Wolf's Blood

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altering physiology

The long walk to his house had not been an effort at all since his altering physiology yesterday. He entered the living room and skipped quickly down into the basement, the stairs groaning under his weight. Unearthly silence surrounded him as nobody was home and eager to greet him.

Kevin cranked up his stereo in the basement as if turning up the volume would distract him from obsessing about Mr. Phelps’ cruel treatment and that of his bully, Brett, his anger increasing with every humiliating memory. He flew through the room like a destructive hurricane turning over a couch, the cushions flipping over. The glass coffee table, once solid tempered glass vanished bursting into a shower of pieces. Thinking of every embarrassing offense that Brett and even Mr. Phelps had made against him this semester released a rage. A flood of hormones begot a fever which angered him more. A domino effect until a strange feeling came over him.

“I will kill Mr. Phelps!” Kevin released all his pent-up anger with a massive punch to his 80-lb punching bag.

Thud, Thud, Thud; the chains rattled as Kevin tried to wildly smash his frustrations away. Only stopping when sand spilled out from deep slices that punctured the rawhide bag. He looked at his palms strips of leather and sand spilling onto the floor. A slack-jawed expression came across his face, shock in his eyes when he felt his fingernails spontaneously lengthen further.

Kevin couldn’t help but think about Tonya’s beautiful songs as the fever progressed, songs sung by the orders of the leader, Aticus, songs that were designed to single out the chosen so those transmissibly comparable, like Kevin, could hear them in their dreams...

Kevin couldn’t help himself. He suddenly had the urge to run up the stairs, though still human his knuckles dragged as he ran on all fours tearing outside. Four o’clock and still sunny outside but the Full Moon had risen. As soon as he looked into the dazzling moon light he transmuted; though a young changeling and the parasites were not able to fully infiltrate Kevin’s system he changed into a Wolf-type thing seamlessly.

His transformations complete the only rational thoughts in his head were, “Mr. Phelps and Brett are cruel to me, need to punish and consume!”

The fever had lifted all the way. The haze had lifted and flashes of background could be seen and interpreted. The wolf-type thing found itself in the high school parking lot. Driven by instinct and instinct alone Kevin’s monstrous lupine form watched from the shadows as Mr. Phelps approached his car.

Mr. Phelps had a headache and was rubbing his temples in a circular motion, staying late to grade test papers always drained him. He was confident that the further he got from this accursed school the sooner his headache went away. He was unaware of the shadowy presence stalking him, waiting for the perfect time to strike. The gray-haired man shifted his glasses on his face fumbling with the keys in his pocket. It had been a long day. He was tired and restless, the sounds of rambunctious youths still played like a broken record over and over again in his mind. Straining his eyes to find the lock he opened the car door. All he wanted to do was return home for a long rest, relaxation, and a little sleep before the horrors of another day.

“You bastard,” it whispered through sharp fangs, the words reached Phelps’ ears like a blast of air from a furnace causing the hair on the back of his neck to raise.

Not alone, but there was no one there around him to be seen. He peered at the shifting shadows. Something moved just off to the left of him, he could’ve sworn he saw the glint of savage eyes, like pin lights in the darkening sky. Phelps groaned, keys in hand, he caught the musky aroma coming from the parking lot, like a wet dog smell swirling in the wind. His legs all but turned to putty when the growling began from behind him. He had no time to react as a hulking beast sprang out pinning him to the car. Taking the air from his lungs on impact and leaving a man sized dent, the windshield shattering.

Pinned helplessly between the creature and the car Phelps cried out in agony as rapier sharp fangs tore a savage arc across his throat and chest. The spray of crimson lifeblood coated the gravel around him. The Wolf thing howled out in triumph as Phelps shook uncontrollably and whimpered in pain.

“Please, Oh God,” the man pleaded trying to kick free from the beast’s grasp.

The beast’s eyes reflected Phelps’ bloody arterial spray spurting out with every quickening heartbeat. He felt woozy; his vision growing dark. In the last fleeting moments he knew he had to try something. He mustered up his determination and clenched his keys between bloody fingers; he thrashed about trying to hit his target, the exposed eyes of the beast.

The keys found their mark and a yelp escaped through a bloody muzzle as the thing released its captive and stumbled back, claws grasping at its now bloody eye. Phelps fell on trembling knees the last bit of strength slipping as he pulled himself to his feet resting his elbows on the car. Losing blood quickly the earth seemed to spin out of control under his feet. He didn’t know how long he could remain conscious but if he stood here much longer he thought he would die one of two ways, being mauled to death or simply from blood loss. He steadied himself, now or never he thought springing into action.

Mr. Phelps’ legs popping with arthritis as he pushed off the car and ran for his life. Momentarily stunned the beast had finally turned to chase the injured man. The Wolf thing hurdled over another teacher’s car like an Olympic pole-vaulter, closing the gap behind Mr. Phelps.

Snapping at the air as the Wolf thing propelled itself forward, arms and legs working in unison. It hit the man with enough force to break his ribs and pierce his lungs sending him crumbling into a heap of flesh face first into the gravel. Bits of gravel and debris embedded in his bloody arms.

Phelps wearily dragged himself up to his elbows but it was too late, the beast was on him and he could smell its putrid breath, its mangled eye spontaneously healing itself to Phelps’ disbelief. The Teacher was lifted from the ground like a rag doll as he cried out for mercy. Staring into large animalistic, vengeful eyes the horrid beast inches from his face he gasped with sudden realization. Mr. Phelps’ eyes couldn’t help but gravitate towards the pointed Lupine ear, a silver earring through a furless human ear lobe. His heart sank, there would be no mercy found in this thing…in Kevin.

It flung him with such force atop another car the windows shattered as he landed with a sickening thud as his neck broke. As his life faded quickly from his eyes elation came over Kevin the monster. Kevin reveled in his bloodlust, one down, one to go! With Kevin changed into the Wolf thing one word played through its mind


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