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The series is about a half succubus, half witch Tati who torments and feeds on men who want to terrorize and abuse women. She is the anti-hero, who is looked up to by a naïve young woman called Nirvana or Anya for short, that learns the startling truth about her mysterious friend one horrendous night. This will define their friendship forever.

Horror / Thriller
Kristen Mullings
Age Rating:

BOOK 1: I Torment Boys

I torment boys…


I felt his body go cold over mine, but I knew it wasn’t the chill of his lifeless body that had me shaking.

I saw the form standing there in the dark of the moon, with glowing green eyes, it surveyed the area then its eyes locked onto mine.

I must have looked terrified because it simply regarded me, then just like how it came it left.

Walking sultry into the dead of night, bringing its newest victim along.

All I could hear was my breathing picking up and the incessant click, click of heels on pavement and the sickening pull of dead weight on concrete, while rain washed the blood stains away as they disappeared into the night.

“I feel hungry,” she stated out of boredom.

“You’re always hungry, Tati. When are you not hungry?” I replied while moving my books into my bag. She hopped off the desk and walked slowly towards me as if I were her prey. She sat slowly almost timidly on the bed, while I continued to pack my textbooks and notebooks into my bag.

“What do you eat Tati? I keep asking you, but you keep avoiding my question with talks about pastries.”

She knows this is my weakness but every time she brings it up and carries me out to get it she never eats any or looks as if she’s interested in anything I had to consume.

Tati laughs snapping me out of my thoughts.

“I eat food, silly. Just nothing that will interest you,” she answers animatedly this time.

I sit on the bed beside her.

“But what kind of food? It’s obviously not human food. Because you look bored every time we go out to eat. Excuse me, every time we go out and I eat.”

“I eat. No worries, Nirvana. It’s just not your kind of food. Let’s drop it.” She answered animatedly but with a little more firmness on the last statement.

I simply got up and went to my dresser. Pulling out underwear and a rag for my shower.

“Okay, no problem. I’m just going to shower and get ready for my date tonight.”

“Staying for dinner?” I asked while walking towards the bathroom.

“Of course! Wouldn’t miss your sister giving me dirty looks while I pick at my plate and flirt with your brother.”

I laughed at this and closed the bathroom door.

As I stepped into the shower my mind was racing with all kinds of thoughts. The anticipation about this date was killing me. I smiled to myself as I turnt the shower on. The water felt like ice being poured onto my skin. I yelped.. The shock of the cold left me bare, as the water began to heat up. I remember that Tati had used my shower before I did. She told me when we first started hanging out she preferred the cold, because it calmed her mind. She was great at keeping her information light and to the point. There was no in between with her, but when I would want to go deeper into her life, she would find a way to evade certain things.

Come to think of it there was a lot I did not know about Tati. The thought lingered while I was in the shower. As much as we were close, there was always that distance between us and her past. I never bothered asking her about it anymore because I felt that she never cared to talk about it. There was always this mystery about her and my brother would highlight it constantly. My brother was infatuated with her, but Tati always left it at flirtations that drove our big sister crazy.

The water began to run cold all over me again and a slight shiver ran up my spine. I suspect it was my brother showering in his room taking the hot water with him. Which means dinner was over and Tati had left. Sometimes when I would be at the diner table then I would observe them with her. She was definitely interested in my brother, Kyle, even though she never gave him the chance he never asked for. I could be wrong.

Eventually I knew my mind was getting the best of me until one last thought came racing in. Did Tati sleep? She sure looked human enough to eat and sleep. Sleep? Sleep? She’d never slept over. Not once.

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