Wolf's Blood

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High enough that the hurricane winds would not affect Lucius, one palm stroked his forehead, the other hadn’t grown back, but he started having phantom feelings, a good sign indeed! He peered out into the calm eye of the storm, the unexpected hurricane that took the residents by surprise and ravaged the coastline before weakening to a tropical storm, and watched as it continued further North.

So-seti has died…

Caine and Lucius had no problem hearing over the furious deafening winds as they struck up a conversation in their minds. Thrashing about was so much power, like a cracking whip powerful forces moved around him, but Lucius was steadfast and concentrated with his ethereal body.

That is a shame; I have known her for a long time. She was stubborn, but I considered her my friend, she will be missed… Caine stopped for a moment reflecting as a particularly fierce gust like an angry wailing poltergeist blew past. Though Lucius had been ethereal his luscious black hair whipped back and forth like slithering snakes, but the American branch of the accursed Gods Light is burnt to the ground…

Lucius descended lost in the clouds as several of the aftershocks made the Earth quake yet again under Louisiana. Caine softly spoke in Lucius’ head as he let out a hearty laugh, So-seti’s spell was a powerful one indeed, the five elements of earth stirred after her incantations!

Lucius informed his master, Alas Aisos has died …

No worries, Aisos’ Wolf shade is a spirit; energy and such will never truly die only the corporal form is destroyed. She managed to saturate much of the South with her blood.

I don’t understand, what should I do now master? Lucius loyally questioned as the full moon had finally descended over the horizon.

You will make your move, all in good time, until then do nothing, watch and be patient my son, just watch as all events develop … These new turn of events are interesting; don’t you think?

Yes, master, bowing his head and agreeing thy will be done, though it confused him. He did not dare question his sire. Lucius bent his elbow and looked at the stump where once his hand and fingers had been. In the early dawn’s refracting mists if he squinted just right he could see the glowing reflection of his once detached hand, which meant his phantom hand was regenerating even earlier than he expected.

As Lucius sank down into the cold Earth a thought ran through that comforted him as he closed his eyes before dawn. Chuckling he remembered that Dr. Atkins’ mangled hand will never regenerate as he thought about the broken Doctor and how he inevitably had to report his failure and the destruction of the compound to the other Gods Light superior commanders.

Dr. Atkins shuddered as the continuous turbulence jarred him awake, and finally aware of his surroundings on his nonstop flight to Rome. Hospitalized by his severe injuries and slipping into a coma, he had just recently awakened but was severely anemic taking five transfusions before he could be taken off the critical list. In a severely jaundiced state it took sitting him in natural sunlight before healthy color came back to his face and he was healthy enough to eventually be released from the hospital. He angrily gripped his mangled hand like a rotten husk dialed the numbers to God’s Light’s minion, Hunter, but no response.

Dr. Atkins beat his fist on the armrest spilling his expensive brandy, cursing loudly, “Damn! I still can’t get Hunter on the line!”

The steward immediately cleaned the spill uncorking more brandy and promptly topping off his empty glass comforting him, “If you can’t get Hunter on the line you shouldn’t worry so much about it Sir, stormy skies all through the Southwest the Captain had to go up and over just to skirt the edge of the enormous storm.”

“Right, Right,” Atkins forced smile as he looked out his private jet as the US landscape turned to sea.

Dr. Atkins began to visibly shake as he remembered the savage beating he sustained courtesy of Lucius. His complexion turned ashen drained of all color as he looked at his horribly crushed and inoperable hand. He nervously drank another glass full of brandy.

An emerald eye, Aticus’ eye emerged from the smoke with his prize, the reincarnated Alicia, in hand. The fires were not burning anymore but still smoldered. Spewing thick smoke becoming low hanging fog as Aticus took in a deep breath and surveyed the scene. Only a short time ago a gravely wounded James transformed before feeling weakened extremely dizzy he eventually stumbled and fell in the mud and lost consciousness. With the chaos all around he didn’t know where the shot had come from and it didn’t matter his thigh hemorrhaging his wasted life passing before his eyes.

It is happening all over again, history repeating itself, remembering the horrid events that led to her son’s death, and the murder of her alpha, Stefan. Not this time, tears flooded her eyes as she rushed to his aid. She placed her healing hands on his thigh and began to work her magic. Aticus’ jaw dropped filled with absolute rage, jealousy, and confusion he looked on in amazement as Tonya pulled out of his body several of the life threatening silver shards, destroyed when the coins hit muscle, sinew and bone and tried to stop the bleeding.

“That’s impossible!” his thoughts vengeful as the wheels in his head began turning, “the bastard could not have transformed with silver in his veins.”

He clutched at his freshly wounded and missing eye reminding him again of that horrid night as his mangled face bared the resemblance of human and lupine features unable to transform until it heals again. Aisos melted the silver free and he could shift his beautiful façade between human or Wolf with ease before getting his face torn off again by Devon. But how could that bastard James possibly even change freely with silver in his body!? His thoughts shifted when something cooed and rustled in the grass nearby.

“I hear survivors! They are just babies,” Tonya yelled in surprise.

There were charred wolf fetuses dead in the blood pool. Something near the rocks stirred. The swollen belly of a charred woman’s corpse fluttered and kicked. Something moved beneath her thighs. A human baby… two human babies… they were small and frail but otherwise in good health. The stronger one, the boy, chewed through the flesh to get at the baby girl. Girl and a boy both had a full head of hair and sharp teeth.

Although James’ body was still weak and in shock he limped towards his offspring scooping them up in a loving embrace. He overlooked the pain; he forgot the pain in his hip and ignored the crushing sadness of So-seti’s loss as he closed his eyes and breathed in the twin’s sweet and innocent scent.

“My babies!” James shouted,” they survive!”

All around Raccourci Island a faint distant chorus of wolf howls could be heard. Lou’s Wolf with its silver spikes, drilled into its lupine head distinguished itself among all the rest, Lou howled a series of grunts and growls that instructing the pack where to go. David’s Wolf emerged from the haze. Its Limbs soaked from the swim. If scrutinized only minor differences between the hybrid-Wolf versus a natural one. Nathan’s wolf closely followed Steve’s Wolf. Chance had almost truly transformed down on four limbs his huge lupine head turned back to see Gene closely behind still up on two legs hunched over his long arms dragging the ground. Following closely behind the group Tracy made to be a breeder.

Not far behind followed Col. Miller abruptly turning to watch the pack, ever vigilant, his canine eyes aglow. The Colonel still dressed as always in his dress military uniform although the sleeves shredded to accommodate his unusually elongated arms. His long gray beard now rust colored and had receded Sgt. Adam’s lupine limb and paw replacing his missing arm and two furry sinewy limbs with reverse knee and large paws. Kevin with his amalgamated human and lupine head muzzle burnt from cheek to 0-gauge stud in ear, John, Christopher who tagged along as a newer pack member, Bobby and Terry who was ashen faced and still alive. Next in tight succession emerged several humanoid lunatics wet to their knees from the flooded road their radiant eyes illumination in the darkness.

There the pack stood in all its glory, with a gambit of forms, from the different times they were infected. There stood true Wolves, hybridwolves on all fours, hybrid wolves on two legs, wolf men with lupine faces with a long muzzle but the body of a man, wolf-men with human faces but their body lupine, complete with long tail and reverse knee. Down to men that didn’t change physically, true lunatics with only their feverish minds lupine. Recent lycanthropes, weak willed and a slave to the moon and Aticus’ will, the infection flowing through tonight or just a couple of months. Still others that were infected several months ago or the strong-willed who could change form at will, regardless of the cycle of the Moon the spirit of the Wolf fully flowing through their veins and last but not least the ancient lycanthropes altering their very chemistry.

Aticus peered at his inner circle with Lance his best friend, Tonya, whose powers consisted of manipulating the dreams of others, Tomas with the manipulation of true wolves at his fingertips. Oung, and O-kami who killed all that opposed his rule and Montezmu found a pipeline for the dark-age formula which had been updated and synthesized to illicit pink crystals. Viddarr had gone but he considered him and his the actual workhorses of his army.

The two-story plantation house was still there though some of the woods around it blackened and burning even in the hurricane conditions. It worked out to his advantage the roads to the island were flooded and God’s Light wouldn’t look for them here on Sarah’s plantation, as he stroked Sarah’s hair. Sure there were losses and the unexpected appearance of Devon, he put a hand to his horribly scarred face and missing eye, but Devon was ultimately dealt with. As far as the double cross of and the switching allegiance, Viddarr was a different matter. They were just annoyances and his growing army would deal with them if needed. James wrapped his hands around his baby son and daughter as Aticus squinted at James with distaste, growing jealousy and looking on his infants with suspiciousness.

Aticus stopped before he shut the barn door a smile permeating his crooked lips. The world had been silenced now from the eye of the storm. All in all Aticus mused as far as he was concerned his campaign of terror was a resounding success. Although the nightshade was defeated the hurricane that ravaged most of the Southeast of the United States and the San Andreas earthquake that rocked the central states and Aisos’ wolf blood rain only saturated the southeast the wolf’s blood crystals were in circulation in the Northwest and everywhere society will be in a state of disorder. He felt as if it just took a month and in the blink of an eye for the whole campaign to come to this. It was time to take a well-deserved break to rest and reflect. They could watch now from in the protection of the Malstros’ plantation as the whole of the nation slowly squeezed together like a vice according to Aticus’ will.

“Aticus?” Alicia said softly, “shut the door before the storm comes upon us again.”

Sarah’s heart raced at the sight of Aticus something in her heart told her she was destined to be at his side. She was reincarnation of Alicia; she just knew it as she rested her head on Aticus’ chest.

“Yes my dear.” Aticus said as he slid the door shut.

Aticus smiled his famous long fanged toothy and crooked smile looking back at the plantation for a moment to collect his thoughts. With just one or two hiccups things were going according to his plans extremely well. One dream had come to fruition which pleased him immensely. It would be the first time in a long time he would have a good night’s sleep, he would not dream the nightmare anymore.

He couldn’t see the sun coming up from the massive clouds and downpour that beat down on the island. After the rain had passed, the pack would move into the manor. Until then, though, Aticus lay down in the damp hay in the invisible barn. He curled up into the fetal position. His arms around Sarah or “Alicia” to keep warm reminding him of… His sister? His lover? Or his prodigy? It didn’t matter. He had finally found her and he’d be damned if he would let her go. A poison green eye peered out through the hurricane. A half sneer on Aticus’ thin lips revealing fangs, it is not the end it is only the beginning!

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