Wolf's Blood

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Sarah’s inherited property

Sarah fled up to her front porch without incident, closing and locking the door behind her once inside. The conflict had quieted down just a sickening slurp and crunch of the bones could be heard. The rest of the unlucky party members whimpered and cried surrounded by claw and fang. They were hunched over as they waited to be picked off by the hungry lunatics and changelings who used to be their friends.

Aticus drew in a long deep breath of the blood and carnage as it excited his sensitive senses when an unusual smell, something foreign yet so familiar, stirred up in the air. James emerged from the barn. He looked at James with distain. Something rubbed him the wrong way about him and didn’t know why; he had been a remarkable asset thus far. This is the chance to prove his loyalty once and for all he thought.

“I smell Devon; he is now out of the safety zone on his way to my island!” Aticus was beside himself shaking from rage, time for James to prove his loyalty. Maybe if he caught Devon after all it would change how he felt about him and the peculiar essence all about him, “James, find him!”

James shifted form into a hybrid-wolf as he sped off on all fours to intercept Devon. He could not see him but he could smell him, a wild musky aroma. He flew through the foliage as he had use of all fours limbs, an experience that he had yet to get used to, euphoric his mind and body were one now in symbiosis of wolf and man.

James tore through the thicket like a silver bullet. The fully functional Wolf almost forgot he had a job to do his heart racing as excitement coursed through him, he was running! The Wolf James was sprinting through the grass at breakneck speeds.

James had tried to catch and lock onto the interloper, Devon’s aroma, about a mile away from the plantation. The Wolf James tilted his head and sniffed the air. The wind had suddenly changed coming from behind him now, his heart skipped a beat. The wolf suddenly stopped, skidding on his belly in the dirt and leaves. Downwind from Devon, the scent had gone away. Invisible hands pushed the leaves up into the air; leaves floating away like sailboats on a clear ocean drifting past James’s head, teasing his watchful eyes. A gust of crisp wind blew back the fur on his hackles between his shoulder blades. Large triangular ears strained to hear just a minute signal that would betray Devon’s position. His ears listened a few seconds longer, all he heard was Brown Pelicans somewhere miles away singing their mating song.

His huge strapping neck turned frantically this way and that to see past the rows and rows of bald Cypress trees. Suddenly a thick, fibrous, red-brown scaly, large branch hit him over the head dropping him onto his belly. Long thick talons able to clasp onto the branches clung from the treetops the white wolf with red sigils had been patiently waiting until James traversed below. From seemingly nowhere the branches gave way as he dropped down to the ground. He hesitated wincing in pain the wounds from earlier still evident, the hesitation more than enough time for the Wolf James to get up on his limbs.

The brown hybrid-wolf saw the white wolf standing upright. He had a severe wound, minute silver shavings interfering with the healing process bleeding into his fur matching the red sigils on his muzzle. James shook off the dizziness and lunged toward the wounded Wolf. Devon transformed with blinding speed to accommodate his fighting style thwarting James’ meager nips and strikes. The powerful yet wounded white wolf threw the inexperienced wolf like a rag doll. The brunt of the wolf’s body came to rest at the base of a large Cypress.

He bore down on the wolf’s neck only thick furs coming between skin and fang when a strange aroma emanating from the wolf made him hesitate. Devon decided not to kill James, just incapacitate him; his large paw clasped the base of his forehead. He smashed the backside of the skull into the trunk of the tree until the wolf went limp. Devon only waited until making sure if the wolf woke up he would heal normally before he then staggered and limped onward.

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