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Weird Ghost Stories: Creeping Caroline

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Terrifying eyewitness accounts relate the stories of atrocities committed long ago, in state rune institutions; where-in the mind is believed to be gone, and the body has nowhere else to go... Creeping Caroline, is one such tale that is rarely ever heard, for before her death she was a princess... One that would soon be distraught and disturbed...

Horror / Thriller
Robert Alan Ryder
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Close your eyes and go to sleep, or Creeping Caroline will pluck out your eyes without a peep...

She stalks ins shadows and hides beneath the floors...

She crawls upon ceilings and up and down walls, and seeks to wrath herself upon lawmen and whores...

Olivia's mother turned out the bedroom light, an assuring smile upon her face.

The door cracked open, she whispered good night, weariness drawing her daughter slowly away to her happy place.

The bedroom door slowly closed, Olivia now fast asleep...

The sounds of footsteps upon the hardwood floor, not disturbing the child as she sleeps.

The winds raised within, through the open window the curtains blew out...

The groans of a restless spirit drawing concern from a jogger on the street.

The wind outside it was still, on this early Boston summer eve. The house of concern, it has been known to frighten many. The mother and her daughter having no wish to move- all their money invested in the home...

Inheritance from her father's passing...

This home now a gift for those dually grieved.

Black in shadow, darkened of space- an entity now brings the observer to fright, the man could barely make out a figure, and could not place a face...

Rerouting his track, the jogger made for home. This experience, it will have to wait for another day.

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