The Diary of Nicholas Ainsworth

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The pages of this diary belongs to a young British archeologist, Nicholas Ainsworth. His expedition for historical artifacts in the Transylvanian Alps is suddenly in ruins when the Nazi occupation comes to the country of Romania. He finds refuge in a mysterious and strange old folly house that appears to be abandoned... Or is it?

Horror / Romance
David Grinnell
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Entry One

8 October 1940

Dear Diary,

I cannot help but quiver in fear of Nazi Germany taking over the country of Romania. It is too late for me to flee the country, for many of the soldiers have occupied the city of Campina. I am an English archaeologist and earned a bachelor’s in archaeology from the University of London. Since I was a young boy growing up in Yorkshire, I’ve always had a curious mind and I would go exploring the countryside. While growing up I became fascinated by Yorkshire’s rich Roman and Viking heritage and explored the many Norman castles, medieval abbeys, and even the national parks.

After my primary education, my father passed away from tuberculosis and my mother sent me to live with my wealthy uncle Henry. Uncle Henry was my mother’s oldest brother, but he and my father never got along due to their social class differences. My father was always offended by my uncle’s appearance as he always dressed in fine fancy coats and ties and when he came to visit us in Yorkshire during the holidays, he would arrive in his fine Crossley 19.6 modelled car. Living with uncle Henry in London was enjoyable however, during my time there, thoughts of my father and mother remained in my mind.

I was fifteen at the time that I moved from Yorkshire to uncle Henry’s place in London and, just like any young man away from his parents for the first time, I felt homesick. Though uncle Henry could never have any children, he loved me, his only nephew, as his own. Sometimes, uncle Henry would have many birds come to his residence. He was sort of a pig when it came to women, but yet at the same time, he was a gentleman to them. Uncle Henry could never stay with one bird though. While I was fifteen, I become enrolled at the University of London, and now here I am in Romania for my first field assignment where Doctor Ralph Gilders and I are on a field expedition within the Transylvanian Alps in search of historical artefacts.

We were committed to our work however, it is now too late, and everything we have worked for is all in ruins due to the Nazi occupation. I am now alone and find myself in the city of Campina which is about three hours away from the Transylvanian Alps. During the occupation I got lost and separated from my mentor. I can still hear engines of the German tiger tanks, as they shot many of the buildings. I can hear the roaring within my skull, the sound of planes as they soared above and dropped their bombs along with the foot soldiers as they stormed out of their grey trucks and shouted in their German language. The screaming of the people being shot down still haunts me even after I was fortunate enough to escape. However, I fear for my mentor Doctor Gilders not only because I got separated from him during the occupation, but also that he is Jewish as well.

Before coming to Romania from London, the doctor and I did hear many rumours that Hitler and the Nazis have death and labour camps for the Jews, but I do not know if it is true. I can only pray to God that there is no such evil thing, and hope that Doctor Gilders is safe as I. I have found shelter in a folly house, and miraculously this house is in the form of a castle. When I came to this place I couldn’t see much, it was already dark, but from what I have seen of the outside it has three towers made of stone. The main entrance is a huge door made of stone and has a fixed diamond bearing. On the outside of the door there is some kind of written sign that is engraved with an odd symbol however, I do not know of it. Strangely, this door also has two texts written upon it as well. The words are “Pro fide et Patria” and “epour si muove.”

During time at the university, I took Latin and these translations I believe are “for God and country” (Pro fide et patria) and the second text is “and yet it moves” (epour si muove). Opening the stone door was eerily easy to open which made me sort of feel uneasy upon entering. It was dark as if no one had ever lived here in quite some time. I couldn’t see a thing nor could I find a light switch anywhere. I spread my arms about to feel my way around, but within seconds I became alarmed because there was nothing around me to touch. I kept moving forward taking precious time to find my way.

I went to my far left and suddenly bumped into a smooth wooden door. I felt around for the doorknob as I opened the door. As I proceeded inside, I continued to feel around the entrance of the room hoping there would be a light switch, but to no avail. I was more unnerved than ever, there was no sound of any kind except for my heavy breathing and my own heartbeat. Anxiety started to take control over me, I began to panic because of the absolute darkness with no light of any kind to guide my way into this strange place.

“Hello, hello…” I called out loudly.

I proceeded to hum nervously as I was becoming afraid. As I was humming, I continued to walk further into the room where I suddenly walked into something. It gave me such a fright that I yelped.

“Ah, what’s that, what’s that?”

Using my hands quickly I patted down the object in front of me and chuckled.

“Ah, ha, ha, a desk, you silly goose…”

Feeling around the desk I found a candlestick and becoming excited, I walked behind the desk hoping to find something to light it with. I felt about the top of the desk, but nothing felt like it could be used to light the candle. I put my hands where the drawers were and opened them hoping to find something.

“Ah-ah, there you are you beastly devil you!” I said to myself.

I discovered a box of matches inside the desk, opened the box, struck a match, and lit the candle. With that little bit of candlelight, I could finally see! I did not dare to venture throughout this place as I was too afraid. Instead, I looked around the room and found it was a study. The walls were of a scarlet red colour, the floor was made of hardwood, but most of it was covered by a rug that had many different designs on it fitting well with the hardwood floor and atmosphere of the room. There was a couch in front of a window but was covered with a long white sheet as I pulled the sheet away from the couch the dust accumulated onto my nose making me rub my nostrils. I blew my nose because of all the dust and saw the couch was an elegant bright red colour that matched with the walls and rug. Still holding the candlestick in my right hand, I turned towards the desk and saw on the wall a portrait of a young woman. Her beauty grew apparent as I walked closer to the desk to get a better glance of the portrait.

The young woman was wearing a white dress with yellow gold designs running down from her collar, pass her breasts and chest to where her hips met. The bottom part of the dress was white, and, in the portrait, she was leaning against the side of a table with an open book in her right hand as she had her other hand placed upon her chest between the top of her breasts. She had long dark brunette hair that was swept up and off the ears and her hair just touched her shoulders. She had a long slim neck and astounding facial features that would make any man fall in love with her. Her eyes were mysterious as if they could see through my soul and it looked as if she was staring right at me. After seeing the portrait, I looked around the study and it gave me a feeling of opulence, the room was just absolutely decorated beautifully and elegantly as if the royal family of Great Britain was living here. I feel myself becoming tired now as I feel I need to write at another time… It’s just something about this place that makes me feel tired, drained, and yet sad…

Yours Truly,

Nicholas Ainsworth

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