycanthrope’s glands and heart by his self was paramount to main-lining a powerful hallucinatory anesthetic. The quick high that he received was accompanied by a drastic low, forcing an unwelcome withdrawal… to chase his high Oung and O-kami killed everyone against him and he hungrily devoured them whole.

“Don’t worry, my friend,” Aticus patted him on the shoulder while wiping off the rest of the gore, “my grandmother is a shaman and in less than two months she assures me the combination of the perigee full Moon and all hollow’s night where the line between the living and dead blur, she will conjure up Aisos, the mother of us all and a more powerful shaman. Aisos should be able to disintegrate the silver screws in her missing legs. Then she can grow her missing limbs back. And she can do something with my missing eye.”

“My sweet Aticus,” Tonya cringed when she said this, “it is almost midnight.”

With a smile Tonya motioned to the rafters, “come with me.”

Tonya offered out her hand and Aticus accepted as they climbed together up the ladder to the rafters. They sat cross-legged together, the rafters creaking at the increased weight. He stared at Tonya’s beautiful dance, a secret ritual passed down from generation to generation. She could enter someone’s dreams. In a trance, properly in tune and along with Tonya’s touch, Aticus could enter someone’s dreams as well and although hesitant he took her hand to travel into ether.

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