Wolf's Blood

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New Roads, Louisiana

Kevin, still intoxicated from the raw power he now had in his possession, lingered to get dressed for school. Fragments of memory flashed through his mind, ones of strength and speed. No more a puny weakling, he had filled out nicely. In fact his school uniform pants had become high-water pants as he shot up in the air. He was so enamored by his own Adonis like figure that he arrived at school late with his head still in the clouds.

Mr. Phelps had to make an example out of him ridiculing and riding him all throughout first period. The blood began to boil whenever he thought about the horrible treatment he received from Mr. Phelps. Mr. Phelps couldn’t help but stare at the one silver Double 0 gauge piercing in his ear. He couldn’t help but stare through Kevin’s piercing like he stared out a door’s peephole to see the student directly behind.

“No wonder they pick on you, you only have one earring in your ear, you are a sissy,” Mr. Phelps teased him mercilessly. He sounded like a recorded conversation on slow motion. He enunciating the syllable at the end of the word, followed by more pirate and faggot jokes.

“You look like a freak!”

Kevin sat quietly stewing in his juices… how dare he, he thought. Kevin had many homosexual friends, even his uncle and cousin. Mr. Phelps had been especially hard on him since he caught him drawing gory artwork on his notebook not paying attention to the lesson. His notebook had quickly made its way to the principal’s office where the school’s “Catholic values” coupled with occult paranoia synchronized and resulted in the examination and subsequent disposal of his notebook full of art. Since Kevin and Brett’s confrontation Phelps had concentrated especially close on his “disruptive” student.

Thinking about every cruel thing Mr. Phelps imposed this semester Kevin’s anger grew. He began to get the starting sensation of pins and needles all over his body. He imagined knocking Mr. Phelps’ teeth out and erasing his pretentious smile. All his fresh new and fast muscles twitched, engorged as he obsessed on Mr. Phelps insolent and pompous voice.

He had to look at a pleasant face so that his anger would not boil over, something pleasant to distract him, something wonderful, and something he happily stared at every day. He looked around to Tasha’s beautiful profile! He breathed in her pleasant perfume, imagining her smiling face like he did a million times a day. His blood pressure began to calm down but he still had a fluttering heart from the proximity of his crush.

Then he thought of Tasha’s brother. He felt his blood pressure increase again and the hair in the back of his neck rise as something in him stirred. Thinking about his bully, Brett, and getting revenge made his eyes dilate. He couldn’t help but think about all the horrible things Brett perpetrated upon him. All of Kevin’s body tensed up thinking about rending him to pieces as well as his teacher. He suddenly knew he had to get out of the classroom before he did something that he would regret.

Kevin sprung up out of his desk knocking his school books, folders, pens, and pencils onto the dusty floor interrupting Mr. Phelps’ gut wrenching chicken scratching on the blackboard. Making his way between the aisles he heard hushed whispers from his classmates.

“Look at his eyes.” Someone whispered.

“They’re so bloodshot.” Someone to in the front rasped.

“He looks stoned.” Someone else commented.

“Loser,” Brett said, smiling as he remembered the vicious beat down he gave Kevin recently.

“Kevin… just where do you think you’re going? Sit down and stop interrupting my lecture!” Mr. Phelps said in a stern but annoyed voice, “now march back to that desk.”

Kevin threw open the door but paused before walking out, slowly turning his head and glaring at Mr. Phelps, his eyes looking almost homicidal.

A cold chill came over him when he looked into Kevin’s vengeful eyes but Mr. Phelps cleared his throat and tried to sound fearless, “did you hear me, Kevin?”

Mr. Phelps strode forward irritated and reached out his hands to stop him from leaving. Kevin impulsively growled a warning originating from his gut. He caught Phelps’ wrists and pushed him backwards knocking him against the desk bruising his buttocks and almost throwing his back out.

“Kev…” Mr. Phelps stopped mid-word.

Mr. Phelps saw Kevin’s twisted and horrid face so vicious and full of evil. He recoiled and closed his eyes anticipating an inevitable attack but it did not come. Like a dog on its chain he snapped back into reality, logical thinking taking over as a cooler rationale prevailed within him.

When Mr. Phelps thought it was safe to open his eyes again he saw Kevin had vanished. A moment of tense silence passed as Mr. Phelps struggled to steady his heart. He needed to regain his clout with his other students.

“Let’s get back to the lesson, shall we?” Mr. Phelps’ question sounded more like a command so they quickly obeyed, a backwards glare silencing any whispers.

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