Wolf's Blood

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Dr. Jacobs

The window wipers were working overtime as Dr. Jacobs stuck his hand out the driver’s side window franticly wiping the bloody rain from sticking onto the windshield. The destination was foreign to him but the steering wheel had a mind of its own, every time he breathed in, the scent pointed to Raccourci Island. He could not tolerate the aching pain all over his body, fever, hallucinations, the dreams of fur and fangs, the nightmares that reminded him of demons and he feared he would become one of them. He knew he could not resist what was happening to him any longer, but now armed with his new found senses by damn maybe he could do something about it!

He could feel himself changing from within and he was powerless to stop it now! Envisioning he was on the autopsy table. He was envisioning his cold body riddled with bullets until awakening with fangs and nails when the beast came out. Surely he was going to hell unless he could do something about it. Maybe something good will come out of this horrible situation he thought, he could smell a group of lunatics including the leader.

The Doc drove excruciatingly slow through ever increasing flash flood waters. Some turns he had to squint to see the road better the river and the highway threatening to merge with each other. He shuddered at the thought with this accursed power coursing through his veins maybe he’ll take out some of the lunatics and beast-men before he himself gets ripped apart, remembering the fangs and claws that threatened slice him up in the morgue as well. Yes, he could stop a lot of them before they made any more havoc and threatened to infect all of Louisiana. His body hair from his neck to his forearms curled up goose flesh began to rise as he turned onto a horribly rundown gravel road.

He could scarcely see the fire in the middle of the field, which in its intensity was able to withstand the deluge but now the logs were water soaked and the fire barely flickered. He parked the truck at the end of the driveway and glanced at the empty post and house that sat caddy-corner, bright candlelight flickering in the upstairs window.

The Doc looked around his hand stuck to the side of the truck as if the truck grounded him as if the truck were magnetized. He saw a pile of bones, a mixture of Wolf and human, heaped upon the ground. He swiveled his head around to see a mortally wounded man lying on the ground just on the edge of the safety of the woods and a dead, pregnant paraplegic making up an invisible triangle. He had to work fast opening the minivan door he proceeded to pull out a plastic gas can.

Although Devon’s glowing eyes were dimming now they still had enough life in them to motion toward the swollen pregnant body with her spine torn out and decapitated. The Doc reasoned he would set fire to the bones and the body first, and then even though the white haired stranger was a werewolf and seemingly wanted to help him he would be dead soon and there would be plenty of time to set his body ablaze as well. He looked at the mishmash of bones and the dead body again then poured a healthy amount of gasoline on both of them.

Like a macabre snail Devon left a bloody trail behind him inching longingly closer to the woods, they were so tantalizingly close. He tried to transform to heal some of his wounds but all that he managed was a furless, fleshy indistinguishable and quivering blob. He was now a form neither lupine nor human, severe blood loss momentarily preventing him from reverting back to a wounded shivering man again.

A sudden whoosh, flash and a loud crackle came from behind Devon who knelt on his hands and knees. He felt the heat on his back in welcomed relief warming up in his shivering body. He couldn’t help but look upon the light and heat warming up his clammy face.

Doc found himself off his feet and on the ground. The Doctor struggled for breath as the lunatics smashed into him like a quarterback during the blitz crushing his sternum. Dizzy, his vision faded, he thought he saw an outline of a barn. His vision clearing he strained his eyes to see something bizarre. Blood rain falling casting shrouded shadows upon an otherwise invisible barn. A light suddenly appeared in the middle of the clearing like an invisible door had just been opened.

Devon wanted to help the stranger his heart eager but the body grudging.

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