She will be Mine

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25-year-old Vespa never thought a one night stand would turn into forever with a psychopath, but it did. When a Bratva boss meets his match, he isn't inclined to let her go.

Horror / Romance
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Chapter One

Chapter One

I’ve always thought of myself as a smart, empowered woman. At least I did, until I failed to analyze who I went to bed with.

I’m generally very picky as to who I let into my bed, so taking action to someone else’s house or a hotel room is my preference.

Doing such a thing with one-night-stands tends to be scary for many women, but I’m trained in fighting and self-defense. As a child, my two older brothers would torment me constantly—so I quickly learned how to take a hit. Eventually, how to fight back. This turned me into an aggressive teenager who was always happy to egg on an opponent and start shit. I suppose I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of chaos in my life.

In my adult life, being trained has helped keep me safe, as well as make me feel safe. There’s no doubt that I enjoy someone who can pin me down and give it to me hard, but I never let myself be helpless. Not truly helpless, anyways.

“Thanks, doctor Blaine.” My last patient of the day says, giving me a warm smile.

“Of course, Amanda. Please see the front desk to set up a follow-up appointment in three months,” I say, giving her a cordial smile as she exits the exam room, closing the door behind her.

I finish filling out Amanda’s chart before heading back to my personal office. I smile at the shiny plaque on the door that announces my title; Vespa Blaine, MD.

It’s not often you see a 25 year old cardiologist who’s finished med school, done residency, and works in a prestigious high-paying hospital. I tend to attract a lot of attention from those around me—namely negative attention of my jealous superiors. It never worries me, however, since I’m good at my job and I doubt anybody would fire me.

At first, patients were weary of coming to see me. I’m a young woman with long blonde hair and attractive features, so many assumed I got my job for my looks. In reality, I got my job from countless hours of hard work. When both my brothers passed away in the military, I let the loss fuel me to be my best self rather than hold me back.

After a few months of working here, patients started to realize why I was doing as well as I was—there are few doctors who are as good as me, and care about their patient’s wellbeing. The medical field is going to shit where doctors barely have enough time to fill out patient charts, so finding someone who follows-up and cares is a rare occurrence.

After I was done with all of my schooling, I had offers from around the country to come work for prestigious hospital. I chose one that pays well enough for me to live a lavish lifestyle, and gives good benefits.

I glance at my schedule to make sure I’ve completed all my tasks for the day before gathering my things and heading out of the office. Tonight I’m meeting up with my girlfriends—Audrey and Autumn—and we’re all going clubbing together. Hopefully I’ll find a good-looking guy to have some fun with.

By weekdays, I’m a young, accomplished cardiologist. By weekends, I’m Vespa. I’m definitely enjoying my youth while I have it, since I won’t be 25 and attractive forever.

“Goodnight, Samantha,” I acknowledge one of my assistants as I walk out the door. As soon as I’m out of the hospital and in my car, I open the group text I have going with my girls, and text them to meet at my place in a couple hours.

They both send enthusiastic responses, and I smile at my phone screen. I got really lucky with my two bests friends—since they got me through the hardest times of my life. The death of my brothers was closely followed by my parents—who very well could have died from heartbreak. Losing two of your three children at the same time is incredibly difficult.

If my girls hadn’t been there for me, I never would have gotten to where I am today. A woman with two sides—one of them a sharp professional, and the other a party-girl.

After half an hour of ridiculous traffic I finally pull up to my townhouse, unlocking the door and stepping inside. My phone informs me that It’s 7:30—enough time for me to order food, shower, and put on makeup. I suspect we’ll be heading to the club at around ten.

It’s at about 9:10 that Audrey and Autumn knock on the door, both giving me hugs as they step inside. The three of us have been friends for over ten years—meeting when we were fourteen. They both have the same drive and work ethic I do, meaning that we got through school and college fast. I can’t even begin to remember the amount of all-nighters the three of us would pull to get ahead of our classmates.

We all attended Columbia in NY, Audrey and Autumn going into law while I went into medicine.

As I usher the girls upstairs to my bathroom so we can get ready, Autumn pulls me out of my thoughts. “What are you musing about?” She asks, her short blonde hair brushing her shoulders.

“Just how long the three of us have been friends,” I answer.

“What’s it been? 10 years?” Audrey asks, her brown locks reaching her lower back and hazel eyes meeting mine.

I smile. “11, if I’m remembering correctly.”

The three of us get to work putting makeup on, changing into our dresses and slipping on our heels. I’m sure we make a striking trio when we go to places together.

“Oh! I almost forgot! I saw Matthew outside of the hospital today,” Autumn says, and I freeze.

My breath catches in my throat as I turn to look at her. “What?” I breathe out.

“Matthew. You know, the guy that was doing residency with you,” Autumn answers slowly, tilting her head at my reaction.

Yeah, of course I fucking know. Matthew who was studying to be a doctor, defying his family in the process.

Matthew Smirnov, heir to the fucking Russian Mafia of NYC. He was 20 and I was 19 when he was whisked away from residency by his family, presumably to become the next Russian Mafia boss.

He always had a bit of a thing for me, and I always turned him down because I didn’t condone workplace relationships. They’re way to messy, and no matter how hot he was, I wasn’t risking my future for a fling.

I distinctly remember how strange the last day I saw him was. I had been walking out of the surgery room after observing a procedure when he’d pulled me into the janitors closet, and just about pinned me against the wall. One of his hands held mine above my head, while his other hand covered my mouth. I’d never quite felt fear like that coursing through me.

“Alright, sugar. Unfortunately, I’ve realized that wanting to be a doctor is a passing fancy, and it’s time for me to take charge of the family business. Now, I know you don’t exactly like me since you have always turned me down—but let me tell you one crucial thing; you’re mine. I will never forget you, and I will come back for you. And next time, I assure you that I won’t be so subtle.”

He removed the hand over my mouth just to replace it with his lips. My attempts to shove him off were futile, and as soon as he pulled away from the kiss, he released me.

“See you soon, sugar.”

I shake my head to clear my thoughts, looking back up at Autumn. “Yeah. I remember him.”

He’s a hard man to forget.

Why is he back?

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