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Blood Moon: The Other Side of a Viral Story

By Dakota Mills All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Horror


This is the story of a man named Zero, and his fight to save what is left of humanity. A virus was released into the world that slowly spread, killing and reviving once living creatures to roam once again, using anything living as food. Zero picks up survivors of the virus whom, like himself, have bonded with the virus. With his new team Zero begins picking up the shattered remains of humanity, while trying to defeat Shadow and gain some insight into who he really is and what his origins before the military were, but the real question is... will he like what he finds along the way?


A woman’s scream could be heard echoing relentlessly, then coming to a sudden halt. “And so… it all began… the end of the world, and all civilization” a different voice rang out in darkness. “Bachman Rawlings… a decommissioned militant test subject/super soldier, was the first man recruited for testing of a viral bio-weapon. Before and after his stint he led a life of selling firearms illegally. He had everything he could want selling guns and explosives, financially, you’d never hear a complaint from him. Soon after his entry into the testing, he was decommissioned and his memory wiped clean of the event, due to the government deciding he could prove a dangerous threat to the country in his enhanced state. What they didn’t know however… was that they didn’t remove every trace of the virus from him.”

“After his release back to the civilian world, he was picked up by an Atlanta detective for selling weapons, which was probably just to try and keep tabs on him, seeming as though they had no evidence. He left from their little interrogation with a smile, knowing he had once again beat the system. Everything was finally returning to normal… or, maybe not so much. The next day Bachman awoke as normal, but with no sign of life within distance. When he arrived to the store a few towns over he was given an answer to the question ‘where the hell is everyone’ with a strong bite from a sickly looking ex-coworker.”

“A large crowd of the sickly people attacked him after he killed off his coworker, luckily a sleeping animalistic instinct allowed him to fend off enough of the crowd to escape. He continued on without a second thought, salvaging supplies and weapons from local stores, the last being a gun store where he faced a larger crowd, but managed to narrowly escape at the expense of breaking his leg. Through the whole ordeal he was noticing changes, but maybe that was all just adrenaline in his mind.”

“As the infection consumed world of the virus grew around him, so did the world of the survivors. The infected had taken over the outside world, roaming for anything living as a snack, but Bach had the upper hand. The virus that had been left in his system re-activated when the woman bit him a few months back, and as the infection spread through the land, it also spread through his body making him stronger and stronger. With his empire he knew that one infected super human couldn’t do everything and defend all of the survivors alone, so he began his own testing. He gathered a small group of human beings with natural gift and injected them with the virus, making them stronger and furthering the talents they had before. His team consisted of him, Chai, Reiko, and Evelyn, the former love interest of his life.”

“The outpost was proving to be unshakable, but tragedy slowly fell over them. A man known only as Shadow. Shadow would prove to be the greatest threat they could face, a man who was also subject to viral testing, but possessing a unique gift… control over the infected. Out of these infected Shadow had found a group of more than capable and highly intelligent infected that he coined his “Elites” whom Bachman and his team would have to defeat to have any hope of beating Shadow and continuing their lives. They fought valiantly, making more headway each time, but with all efforts made, it still wasn’t enough to prevent an even greater tragedy from coming into the light.

“‘I love you’ Bach’s voice echoed over a radio before Evelyn’s yelling. A fiery explosion just a few feet away raised her yelling to a painful scream, Bachman had done what most leaders would, sacrificed himself. Knowing the infected he was facing were much too powerful and would slowly overwhelm his team, excluding himself, he led the infected into a department store, setting off enough explosives to destroy them, allowing his team to walk away. But did it stop Bachman’s team? Did they give up with their almost indestructible leader lost? I suppose only time will tell.

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