Wolf's Blood

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Amy struck up a friendship almost immediately with Sarah, her lonely and scared demeanor working to Amy’s advantage. She confessed all of her hopes, dreams and immoralities that stormy night. She also let Amy in on her precious diary that she guarded with her life.

Amy found herself rummaging through the diary on the road headed towards Raccourci Island. She could not believe the preposterous and wild nature of the diary’s contents. She began to feel sympathy for Alicia, for her loneliness and progression into madness. She had a remarkable story in her hands.

“We’re here!” Roxy enthusiastically shouted as she thoughtlessly threw the gear shift into park.

Roxy opened the driver’s side door of the van. The group consisting of Sarah, Amy, and a special appearance by Desiree who graced them with her presence, filed out of the sliding door one by one. Missing was Tommy who took off uncharacteristically early in the morning to hunt and AJ had stayed in the hotel room nursing a severe hangover, a direct result of last night’s binging that spilled over into morning.

“Wow, this is amazing!” Amy froze and gasped, slack-jawed staring at the refurbished house.

“Well you can thank AJ! He did a lot of the work.” Sarah said smiling, offering up the praise that AJ so rightfully deserved.

“Just in time for the party, don’t you think?” Desiree chirped from behind Sarah.

Amy looked over to Desiree then to Roxy, immediately whipping her head back around to do a double take. Desiree looked like death warmed over. She looked wirier, somehow more compact and smaller. However, she was bruised from head to toe which she tried to hide with strategic makeup.

“It is a great idea!” Roxy agreed, remembering Michael Miller’s promise.

“You’re hounding, aren’t you? Sarah sneered, “Yeah.” “Think of it as a housewarming!” Roxy said coyly.

Sarah looked suspiciously at Roxy. She looked like a vampire or a geisha with her white blush pasted all over her face. Her normal blue and heavily black eye-shadowed eyes replaced by a wide-eyed enthusiasm. Her glittery glossy bright blue pouty voluptuous lips were exaggerated in an ear to ear smile.

Reluctance to host the party melted away. She had decided hosting the party would be a good idea, a therapeutic idea as well. Her fears and suspicions had turned into feelings of rage, some friends! Tina and Jac had probably hopped on the next train out of town and back to school. In her heart she did not blame them… Those who stayed were not getting the college experience in the first place.

Desiree had a mysterious new love, Roxy stayed where ever Desiree stayed. AJ found the legendary Bourbon Street and struck up a new band. Tommy come and goes when he pleases. Sometimes he would be missing for days. It was like he was a different person altogether, a confident Tommy, an independent Tommy. He wasn’t pestering Sarah and that pleased her immensely.

“You’re hosting a party at the house?” Amy questioned.

“Why yes, Desiree, my best friend since junior high has coaxed me into it,” Sarah shot a fleeting glance at Roxy and Desiree, “I think she met a friend, a tavern owner and party organizer who was planning a

Halloween celebration, but still didn’t know where to have it.”

Amy left Sarah’s side to file into memory the rehabbed manor. The derelict building had come back from the dead with the allowance given to Sarah earmarked for the plantation restoration. Growing up with a professional contractor for a father, AJ flew through what many considered daunting work. He had finished a professional French Creole and Greek style exterior restoration in less than six months.

Clutching Alicia’s diary, Amy stepped up on the new deck. The scorched faux Greek columns had been torn out and replaced by shiny, sturdy grand columns. The termite ridden rotten boards on the deck were replaced with 3 x 8 waterproof decking. The rickety damaged screen door had been torn out and replaced with a thick, heavy oak door complete with intricate engravings and decorations. Behind the locked door she could just imagine the living quarters had been refurbished beautifully too.

Amy hopped down from the deck and walked over toward the side of the house towards the field. Amy froze at a bend in the woods concealed by row after row of Cypress trees, Spanish moss with wispy moss straggling down to the ground like several wizards’ long white beards.

Amy stopped abruptly gawking at a large square clearing. Circling her in the clearing were Cypress trees like those reminiscent of a Shakespearean theme, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, When Hermia awoke from a dream to discover a ring of fairies dancing about her. The weeds stopped abruptly in the dirt in long lines and 90° angles almost like a building had been there before. Her skin crawled as she stared at the overgrown bushes and weeds that went all around the parameter and then abruptly stopped at a 12 by 20 foot area of lifeless ground. With the help of a troll-born’s incantation the barn disappeared from the prying eyes, but the infected could still easily see Amy. She felt uneasy, like invisible eyes were watching her every move.

It was all adding up, Devon’s appearance, the incessant stalking of Sarah’s dwindling group… houses with esoteric scratches, crazy as it may seem it was not from a cult, but a den… a large human den. The lycanthropes marked their territory in Raccourci Island a long time ago and they were back to reclaim it. The curious nature she had been born with that worked for her so far, she couldn’t help but be nosy. It begged the question: what does Sarah have to do with their plans specifically?

The ancestor of the plantation, did they need humans to purchase or pass on the land?

The hairs on her neck stood up as a cold chill washed over her… That’s it, she thought, I’m being watched. With all that Devon had confessed to her she’d had to interview Sarah. She fumbled for a business card in her pocket.

“I have to call Captain Rogers.” She said to herself checking and memorizing the business card then dialing it on her cell phone.

The anticipation threatened to kill her, the more the phone rang with no answer the more butterflies escaped fluttering about in her stomach. Amy second-guessed herself, was her calling Captain Rogers strictly professional or was there more to it? Out of the hotel room the pheromones that Devon produced started to ebb. Freed of Devon’s lustful grasp the school girl crush that she always had for Captain Rogers returned with a vengeance as she heard his voice as he finally picked up.

“Hello, this is Rogers.”

“Hi…” awkward silence on the phone. She couldn’t help but shake the feeling that she was being watched. Amy shook off her paranoia and gathered her courage to speak, “its Amy, can you talk a minute?”

“Uh, why of course,” Captain Rogers heart rate doubled, apparently he had a schoolyard crush too, but tried his best not to show it, “what can I do for you?”

“We need to talk. You won’t believe me, but I think I know what is going on around here.” Amy whispered looking around; she could swear something dank and dangerous hung in the air, “I have befriended Sarah and I have read inserts in her family’s diary.”

“I will be over when my shift ends, I need to talk to you and we should compare notes,” Captain Rogers regretted his comment before it ever left his mouth, he owed it to his wife to not hurt her again and to be faithful, but he convinced himself it would be only business this time around.

She felt her cheeks redden, imagining forbidden events in her mind, “that would be good, thank you…”

Amy ironed out the plans to meet up with Rogers when she heard a faint rustle coming from behind her. Her heart rate quickened and goose pimples erupted like a wave across her arms. She was being watched, dammit! She spun around dropping Sarah’s diary in the process.

Amy dropped her cell phone in surprise. At a glance she saw shoulder length Raven black hair just inches from her. She gasped as she stared up into brilliant green eyes.

“Did I surprise you?!” Sarah got up off her knees, retrieving her diary that Amy had dropped. Laughing, Sarah said, “You need to switch to decaf, come with me and I’ll show you around the house!”

In the hidden barn invisible eyes blinked, invisible mouths gave a sigh of relief; Invisible bodies relaxed as Amy and Sarah turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

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