Wolf's Blood

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rundown trailer

A train rocked the rundown trailer on its cinderblocks a few feet from the tracks. The second train to pass by in the last hour. Tired, ready to enjoy her one night without her kids Candy swore she was going to get a good night’s sleep, train or no train. She strolled into the kitchen and over to the microwave opening a box and throwing in a frozen burrito and punching the numbers before closing it again. She waited an impatient moment tapping her fingers then “beep” reemerging with her hot burrito. She bit down only to find the hot mixture turning into ice. Dammit, she had told herself she wouldn’t get burritos again after the last time it refused to properly heat.

Then an explosion coming from somewhere in the area rocked the trailer’s foundation. Candy exclaimed, “What the hell was that?”

No matter, she thought, maybe it’s a train wreck. She’ll probably see it on the morning news, she mused, her trailer in the back ground. She tried to finish her lukewarm burrito. Too tired to finish it off she drifted to sleep on the couch the plate perched on her lap.

Her eyes wrenched opened, she was startled from sleep by the unusual stillness, not yet used to the kids being gone. The street lamps cast an eerie yellow light through the tattered curtains. The wind had begun increasing, whipping the outside of the trailer, rocking it back and forth like a cradle. The rumbling began again louder than before shaking her reality. Candy grew nauseous from the motion, she stumbled into the bathroom. Another train this late at night, she pushed the curtains aside to peer out the window. No train lights, but the rumbling continued and the trailer shook and groaned like it was ready to fall apart.

She ran to the front door and grasped the door knob. With a quick wrench she had opened the heavy wooden door her eyes were straining to see in the darkness. The shaking suddenly stopped. Candy looked up on the top of her trailer, the hair on the back of her neck rising.

The rumbling started back again, from above her. Headlight-like orbs stared down upon her from the top the trailer; in expectation of a juicy meal strings of black saliva dripped down a long furred nose. With a gasp she scrambled back in and slammed the front door shut.

“Oh my God!” Candy impulsively placed her shaking hands against her rapidly beating heart. Her heart fluttered and stopped for a brief second, “am I dreaming?” She pinched herself, “shit!”

She wasn’t dreaming she felt pain she told herself. A crash from a shattering window could be heard coming from the back of the trailer. Another crash from another shattering window closer and coming from the left of the trailer made her jump out of her skin. Another shattering window closer still and to the right made her body spring into action. From the corner of her eye she saw several shadowy individuals coming from the hallway. She tried to run away, swinging open the door and heading toward the rickety steps. Legs turned into pudding beneath her as she tumbled backward down the steps. She landed with a sickening crunch, her head smacking against the concrete.

Candy looked up in horror as the beast jumped from the roof top upon her chest knocking the air from her lungs with a whoosh. She gazed off in a daze, her head pounding from the fall she took. She was dreaming, she convinced herself, it’s all a dream. She kept repeating it’s all a dream; it’s all a dream… as things of nightmares rendered her flesh from the bone she could only watch in detached hysteria.

Strange, she laughed, no pain, watching as the beast hungrily devoured her. Her mind slips from reality, she was so tired. Her eyes glazing over, blood dripping from the corner of her lip. She couldn’t keep awake any longer, so she drifted off to sleep, as death took her.

Royal Bay began to burn. From the gathering smoke and smoldering debris forty pairs of glowing eyes emerged from the haze. Forty pairs of eyes, including David’s son, Jack, minus the countless inhabitants that lay dying, eaten for sustenance for David, Nathan, and the other residents’ insatiable hunger.

A figure floated high in the sky above the Earth’s troposphere. A normal person would have already passed out and died of oxygen deprivation in the thin air, but not Lucius, the progeny of Caine, the first vampyre, the illegitimate son of תיליל in the Hebrew, or to the layman, more commonly known as the Succubus called Lilith. He had no need to breathe and he made himself intangible to the fierce winds that blew up here. His preternatural, catlike eyes inspecting, just as a spectator, intently the insignificant speck called Royal Bay, as it burned to the ground. He had to report to Caine, Lucius mused, lowering his body down to the earth again, and then burrowing through the bed rock much, much further fusing to the rocks and minerals and clay before the approaching dawn.

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