Wolf's Blood

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Aticus went around rounding up mauled and long dead bodies of partygoers shooing off the occasional beast still gnawing the bones of the dead. He filleted the torn skin to the bone then dropped the freshly skinned bones into his backpack.

Lance strolled out of the veiled barn when some of the lunatics sped off into the night, looking around at the carnage and slyly smiling. He couldn’t help himself mimicking a reference to the A-team series and movie, giving his best Hannibal impression, “I love it when a plan comes together!”

“It’s time!” Aticus blurted out.

Aticus smirked at Lance’s corny reference but in truth though, his excitement had been building up, butterflies in his stomach fluttering about threatening to burst out of his skin. If So-seti actually conjured up the mother of all werewolves, the necromancer Aisos, she could heal his infection.

“My dear Aticus make a circle!” So-seti commanded. “Find rocks to mark the elements.”

Amy struggled, bound by the wrists and gagged. Lance and Aticus drew in the dirt with their feet until a large 8 foot circle was made.

So-seti instructed the men where the rocks should go all while keeping an eye on the captive.

“Earth.” So-seti pointed at the circle and instructed the men to find five rocks so they could place them in the circle breaking off into five sections. The men made short work of their tasks as Lance lay down the last rock completing the pentagram.

So-seti made esoteric hand movements as she said, “Air.”

“Fire, water, and spirit,” So-seti shouted completing the incantation.

So-seti braced herself and motioned an esoteric hand signal murmuring something ritualistic then spat orders, her excitement growing, “Now for the bones!”

Aticus put down his backpack and proceeded to carefully take out several bones. Some fresh human bones that he scooped up from the night’s party and some lycanthropic regurgitated from Oung’s mouth and positioned them atomically just outside the circle. Confident that the skeleton, minus the head, was in place he stood up. He cautiously brought out the masterpiece of perfectly fossilized prehistoric dire Wolf skull ascertained from Tonya who obtained it materializing in the La Brea tar pits after-hours then disappearing without a trace.

Lance held the captive tightly by the shoulders as So-seti spat in the dirt and mixed the saliva around until it was the consistency of ink then began arcane writing on the rocks.

Aticus left So-seti, Lance, and the hostage and ventured into the woods. When he reemerged again he carried with just one hand a 10foot log which he procured somewhere near the barn. If she wasn’t so frightened Amy would have been impressed by Aticus’ raw strength but his deformed face with a huge round shiny emerald in his missing eye socket had her cringing in fear. He hefted the post up and proceeded to pound it into the ground like a human posthole digger by the mish mass of bones on the ground.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Amy pleaded, her feet had been bound as well and when she tried to move she looked like a waddling penguin.

Aticus stopped what he was doing a look of hurt in his eye. He slowly approached Amy and tenderly stroked her cheek. The touch of her captor made her cringe. She so desperately needed Devon right now to save her.

“My dear don’t worry. I’m not the one that is going to harm you.” Aticus said matter-of-factly as he looked at her and stroked her cheek.

Aticus nodded at Lance the orders clear; he grabbed a hold of Amy her feet marking the grass as he began dragging her to the new post. Her back to the post he began lashing her up snugly.

“No, please… I don’t want to die!” She pleaded as Lance finished binding her to the sturdy log, “Please, you can still let me go!”

So-seti hobbled over to Amy pointing at her with her homemade crutch, “I wish I could, precious, but you are an intricate part of this ritual.”

Amy was mesmerized by So-seti’s appearance. She seemed to age backwards right before her eyes. The silver nitrate poison running through her veins had run its course. Her neck and body looked like a young 30 year old, somehow more elastic, tighter and glowing. Her baby soft skin had no visible imperfections whatsoever. Her hair was brilliant, glowing, full-bodied, black as night. Even her eyes reflecting the full Moon’s light when the dark rain clouds gave way for an extremely brief moment seemed young and alive. She started a spark that quickly became a bonfire in the middle of the circle. Her breasts were fuller; Amy’s eyes were mesmerized as she realized So-seti had six pair of small additional nipples. Her belly swollen, Amy could see unborn fetuses’ moved actively in her womb. So-seti was very pregnant.

“Human blood has to be shed to bring Aisos back to life,” So-seti said as she picked up a golden dagger she had successfully smuggled from The God’s Light compound before it burnt to the ground and handed it to Aticus, “to heal the alpha, to unify the fractured pack, and to strengthen the Wolf blood that too long has been diluted to almost nonexistence in the pathetic human population! We will be powerful again and unstoppable. With Aisos’ help the pack will avenge my shame and embarrassment, and destroy the entire God’s Light disease that exists throughout the world, one already down, and five more chapters to go. Amy, dear, we need you. Aisos cannot return without you, a fresh human sacrifice.”

So-seti thrust one hand into the dirt and with the other hand carefully picked up ash from the smoldering branches mixing them all together with both hands and blew the mixture between the bones of the ribs, like she was blowing a kiss into the air.

Aticus checked the blade with his thumb, sliding his thumb from the point to the hilt. He slowly circled around the makeshift pentagram stopping to look at Amy bound to the post.

“Wait…” Amy screamed out but her voice broke as she stared at the bones at her feet.

Aticus gave the blade to So-seti who proceeded to cut her own wrists horizontally to forearm slicing arteries painting the bones red. The grievous wounds would have been fatal if not for her healing factor. After the wounds had healed So-seti did not hesitate to slice Amy’s neck from ear to ear cleanly. Bubbles began to form as she tried to breath.

Rising up through the smoke and fire, a form began to materialize. Supported by her crutches the witch’s fingers and hands laced together as she slithered and danced to her unholy spell. She danced clumsily her stumps making an impression in the mud as she circled. Amy’s blood pooled and ran into So-seti’s blood and almost immediately the blood began to boil and spew out like a volcano as a chain reaction occurred.

A torrent of life blood began to stir like a mini tornado building upon itself until the plasma whirlwind orbited the skeleton the broken pieces levitating taller than a full grown man. The larvae and parasites in So-seti’s spittle fueled on by the close gravity field of the perigee full Moon and So-seti’s incantations began to animate and multiply. The larvae a microscopic roly-poly of sorts rolled up it looked like the moon itself. The parasites began to uncurl from their ball looking like a centipede in nature, an exoskeleton with plates. Trillions upon trillions began to manifest their selves and layer after layer began to adhere to human and lycanthropic bones. The intangible form started to darken and materialize. Microscopic parasite appendages interlaced working together acting as one unit to make the unholy dire Wolf shade.

Suddenly the earth quaked and the wind began to blow even harder. The trees once visible in the distance disappeared as the ghost like specter where indistinguishable shadows had once been were now replaced by hairs that glowed silver in the moonlight. Empty eye sockets began to glow red over the orange light of the fire. Embers arced and hit the ground as the specter’s feet began to form.

Crutches supported under her shoulders, arms rose up toward the sky as So-seti continued the unholy incantation. The Wolf shade stood upright its translucent paw shown through disarticulated bones. Her phantom feet firmly planted on the ground the long arch and heel up in the air mimicking the hock of the Wolf shade. Aisos picked up the cauldron with translucent paws; The Wolf shade’s tongue lapped up the Virgin Wolf cult’s mixtures of blood. She let out a loud deep howl that frightened and scared away the small animals and birds from miles around. The reverberations shook the Earth. The shade’s snarling and howling was spewing out loose parasites like droplets into the air.

Aticus took the emerald from his wounded eye. It had been scored by So-seti in runic incantations to bring solid what once had been incorporeal. Placed in Aisos’ translucent chest it began to materialize before he had his hand out from the body.

“Yes, my child?” Aisos questioned her now physical paw brushed So-seti’s cheek as her fiery gaze turned upon her and Aticus.

So-seti hobbled over to the great mother of all werewolves anxious to be cured from the amputations but Aticus pushed her aside. Unsteady, she faltered on her crutches and fell to the ground. “I’m first!” Aticus yelled. “You must heal me!”

He forced Aisos’ hand onto his face. He closed his one good eye and kneeled down before Aisos. The pain was excruciating as solid silver embedded in his brain and body began to liquefy. From his useless eye came silver tears. His body was quivering, he had been waiting for this for a long time, the silver ran out of his body, no more a mishmash of human and lupine, able to see clearly again.

“Urg!” Labor pains which started in the base of So-seti’s pelvis and continued to the base of her skull had her lunging over in pain and clutching her swollen belly, “Aticus… James, where are you? Help me...”

Aticus ignored her pleas for help as he touched his forehead gingerly it first, then he lifted up his eye lid poked at his new brilliant emerald eye, whole again. No longer a mixture of lupine skull and human face he could feel his tendons, cartilage in his ears and nose, his very skull altering, his headache abating for the first time in a Century.

He looked toward the two-story farmhouse the foundation raised up encased in concrete in case of flood. Flickering candle light could be seen in the two story bedroom where it all began. Alicia had been leading him there in his dream, and that is when he saw Sarah. Since then he had been spying on Sarah, watching her every movement a spitting image of his love Alicia she had her eyes, no longer baby blue but emerald in color and her blonde hair now a raven black. Now he had the opportunity to come face-to-face with Sarah trapped in Alicia’s farmhouse. With his deformed visage he had been embarrassed to be seen by her until now, he was whole again, emboldened. He turned away from the materialized mother of all lycanthropes and his grandmother in need of help and sprinted toward the porch. Aticus opened the storm door stopping ever so briefly to look back towards Amy, who gasped for breath, dying, So-seti in the midst of the labor pains and the powerful Aisos wakened from the dead before disappearing into the house.

“Aticus!” she winced in pain again as another labor pang rocked her, “Where are you going? Come back here! Where is James? I need to finish the ritual.”

So-seti lay on her back, trying to heal her stumps had been suspended as she tried to finish the ritual in-between labor pains. Aisos threw her head back and howled spewing a flood of a trillion invisible larvae out of the sorceresses’ lycanthrope muzzle. Trillions spherical full moons the surface pot-holed and cratered until they uncurled into the adult parasites. The head of the parasites look like a lupine skull unfurling with a whip like tail with tendril like appendages looking like a basic spinal column. Trillions of larvae and adult parasites flew up into the gray clouds eventually red droplets raining down upon the earth.

Devon burst out of the thickets. Blood, fear, brimstone and fur surrounding all five senses disorienting him. The materialized mother of all werewolves and Devon still wounded and bleeding stared at one another sizing each other up. Is it friend or foe that had burst out of the bushes? Determining the trespasser harmless she turned her back lifted her head and howled out again spewing parasitic saliva into the cloudy sky.

Devon in the form of a bipedal beast turned toward Amy’s limp form, bleeding and bound at the stake. Through his long and pointed lupine ears he heard So-seti spinning out her secret ritual to materialize and maintain the dead between gasps and moans from labor pangs. The sorceress ordered Aisos to spew out into the world the wolf’s blood through Amy’s dying gasps.

“Amy!” Devon tried to speak but lupine vocal chords wouldn’t allow it coming out in a growl.

Devon lurched forward converting to a hybrid-wolf with all fours paws on the ground so he could reach Amy before she exsanguinated but he had to get past Aisos and So-seti to do that. The mother of all werewolves stopped her howling and hunched forward as well dragging her knuckles on the ground to intercept the white wolf. The powerful shade with her long reach caught him lifting the wolf up off the ground. She pressed Devon’s lupine body against her like a morbid embrace stealing the breath from his lungs. Compressing his ribs as she hyperextended her long spine twisted around and drove his head into the ground. A skull jarring reverberation resulting in a concussion had forced his involuntary change to human again. Large claws tore through Devon’s bare shoulders as he was hoisted off the ground.

“Rrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuu,” Devon howled in pain, agony, and sadness. He howled out an aria of defeat as he looked upon Amy with sad eyes.

Amy felt herself getting weaker and weaker as the lifeblood drained from her neck. A low humming sound started in her ears. Fainter now but she heard the melee behind her a life or death struggle between Devon and the materialized spirit Wolf. She could not tell for sure but thought the spirit wolf was winning from the sound of things… She’d seen before her So-seti writhing on the ground. Howling out her arcane song until in the midst of full on labor pains gave her pause but just for a moment the pains gone singing again her attention elsewhere. She was all alone now the opportunities of escape flirting through her mind but now arms were limp and useless.

She thought of the Captain and although she ended the affair her professional and personal life were down crapper. Even though Devon had no responsibility to her, he probably would die trying to save her. She wondered where Rogers was at that moment. She thought of her award-winning story or novel that now she wouldn’t be able to bring to fruition. She looked up in the grey cloud covered sky instantly knowing that was a mistake as the gaping wound in her neck opened further like a second mouth spewing forth more blood.

Devon came to his senses in enough time to narrowly miss having his throat torn out by the Shade’s deadly fangs. Somehow he found his second wind and escaped her claws penetrating his shoulder again. Converting back into paws with talons-like claws he swiped in her direction, bull’s-eye! Blood began to flow from five lengthy scratches parting her fur. He could faintly hear So-seti rumbling her verse and his heart sank when he saw the deep scratches immediately seal up and heal.

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