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Reap What You Sew

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The perfect getaway for the ones who need to be adjusted, A call invites a car drive away to a new life a new start or eternity..

Horror / Thriller
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A phone rings in a home. A Victorian style phone but with push buttons on it. A bit of the past with the modern ease. A woman answers with a sharp tone "Yes" She pauses to listen " I have won a trip for one all at not costs to me." A stern look comes across her face. Behind her four people a man woman and two children seem to relax a bit. " I will not go without my family" tension builds around them. The conversation continues "only room for one more I guess my husband will have todo." The man's eyes drop she shouts " George pack our bag we are going on a trip"

"Yes dear " George replies meekly and starts packing her items and his bag.

The room is only lit by candle lite. The two are resting in bed together. The male exits the bed, age sixteen he dresses. As he dresses the woman speaks to him, "Remember I need your book report after winter vacation."

"Yes Mrs. Sanders the young man says. Looking at her with trusting eyes. He walks from the bedroom and she listens as he leaves her home. She then gets up and takes a shower. Her husband away for who knows how long this time. Leaves the shower and dresses. The phone rings. "Yes this is Hannah Sanders" listens some more "I Would enjoy that very much" She starts packing and heads out the door.

On the walls there are tigers, bison, and other animals their glass eyes stare down at their murderer where a polar bear looks at him from the floor. He sits in a chair without a care in the world polishing one of the many guns on his desk is a picture of him standing next to the elephant tusks he sold in Asia after his last hunt. On the wall are more guns in his collection. The phone rings "Yea," calmly listens but never stops polishing his gun. "That sounds interesting. I am in." He packs up a bag along with a small pistol with a grin on his face.

He stands over the body. It is easy so easy. His shirt is covered in blood but closing his coat hides it so he makes it home with no problem, They will not find him until the morning at the earliest. No one saw him come to meet him. hopefully his dispatch did not know. Never killed one before. only civilians. He gets home throws his bloody shirt in the garbage. He then showers removing the rest of the blood on him. He checks the pants blood stains garbage too. He dresses the phone rings. "Yes this is Ted Long" He smile accepts packs a bag. Grabs the garbage and throws it in the apartments waist bin which is burned. Then heads out.

She is so proud of herself. she started taking twenty dollars at a time, her last attempt was one thousand dollars. This time it will be two thousand five hundred. She types in the amounts and it works. "Vacation time" she says. The phone rings. After talking she hangs up. What do you know free money now a free vacation. What a day. She packs and leaves. As she leaves the computer flips back on and the money is sent back.

He stands on the corner a cigarette hanging from his lips. She comes to him she is skin and bones her body shakes with every step. Tears are in her eyes. "What can I get you?" She hands him a twenty dollar bill with shaky hands. He hands her a plastic bag with a white powder in it and walks away. After a while he walks away. He has given away all his product. He walks past the body of the girl he gave some to earlier Her choice" walks on.


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