Wolf's Blood

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The blood rain had stopped long-ago and there was now a reprieve from the hurricane, in the eye of the storm. The rats took advantage of the reprieve to find higher ground and to get dried off from the red sticky rain that fell down. Small grey rats in groups ran into the deserted streets, a pair of medium sized brown rats licking the droplets dry from one another and drenched, black rats with cunning eyes all trying to get dry. The drenched rats tried to shake off the sticky, wet substance. The wolf’s blood parasite invaded the rat’s circulatory systems. Absent of a human host the parasites mutated in the bodies of the rats, confused and ravenous they were scurrying back-and-forth toward dry land and into abandoned businesses and boarded up homes. The families that wanted to weather out the storm were held hostage by the floodwaters until they receded. Frightened and confused rats were lashing out, snapping and biting at everything that moved and infecting them with the mutated parasite, releasing poisons which ran through their bloodstream making them violently ill before succumbing to them and ultimately dying…

Wolves’ blood: the plague

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