Wolf's Blood

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Waking up

John woke up in his bed in his house. Confusion setting in as the last thing he recalled was fighting off a Wolf behind his parent’s house. Now he was in his warm fluffy bed wrapped up in blankets and upon closer inspection noticed a bandage on his hand.

“Mom?” Confusion in his voice he rubbed the sleep from out of his eyes, “Mom, what happened last night?”

John looked under the covers with astonishment; he was naked as a jaybird. He called out for his mom again his voice filled with hurried desperation. He urgently wanted to know exactly what had happened that led to him blacking out.

“Yes?” His mom, Linda Wagirde, questioned through the door.

John struggled to hear her shy quivering voice, sounding meek and irresolute. Something was wrong with his mother. Despite his frequent arguments against it she usually burst into his room without knocking first thing in the morning to wake him but now she waited for John outside his bedroom door.

“Mom, come in here please.” John said in an urgent and nervous voice.

Linda Wagirde poked her head into John’s bedroom but she was leery to come in all the way. She had seen the crazed look in John’s eyes last night and she had been trying desperately but failing to hold her naked son down and restrain him as he frothed at the mouth. She made an attempt to concentrate on the homemade cross made of nails on the wall, too frightened to look him in the face. Linda shielded her eyes until she was confident that her son covered his naked body with the bedspread and he seemed calm.

“You don’t remember anything?” She said timidly.


“Your father and I found you scratching on the screen door nude.” She said matter-of-factly.

Confident her son was in his right, albeit obnoxious, mind again she sat down on the bed.

“What happened?” John questioned.

“I thought you were out working on your bike. When all of a sudden we heard a scratching on the door, don’t you remember anything?” Linda had a comforting motherly tone in her voice now as she patted his back through the comforter.

John noticed the tightness in his shoulders, chest, arms and stomach. He marveled for a moment at his puffed-up biceps, triceps and washboard abs. Before his amnesia he had puny limbs and a belly full of Jell-O. When he touched his gut it jiggled. Many more questions came to mind than answers. First things first, his mom could tell him all that happened last night because he was desperately trying to remember but kept coming up blank.

“I don’t remember anything aside from I was fixing my bike...” John said still lying down on the bed staring in the full-length mirror on the wall.

John looked around the room, failing to notice the wisps of fur on the carpet. His mother was too busy straightening up and pacing around now to pay attention to him so he took the opportunity to lift his blanket up and sneak a peek at his new Adonis like physique. Astonished by the transformation he went through overnight John smiled a sly smile. But the smile faded when he looked upon the bandage on his mother’s arm.

“What happened to your arm?” John said, concerned.

His mother paused for a moment and then continued to fuss with and fluff the pillows on her son’s bed.

“Don’t you remember it at all?” she said nervously.

Linda unfurled her bandage then started to cry. It was not the pain that made her cry but the thoughts rolling like images on a movie projector about the bizarre happenings last night. She timidly showed the inflamed and infected bite marks on her forearm.

“You attacked me, bit me several times.” Linda balled, tears flowing from her eyes.

He stared at his mom’s festering arm with horror; realization hit him like a ton of bricks. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he had been responsible for her injury and that made him sick. He reached out with one finger to her wound when he saw his own bandaged hand; suddenly the memory came back to him. He recalled the encounter with the wolf, the injury on his hand and the conflict with the wolf thing. He now unfurled his own bandage and compared them in his head. John’s injury had all but healed leaving just a pink scar. Her scar was a different matter entirely though, infected and oozing.

“Are you on drugs?” She was gaining more confidence now as she leaned forward and put her arm on John’s shoulder.

A guilty twinge ran through him then John said in a huff, “No mom.” “Well you sure were on something last night.” She had a motherly tone to her voice again. All but forgetting the horrors that her son put her through. “Well you were on something last night, PCP or LSD, and frankly it scares the hell out of me.”

“No mom, I assure you I’m not doing drugs again.” He defended.

John’s face reddened when he realized his mom had turned toward his dresser and rummaged his drawers for signs of drug use. If she rummaged further she would have found the marijuana for his recreational use. He had to do something and fast or he would be shipped back to rehab again.

“Mom,” he said quivering, his voice cracked. “I assure you that I’ve not done anything but I don’t remember much other than being attacked in our backyard, by a wolf or something.”

Linda Wagirde looked in her son’s eyes and knew right away he wasn’t lying, her heart softened a bit.

“I believe you.” She sobbed hugging John tightly, “your father is really furious though, good thing he went to work today. I was afraid he wouldn’t, he was a little under the weather today. You really did a number on him, biting his ankles and everything.”

Linda went on to tell a strange and frightening story about John’s evening.

Linda and Leroy, his father, had finished dinner, the silence getting unbearable. Streetlights had come on, and it was getting late into the night. John had to go to school tomorrow for the first time since his suspension had lifted. Linda had looked for him in the yard, no sign of him just his running motorcycle. Her heart fluttered and she wanted to call the police but Leroy talked her out of it. John was 17 years old so going to the police would be a waste of time.

Leroy explained to his wife that when he was younger he went off with his friends to follow “Phish” touring from city to city. He was gone more than two weeks until the money ran out and he and his friends were forced to come back home and find their angry parents waiting for them. When the fallout cleared from the weeklong fight with Leroy’s parents they explained to him that they called the police but the lieutenant in charge told them Leroy was considered a runaway the police would keep an eye out for him but there was nothing else they could do. John on the other hand had been out just a couple of hours.

He convinced her to wait it out.

Linda’s eyes watered thinking about her boy but she knew Leroy was right so reluctantly she continued sipping on her hot coffee in silence. She stopped her fork halfway between her dessert plate and her mouth; coming from the back door she heard the whining and scratching. Leroy heard the awful noise too; he stopped chewing on his second helping of apple pie to make out the source of the sound.

“What the fuck was that?” Leroy cursed.

Leroy jumped from his seat knocking the chair onto the floor. He motioned for his wife to come open the back door. Linda clutched his shoulders, her hands gripping so tightly on Leroy he grimaced. Leroy slowly opened the door. A gasp filled the kitchen. Linda and Leroy were shocked at what they saw through the screen. They saw their son, his nails bloodied from scratching on the aluminum screen door, naked and covered with filth.

John whipped his head around the lights inside hurting his eyes as he saw two figures standing in the kitchen. His haunches wound up tightly until they suddenly exploded. He launched into the exposed aluminum door. It folded in on itself like a piece of paper. Hinges fractured and exploded from the trim like shrapnel from a grenade. Linda and Leroy were knocked back off their feet. Leroy had been pinned by the mangled screen door and Linda was now pinned beneath Leroy, they were helpless to fend off their out-of-his-mind son.

Leroy tried his best to fight off his berserk son and protect his wife at the same time. He mustered all of his strength to push the broken screen door and his naked son out of the way and get onto his feet. His wife crawled backwards on her buttocks to safety as her husband fought for his life against his own son.

“John, what happened to you!?” He gasped between labored breaths.

John said nothing; Leroy could see the rage in his eyes, the love for his parents he saw so many times was simply gone. He stepped back but it was too late, John filled the gap within an instant and Leroy found himself trapped between the wall and curio cabinet.

“John!” Linda screamed, her hands shielding her face in horror.

John had no idea who Leroy and Linda were, let alone that he loved them. All he knew in his psychosis was that he came home to these strangers that smelled strange and were trespassing in his den. He threw his helpless father against the curio cabinet shattering the glass and wood. The ease with which John threw Leroy with only one hand had Leroy shell shocked. Left breathless, Leroy was a strong strapping 41-year-old man who worked all his life on the assembly line at Booker A-line, he was no weakling but his son was now exceptionally stronger.

Thinking on his feet he yelled to Linda to get blankets and all the belts she could find. He had to find a way to secure his son without hurting him. Linda hurried and did what her husband told her to do even though she was scared out of her mind and worried for her son. Leroy didn’t have to say another word being married for 14 years they were on the same wave length. She caught onto the improvised restraints, slowly sneaking behind her son to safely capture him.

Leroy looked at his enraged son and then at Linda with the blankets stretched out over her head. He quickly moved to a better vantage point, a vantage point that left his son blind to his mother who hurriedly came up from behind and trapped her son with a warped loving embrace. John let out an ear splitting roar and Linda trembled as the stress of John’s preternatural strength made her arms quiver and shake. Her arms were like twigs finally snapping in the relentless wind giving way to her lunatic son who thrashed about wildly trying to get the blankets off his body. His teeth gnashing and gnawing on the expensive blankets, tearing them to ribbons until John was free.

Untethered, he set his sights on his capture, Linda, sinking his human teeth into her exposed flesh. She cried out in agony. It wasn’t the flesh wound itself that hurt, her adrenaline still sky high, but was the betrayal that hurt most of all. She found herself stunned as this maniac went for the kill, his growing nails reaching for her neck.

A brief break in the chaos was all Leroy needed to maneuver around to the side with his belt in hand. He came around on John’s blind side and slipped the belt around his neck. He didn’t want to hurt his boy but he had to do something. The belt tightened little by little, Leroy afraid to hurt his son, just enough pressure on his neck to take his breath away so he would be too exhausted to put up a fight and release his mother. It worked; John’s arms went limp, his vice like grip loosening on Linda’s fragile windpipe until she could breathe once again. She gulped precious oxygen to fill her deprived lungs but she didn’t miss an opportunity to pick up the fallen blankets and hastily wrap her son back up again.

Assured that his son was safe and secure Leroy unloosed the improvised belt noose. His son dropped so quickly the porcelain kitchen tile cracked underneath his knees. He hastily bound John’s ankles together and wrapped the belt around tightly three times. John’s sudden restriction to his legs left him teetering on his knees and ultimately with no support from his hands falling on his face on the kitchen floor. John writhed around on the floor loose blankets coming undone as he foamed at the mouth. Leroy moved John’s arms enough to wrap around the belt and restrict his wrists but it left his ankles exposed to sudden attack. Leroy winced in pain as John’s teeth bore down through Leroy’s pants until teeth found flesh. Instinctively Leroy threw up his bloody foot kicking and connecting with John’s jaw. Linda cried as she heard the sickening sound of her son’s jaw snapping. John stopped struggling, knocked out and peacefully at rest now. They argued about their ill son who peacefully slept, looking like an angel, Linda noted. The silence unnerved Linda who was shocked at the violence instilled by her boy and couldn’t contain her hysteria.

She blew up with waves of violent slaps and obscenities towards

Leroy, “How dare you! You could have killed him!”

As Linda recalled the horrid night’s events back to John, he painstakingly went through the rooms that the events occurred in. The dining room looked like a war zone. He looked at the curio cabinet that had been ripped asunder, glass and china strewn everywhere.

Suddenly he remembered flashes of his actions last night after he had been bitten by the strange animal. John started to cringe then shutter with delight. He thought about the raw power of the monster, a monster not confined to society or its rules, feeling no guilt or remorse.

“I guess if you’re feeling better then you should get dressed. You’re going to be late for school, it’s your first day back and you don’t want to get another suspension, you better hurry up, son.” Linda’s eyes were filled with compassion and love but her nervous façade betrayed her tranquil manner.

“I love you… You know I just worry about you.” Linda nervously smiled.

John opened the dresser drawer and found a clean uniform for the day. He hurriedly got dressed, hugged his mother reassuring her that he was healthy. He opened the door to the backyard. John found his BMW Enduro motorcycle where he left it on the ground by the shed last night. Flashes of memory steadily leaking through his cognizance like a fractured dam looking at the web of his hand that seemed to have miraculously healed.

On the way to school John continually thought about the bizarre experience. With the wind whipping through his hair he couldn’t help but long for the freedom he’d had. He couldn’t remember anything specific, not in great detail, but the sensations and wondrous feelings were seared into his mind. Before he knew it he navigated through the back of the Plaza where the railroad tracks ran. He slowed at the burnt wreckage of a vehicle. One police car sat on top of the hill.

Absorbed by the sheer freedom he experienced last night it would be a crime, going to school when he felt this way. Like a tractor beam his mind on autopilot he found himself at Pointe Coupee Catholic High School. That would be okay, he thought, his friend Kevin attends here and he couldn’t help but be excited to share the experience with someone who might actually believe him.

Slipping through security he yelled out in the hall “Hey, Kevin?”

John yelled, looking around the crowded hallway, “Where are you?”

Through a frantic sea of students rushing to get to class John craned his neck to see Kevin until a slower student caught his eye. He wore a baseball hat low, concealing his face. He walked with an air of confidence as if he had a purpose. Crowds of people looking horrified and filled with fear were tripping over their feet to get away from him like he produced a magnetic field, throwing the students back like he had a very powerful, invisible aura. Suddenly, Kevin looked up at John and locked eyes.

“Hey, John!” Kevin exclaimed, smiling at his friend’s surprise visit. He walked over to his locker opened it and retrieved school books earmarked for the first period, “what brings you here to my school?” “I have to talk to you buddy.” He said out of breath.

John stared at Kevin’s bandaged hand, which held his books. John and Kevin’s gaze finally broke, the left side of his face horribly scarred like road rash. It ran the gambit from first to second degree burns. One eye reddened swollen and enclosed. He put two and two together as he remembered the wolf-thing’s ear and a 00 gauge stud through it, suddenly it hit him … it was Kevin!

“Oh yes, my friend, you did that to me,” Kevin laughed patting John on his cheek with his bandaged hand, “I wasn’t going to eat you, you know!”

John gaped.

“Um, thanks? So I guess it’s safe to say we can share in the experience… It’s amazing…” John whispered pulling Kevin in closely, for the first time they both felt like they belonged to something and wanted to share it with each other, as if they now shared membership to a secret club.

The Full Moon had set but the Waning Gibbous Moon had arisen letting loose the lunatics for another night of horror.

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