Wolf's Blood

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Raccourci Island, LA Sarah’s inherited property

Tommy coaxed Sarah into going to Viddarr’s party even though she was not in the mood for celebrating. As soon as they arrived Tommy had wandered off into the woods where he could participate in the festivities. Sarah shut herself off from the outside world cozied up on the chaise lounge and opened the diary as she read Alicia’s addictive words.

“I had no time to dwell on my loss, however; my labor pains were upon me again.” She paused for a moment when a horrible cheer went up from the woods, then read on.

“Drenched with sweat, my precious child Aticus dead in my arms, I gave birth to a second child, my head dizzy and racked with exhaustion I delivered my second baby, a baby girl who I named Sara. A weak puny little thing with a lock of blonde hair, full set of teeth and then her eyes opened early. I saw her eyes looking up lovingly at me. Her left eye looked blue as the sea. I looked into her right eye the color of shimmering emeralds. The midwife cut the umbilical cord and offered Sara to me. So tiny but every time she breathed in life I could feel her warm heart beating and a calm sensation came over me until Sara was snatched from my arms!”

She paused reading Alicia’s diary to walk over to the back of the house venturing out onto the screened porch to peer out into the night. A raging bonfire made her wonder suddenly if the water had even been turned on yet. Cursing her curious nature she found herself on autopilot wandering in the night toward the party. She had a flashlight in her lips to see the pages in front of her.

“In an open air fare once I thought I felt his presence, my heart raced as I turned around. Realization hit me like a new-fangled steam locomotive because he wasn’t there. I had lost my beautiful, mysterious Aticus to my Poppa, lost my neonatal son in childbirth, and I lost my new born baby girl to an unscrupulous boarding school because apparently the sight of Sara’s fragile face reminded him of that horrible night, and my Poppa could not stand the sight of her. A great shame I have brought upon my family all because I had disobeyed the rules and gone into the forest…but I found the love of my life there.”

She stopped for a moment when a particularly memorable song caught her ears. The sound of AJ’s band’s playing a particularly haunting melody, “The October moon” one of AJ’s catchier songs appropriate for the night.

“It is a full Moon out tonight and Aticus’ aroma permeates my body, I fear I will turn in and then wake up tomorrow in the place of my sorrows … oh Aticus why did you forsake me? I need help, I Need you to guide me… my body and my soul!”

“Looking out at the Louisiana sunrise I am thankful for my Poppa’s foresight, even though he felt shamed with the pregnancy and insanely early birth of my bastard child he entrusted a friend and lawyer, Thomas LeBeau. So she had been adopted he would procure the family land and to keep tabs on my precious child, Sara, too support her in every way …”

“I find myself in my bedroom after the sun came up the following morn… I have to come to my senses quickly… I slept walked my way across the land with no memory when I woke up… Just fragments of a lucid dream that I was a powerful she Wolf strutting across the land, on a direct route to my home and place of birth.”

“Hey Sarah,” Tommy exclaimed. He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed, I’m glad you decided to socialize!”

Sarah grimaced, dropping her flashlight from her mouth and her open diary, saving her page number with her fingers, “Hey Tommy.”

Tommy had stopped short of the clearing with the bonfire and crowd of people deliberately concealing the main mystery event shrouded with a tarp. Amongst the brilliant glare and dancing shadows from the bonfire she could make out a shadowy form of an impressive man his back turned away from her.

“The master will be pleased!” Tommy grinned drooling from a mouth full of fangs, “He wanted you. Here where it all began to replay what he lost long ago.”

“What?” She saw glowing light in his animalistic eyes.

“I used to pine for you, but no more… I used to feel inferior to your mere presence, but no more, the power that courses inside of me replaces it,” Tommy put two claws on her shoulders, I love the experience and I would do anything for my master.”

She was too stunned to move as the DJ took over as AJ who had just played his last set now packed up to leave. AJ saw Tommy, his arms around Sarah at the empty edge of the clearing and waved as Aticus stepped up on the stage. Sarah could not see as Lance shut down the PA system.

Already fuming from Viddarr’s refusal to partake in the blood unity ceremony he would’ve killed Viddarr for spiriting away his soulmate Desiree before the chaos and bloodshed began. But he needed Viddarr’s raw power and subterfuge. With the help from the spells from an ugly troll born Rune caster masking the decrepit barn so the young changelings were safely hidden away and had shelter. Viddarr’s idea of sound waves prevented the infected from changing until a crowd formed and it worked like a charm. The PA had been putting out low frequency waves.

Aticus had no need for a microphone his voice echoing into the night, he raised his hand and made a fist “Your quaint dwellings will become your kennels; your manicured yards your cells and your white picket fences will become bars as they wait for the slaughter!”

A thousand pairs of vacant eyes glowing in the darkness exhilarated Aticus. Thick black fur spontaneously began sprouting as some of the partygoers involuntarily transformed into monstrous forms. An orgy of transforming flesh began to transpire, a twisted writhing mass of skin. Soon mayhem and chaos would come upon unsuspecting partygoers. Sarah looked down at the open pages of Alicia’s diary and read them,

“I dream about Aticus and his horribly scarred body. He had the features of a man and a Wolf. I cannot deny it any longer. I am a lycanthrope, a she wolf… You left me all alone Aticus, to navigate my infliction without any guidance!”

Then Sarah looked up at the moving tarp as a shrouded woman with no legs braced herself on her crutches and pulled all the sheets down, releasing the main oversized sheet. She gasped in shock. Amy had indeed attended the party after all! Her expression was one of horror as she saw terror in her eyes as she struggled, all tied up and gagged, to the post. “It’s almost time to begin,” the shrouded woman So-seti whispered, the crutches firmly in her armpits a ceremonial dagger clutched in her left hand clasping Amy’s cheeks with her right, “don’t worry honey. You’ll die for a good cause… the mighty shade Aisos will appear to us and bring back the glory of the wolves den, the necromancer’s healing properties will grow back my legs and with her saving grace bring back my grandson’s eyesight and hopefully regain his sanity.”

“See, what did I tell you?” Tommy said with a sinister grin with large white fangs he seemed even more terrifying, “Amy is here at the party just like I said she would be!”

She put her open diary to her ears in the midst of a sensory overload. She couldn’t help but overhear a symphony of screams and cries and begging that were drowned out amidst the wolves’ howls. Sarah’s knees began to knock and quiver threatening to buckle. She found herself running with no regard to Tommy. She didn’t know how she had gotten away from him, but she headed back to the plantation. Her mind already began to betray her rationalizing and denying the malicious scene as she burst through the clearing. The foggy delirium that all humans get was setting in, assuring the ghost of the Wolf shade survives.

Tommy howled to her, “That is right. Run, sweetie run, run. Back toward your plantation back where it all began, Aticus will be waiting for you.”

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