Wolf's Blood

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circling a large circumference of Louisiana

The newly infected group honed in on the Seller’s house, Asher’s place, and Michael’s shack, among others that dotted New Roads and Batchelor, circling a large circumference of Louisiana. Residents of Royal Bay awoke to find themselves passed out on the foundation of many burned-out houses. The residents of Royal Bay had heard special instructions, in their lunacy, to wait upon further orders. The homes were strategically placed so that the huddled group had their privacy. No homes in sight, not even a passing car. They laid like feral dogs together in a group basking in the sun.

Smoke curled up into the sky masking the sun, Royal Bay abandoned now, had burned itself out. Amid the smoke and debris Nathan and the others awoke in a daze huddled together, forgetting all of the nightmarish events that they had caused. Then, extreme loss overwhelmed them. They had felt alive and for the first time quite powerful. They recalled an awe inspiring ecstasy that had coursed in their veins that night and they longed for the feeling to come back to them again.

Jack cast his gaze out under an overcast sky, a tear in his eye, eagerly awaiting the moon to rise again, two more to come of three days… the Waxing Gibbous come and gone, soon the glorious full moon will rise then the Waning Gibbous Moon will set as well before this glorious feeling was lost again.

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