Wolf's Blood

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“We’ll take my van.”

“A midwife guided me through the agonizing experience of labor pains. I literally felt my heart stop and restart several times before I had given birth to my beautiful son. He had a stout body. His eyes were shut but he had a head full of black hair and a full set of teeth. He latched onto me and surprisingly opened his eyes, brilliant green eyes! What strength in his eyes! And for the moment, the loneliness faded before he turned a horrible shade of purple…

My baby boy struggled to breathe, struggled for each breath, his body wriggling in my arms before relenting, motionless… My baby boy was dead… He had a strong frame but a weak heart… My heart shattered and I couldn’t help but be brought back to the horrible night that Aticus disappeared from my life… My poor dead baby boy, I would name him Aticus, for his father… he had left me too!” The diary excerpt jolted fragmented memories from the murky depths of Sarah’s unconsciousness to the surface. She crumpled pages of the diary as she remembered over hearing faceless adoption workers talking about her,

“Yeah, she actually said the first time she tried to breast-feed she bit the hell out of her! Baby had been born with a full set of teeth and long, long nails… She actually said the baby had scratched her inside and out … She said she can’t deal with her…I guess she is better off here… I heard her mother went insane…I heard that after she gave the baby up for adoption she committed suicide.” Sarah trapped a stray tear on her cheek with a forearm. The painful memory threatened to consume her until she bottled it up again and symbolically threw it in the ocean of her mind, the dark waves swirling around it.

Sarah slammed down her diary the painful memories coupled with incessant wailing too much for her to bear. Tommy’s whining had worked; he had gotten her undivided attention.

“You know AJ is going to be there, right? He weaseled his way to the top entertainment after all.” Tommy actually resorted to using the on-again, off-again relationship that AJ and Sarah had as leverage.

“The party is being held in your house for God’s sakes, come on let’s go, let’s have a little fun, its Halloween, let loose….” Tommy stopped staring at the brilliant moon and looked her in the eye as he smiled one of pity towards her, openly pouting.

“I don’t know…” Sarah put her head down and kicked at the dirty shag carpet, mumbling in no one in particular, “but it was just a smart business venture. The Wolf’s Den Tavern is going to reward me handsomely for the venue and Viddarr assured me that everything would be okay.”

She started to pick up her diary again to read where she left off, “I was just going to lie down and read. Amy is going to come over and keep me company.”

“Oh no! That’s okay because didn’t you hear Amy is going to be at the party too! Something about she had to cover it for her paper.” Tommy commented with a sly smile.

Skepticism in her voice, “Really?”

“Oh yeah! So come with me.” Tommy held out his inviting hand.

“Okay,” she shook her head in defeat, “I will go for a little while.” Relenting, Sarah accepted his hand as she thrust her diary into her purse, and slung the purse over her shoulder, she mumbled under her breath again, “just for a little while.”

After Sarah locked the cabin door the pair went off into the night, the quiet and serene cabin area made Sarah oblivious to the chaos that had stricken several of the nearby villages. A hybrid Wolf sprung into attention with glowing eyes peering at the taillights of Sarah’s van as it faded from view. A white wolf with Crimson tattoos marking his visage and its lower half loosely dressed with a gray toga style configuration leaped forth from in between the cabins toward the parking lot.

Almost to the road when he felt a sudden sharp searing pain through his wolf’s shoulder and into his chest. His left limb crumpled out from underneath him crudely propelling him toward the rocks head first. Shot in the back, Devon thought, and searing pain told him that it was silver.

“Bull’s-eye!” Hunter shouted with triumph.

Hunter had come out of hiding between the cabins and scored a direct hit with his harpoon gun. He had modified it, lightweight and portable, but instead of hunting whales he hunted lycanthropes. He finally had the white furred and red tattooed magnificent specimen on the line. He would be damned if he let it out of his sight.

The beautiful white Wolf instantly and involuntarily changed form into the human, Devon, save for the left limb still a lupine’s upper limb and paw. The silver barbed harpoon with silver laced steel rope impaled Devon’s upper body disrupting a complete conversion back to man. The bright red blood saturated once soft white fur then began trickling down his impaled and limp extremity.

“I got you now!” Hunter had been watching Devon for weeks until he made a move and now, though groggy with massive amounts of narcotics running through his veins, a sense of pride and relief could be heard in Hunter’s voice.

Devon tried to grip the barbed harpoon where it came out from his shoulder. The warm blood running off the shaft made it slip from his fingertips. When he did get a hold of the harpoon to yank from the front the silver rope only went into his body further. Hunter started to reel in his captured prey just like he had been fishing for swordfish on the open sea. Devon tried to resist, leaving track marks in the dirt, but Hunter managed to wind in the rope until Devon was only feet from him.

Devon stopped his resistance and whipped around to the hunter and growled, “I am not the bad guy you were looking for. I am here to help you, let me go!”

His pleas fell on deaf ears however as Hunter dropped the harpoon gun and pulled out from his backpack a massive shotgun.

“I don’t believe you!” Hunter pumped his shotgun and aimed, “I have been deceived too many times in my good works to believe you!”

Dr. Jacobs and Rogers had just exited the office. The attendant said that Amy Anderson had just paid to stay here another month, but he hadn’t seen neither hide nor hair of her since his shift and that worried the Captain. He had ordered Dr. Jacobs to walk over toward the cabin that Amy was staying in while he took a look around the place when he came upon this strange conflict. All of Hunter’s attention focused on his capture he had failed to notice a man sneaking up to get the drop on him.

His gun was trained on Hunter who was the obvious aggressor in the situation the limp lupine limb hidden from view. Capt. Rogers ordered, “Stop, Police! Drop your weapon!”

Capt. Rogers found himself in a field by the lake next to the parking lot brandishing a weapon. His back straight as a board, his feet shoulder width apart and firmly planted on the ground, both hands planted on the handle his spare finger on the trigger staring down a strange man in bizarre antique apparel a 1800s blue wool duster overcoat. This strange man held a shotgun to an almost naked man that look like he had just been ripped out of the pages of anime. The man with the tattoo on his face had obviously been injured and now he sat bleeding on the ground.

“I said Police! Drop your weapon now or I will be forced to shoot you!” His gun still trained on the crazy haired, bearded man brandishing the shotgun.

The man with white hair stood to the side in profile to Capt. Rogers so he couldn’t see the white lupine limb and paw as it shook involuntarily now. The Captain’s attention was focused completely on his aggressor he took the opportunity to violently pull the harpoon through his chest so as to not do any more damage from the extremely sharp and curved edges. He grunted in frustration, when he pulled from the front the silver cord which had been fixed in between the top of harpoon and the shaft went in deeper tethering him to Hunter.

“You are making a big mistake!” He turned around and slowly raised his hands in the air but he did not drop the shotgun, “I am Hunter, a bounty hunter, charged to bring this man in!”

“I don’t care what you are; I want the weapon down, now!” Capt. Rogers said with authority.

Devon dreaded to pull the harpoon out in reverse. The hooks and curved barbs would tear his chest and deltoid muscles to shreds. However he assessed the situation, he had no choice to be free from Hunter. He reached with his one long arm gritted his teeth and with one good jerk the harpoon and the silver cord fell to the ground with a splatter of gore.

Now free, Devon wasted no time to transform back into a Wolf and on all four legs, though his left limb considerably weaker and bleeding, the now free Wolf ran off into the seclusion of the forest.

“No!” Hunter cursed as he realized his tether now lay on the ground and the white Wolf was escaping from his clutches. Without thinking he pointed the shotgun at the detective in protest.

Without blinking the Captain fired one, two, and the final shot into Hunter’s chest. Hunter dropped the shotgun at his feet. He fell on his back with a sickening thud.

Of course Rogers saw the unbelievable sight straight out of fairytales. He wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t already seen it before at Michael’s shack. What the hell is going on here? He asked himself as he got down on one knee to inspect the stranger, what’s so hard to believe, just some… shape shifters?

Rogers bent down to the stranger’s motionless body. He stumbled back startled when the stranger started to stir and cough. The stranger impulsively tore his white dress shirt open to reveal a Kevlar vest. The tight grouping of bullets made a shape over his heart where they were stopped only by the vest.

Out of fear Dr. Jacobs rushed out of Amy’s empty cabin, “I heard gunshots, are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m all right.” the Captain said almost to himself, almost in a daze.

“Yes,” he reached for a pair of handcuffs and gave them to the doctor, “cuff him.”

The Doctor complied cuffing the prisoner on his wrists effectively subduing him. The Captain nodded his head in approval. The cuffs loose and in the front, but it would do until such time as a more thorough search could be done. Dr. Jacobs was about to stand up when a familiar aroma caught his attention on the crisp fall breeze. A familiar smell emanating from the Hunter and he knew this odor because it radiated from him as well. He could not help but look Hunter in his eyes, an addict’s eyes, glossy and dilated.

“Do YOU know what you’ve done?” Hunter winced as he sat up still clutching his chest and coughing.

Static then a squawk coming from the walkie-talkie clipped to his belt got Capt. Rogers’ attention, “Hello? Hello? Anybody read me? All of the phone lines are out, even the cell phones; over.”

“I read you, come in, who is this speaking? This is Capt. Rogers, over.” Rogers kicked the shotgun from the strangers reach and motioned for him to remain still.

Now he faced a barrage of questions coming from all sides as he listened on his walkie-talkie, “this is Capt. Rogers, and is this Jenkins?

Did… did you find my family? Over.”

“Yes it is and yes I did. They are safe at the moment, over.”

Failing to get the captain’s attention Hunter turned his sights to the Doctor as he vented his frustration, “you let that monster go! I have been stalking the white beast for months and he finally made his move and you fools blew it!”

The Doctor could not get in a word edgewise as Hunter continued on his rant, “I fear the fiends are multiplying, I could smell it in the air, I fear a war with humanity is inevitable!” He swore, uncontrollably shaking his head and fists rattling the cuffs.

Strangely the Doctor could sense the faint odor as well. He could actually feel a change in his bones and it hurt him. He tried his best to quell it but could essentially feel the beast fighting to get out. The Doctor couldn’t help but taking in the Hunter’s strange aroma. The familiar aroma that they both shared but something smelled different in the strange handcuffed man. Something that quelled the beast raging inside he reasoned.

Rogers was obviously distracted, his tone changing, as he turned back to question the Doctor, “Did you find her, did you find Amy?” “No, no sign of her, I went to her cabin to search but…there is no sign of her,” the doctor responded to the Captain but his eyes did not stray away from Hunter.

Worry and disappointment fluttered briefly across his face as the Captain acknowledged the doctor with a nod as he heard the pleas from the walkie-talkie, “Captain, I found your wife and daughter, but we have a situation. Your wife and daughter, the babysitter, their friends, and I are holed up in the house; I need backup to come quickly. Do you copy?”

The strange incident with Cody, the conflict at Michael’s shack made it clear they were going to need all the help that they could get, “I copy, I’ll be there ASAP!”

He went over to Hunter and then un-cuffed his wrists, “I don’t know what is going on, but the more help the better.”

Hunter rubbed his wrists and picked up his shotgun carefully so as not to alarm Rogers, “We’ll take my van.”

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