Wolf's Blood

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werewolf’s imitation of a passionate kiss

Kevin tracked Brett by his strong cologne to a Strip Mall off the highway. The full moon sat low on the horizon casting an eerie glow over the town, deepening the shadows and alleyways as the overhead florescent lights systematically shut down in the sleepy shopping plaza. A light breeze made the containers of soda, popcorn and the trash of the day race by through the shadows of the square. The proprietors of the shops in the plaza locked up their doors and one by one slipped into their cars to leave for the night until only one car was left. One car sat alone in the parking lot a young couple together inside. They had parked in the shadows on the side of the building to avoid the watchful eyes of the local security.

Their passionate breathing had already started fogging the windows of Brett’s car. They were unaware of the watchful eyes that were glowing yellow through the shadows of darkness, the large muscular figure across the road from the plaza hiding in the bushes by an darkened house. Panting in expectation the preternatural eyes could see clearly through foggy windows the woman and the man locked in passionate embrace.

In his human form he knew them as Leslie and Brett, both seniors in high school, one the twin brother of Tasha and his persistent adversary who hated him with a passion. He knew there was no hope of him getting together with Tasha if Brett had anything to do with it he reasoned and that burned Kevin up inside. In Wolf form however, desperation, longing, and a deep hatred translated to rage as it watched the two love birds, patiently waiting for its moment, its moment to rend human flesh. It would be satisfied that its burning rage would be no more. It saw the opportunity and pounced through the brush running across the street in a blur until it made its way to the shadowy recesses of the plaza.

Leslie looked over the top of Brett’s shoulder. Her face flushed red from heat and effort as she straddled Brett’s hips her hair glistening with sweat, a noise outside startled her, the sound of rustling trash and a single soda can rolling by the car.

“What’s the matter?” Brett questioned, his face contorting in a mixture of pleasure and frustration from Leslie’s slow rhythmic grinding stopping suddenly.

“I thought,” She was panting, “I thought I heard something.” She told Brett, worry taking the place of passion.

The car shifted and rocked violently side to side as the suspension moaned from the weight of the stalker. The sound of metal against metal made Leslie shudder and scream. They saw a flash of fur before the stalker smashed through the rear window. Kevin’s snarling muzzle dripped saliva onto the leather upholstery, his ivory fangs bearing large like a death grin. It’s large head closing the gap to its helpless captives.

Brett gasped, shaking arms pushing Leslie away toward the invading monster as he reached for the driver’s side door handle as a talon paw raked across Leslie’s exposed left leg. An arc of crimson gore coated Brett’s face and chest as he finally opened the driver’s door and fell out onto the pavement, too afraid to even scream.

Leslie moaned as searing pain tore through her body. Through now glassy eyes she searched for the open car door but fell forward on her face on the floorboard. She could barely see Brett as he stumbled to his feet and sprinted away towards safety. Trying to get up she cowered in the corner against the glove compartment wildly waving her hands to ward off the nips from the monster’s teeth as it scrambled and maneuvered toward her. The beast lunged for her abdomen, the rest of her breath rushing out of her as the beast hit its mark solid fangs puncturing soft flesh. Leslie reflexively put her arms around the giant beast’s shoulders as if she hugged the beast in a loving embrace.

Savage claws tore through her back as she cried out, blood gurgling from her mouth. With a twist of its head and an upward motion Leslie’s intestines lifted out of her body like an unraveling rope. Her eyes met the wolf’s eyes as darkness threatened to consume her. In her delirium she looked into the beast’s eyes and suddenly somehow knew this creature killing her.

“Kevin...” She rasped breathlessly looking into the Wolf’s eyes before it splintered her esophagus, and darkness consumed her.

Leslie’s arms twitched then they went limp and still. The beast wasted no time it tore through the car door, leaving twisted plastic and metal in its wake. It barreled down the empty parking lot on all fours to catch up to a half-naked Brett. The terrified teen stumbled toward a 24hour office-supply store with a skeleton crew inside. Frantically checking that the beast was not following him he had not gotten far from his car stumbling a dozen times as he did so.

The Wolf thing was upon him in an instant slamming into him like a sledge hammer knocking him down to the pavement. Brett crawled on his knees and bloody hands, dirt and gravel covered his face and obstructed his eyesight. He kicked out blindly and the Wolf thing took the opportunity to grab Brett’s exposed leg and bite down snapping the bones of his ankle. As Brett howled out in pain the Wolf thing’s paws found his throat rending it to a bloody pulp.

The Wolf thing looked up for a moment with dominant eyes to see if the late night employee across the parking lot inside took notice of the noise. It saw the worker still oblivious from his headphones that cancelled out the noise of the trains running close by and flickering lights that told the Wolf thing the laptop was on, its confidence increased. The Wolf-thing latched down on Brett’s now dead arm and dragged him back toward the car. It lifted Leslie’s body out of the car then dragged both the bodies’ one by one over to the downward sloped hill. It dragged the corpses over the train tracks running the length of the back of the Plaza into the forest and gathering swampland nearby.

Now, concealed by the trees the monster gazed at Leslie’s partially clad body, the bloody shirt concealed her breasts but she was naked below the waist and with victorious eyes he licked the blood from her legs. The Wolf-thing cleaned her off gently before heading to the gaping hole in what once was Leslie’s abdomen and consuming her. Powerful endorphins once associated with panic and impending death flooded the wolf thing’s blood stream as its swallowed whole her liver and adrenal glands relieving the Wolf-thing’s severe hunger. What once was Leslie’s body shuddered like a macabre hand puppet as the Wolf thing’s head buried itself to the ears and shook from side to side. The Wolf thing’s belly full and Leslie’s abdomen empty it headed toward her bloody neck lapping up her blood, like a werewolf’s imitation of a passionate kiss.

The Wolf-thing dug a hole with its claws and then threw Leslie’s body in and covered the dirt hole back up. The Wolf hiked his leg and urinated marking its territory forever then turned to the corpse of Brett. It savagely and systematically tore into the body. All the pent-up rage, all the thoughts of abuse at the hands of its bully dissipated with every limb it tore apart until there was just a pile of flesh indistinguishable from a human corpse. It dug a different hole separate from Leslie’s resting place, kicked the pieces in with its hind legs spreading dirt to cover it up, and urinated on it as well.

Now for the car, the Wolf called Kevin thought, the heavy fog that clouded up his brain and made him run on animal instinct alone abated, he was thinking more rationally than last night. With his muzzle he put the car in neutral and with his powerful shoulders he pushed on the vehicle bumper until it rolled forward. He let gravity do the rest as the car picked up speed down the hill stopping on the railroad tracks.

It was perfect the car was positioned so the bushes and slight turn obscured it until the train was unable to stop in time. It wasn’t long before he heard a whistle of the train coming. He stayed until he heard the train’s warning horn a horrible squeal from the conductor pressing the lever for the brakes then an atrocious crash of metal on metal.

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