Wolf's Blood

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Somewhere high above the Continental Divide

Lucius floated up to the mesosphere, thirty-one miles over North America. Even with his immortality looking out at the dazzling stars in the night sky always amazed him. He saw the brilliant moon, from the Earth, just a sliver more and it will be full. He marveled at the brilliant detail, freed from the ambient light of the city and trappings of civilization.

The jagged peaks of his cheeks had inflated to make gentle hills, his straw-like black hair alive, shining black-blue, full-bodied, and his cat shaped eyes glowing with the world’s static energy feeding his leech-like system. But High up in the glacial outer most edges of space where the temperature bottoms out at under -130° F, stalactite ice begins to form on his chin and nose. There begins a thick layer of frost all over his body, but his non-living body shielded him from the mortal consequences of severe cold. But the threat was in early sunrise, he had descended as quickly as he ascended from the shackles of the Earth.

“Caine!” He yelled out in his mind, “Are you listening?”

First his big toe touched down in the soft Earth until slowly gravity pulled both of his feet firmly onto the ground. Though he felt no pain, and he had no biological need for oxygen the human trappings of life were just too great as he exhaled his breath and tried rubbing his missing hand. Las Vegas, Nevada, where the casinos operated even at night, was a natural home for the vampyre.

“I am here always, my heir,” Lucius heard this clearly but deep in the bowels of the earth. Buried deep in the heart of Mesopotamia, Caine’s body had long ago hardened and ossified. Shifting and turning tectonic plates drove him deeper into the earth until he reached the center, gently floating on tectonic rock until finally resting under the Gulf of Mexico region.

“The destruction of the North American Lucem Dei chapter has a European chapter scrambling for answers. The investigation will have them out of operation for months.” Caine continued.

No longer satisfied with just stealing vigor from the living to grow strong he had now targeted helpless human prey. His mind getting stronger he purposely led the bride away from her own bachelorette party for some fresh air. The young woman wore a shiny blue dress, beautiful jewels, and a sash that said, “Bride”. Clutching the wall for dear life afraid if she let go all balance would go with her as well and she would fall on her ass. He became invisible to any passerby in the street, save for one, the drunken bride to be in the blue dress.

So-seti has been freed and undoubtedly will find her ancestors. What should I do now?” Lucius thought as he came out of the shadows, mesmerizing the intoxicated woman.

“Nothing, just be patient and wait.” Caine ordered, “We are The Children of the Night, the top of the food chain. I have walked the land with So-seti… I am the one that put in motion these events and I am the one that gave Aticus hope when he dreamed. The lycanthropes are our loyal pets, they are necessary to my plans even if they do not know it!”

Before the young woman could respond, Lucius pounced on her, ripping into her exposed arm, going for arteries like a guided missile with his razor-sharp teeth. The blood was visceral and warm, sticky, salty, and metallic tasting. Intoxicating, sweet and savory lifeblood flowed out from her arteries in waves, every time her heart fluttered and it flowed into Lucius’ throat.

An added benefit to physically drinking human blood, instead of only pulling pure energy from them, he was able to now enjoy actual life fluids. He could even taste the faint hint of alcohol and marijuana, feeling the unmistakable high and dizzying intoxication. When all of the blood had drained from her body Lucius threw her over his shoulder and walked towards the dumpster, throwing her in like she was just an empty shell, a warn and broken husk to be disposed of.

“As you wish master,” Lucius rubbed his white and still unclothed stomach, for the first time satisfied and full.

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