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This story is about a kid and these monsters and if the kid opens his eyes then the monster will eat him the kids name is Ben and his little sisters name is Ashley and they are also going on a trip to find their parents but they can not open there eyes or else the monsters will eat them.

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1 The flusters

Hi my name is Ben. And this is my little sister Ashley now me and Ashley’s parents are divorced but we are ok with that. Me and Ashley are twins but I say that she is my little sister because I am one minute older than her I like it but she does not any way. Our parents are gone now, it all started this morning every thing was a little bit strange. First of all me and my mom and Ashley where sitting on the couch watching a movie when all the sudden something flew by really quick it almost looked like a dinosaur. And then my dad was in the kitchen eating and when he closed his eyes there where these monsters. But then when he opened his eyes they would stack him.
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