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Gaegu the so called clown of his clown goes on a rampage when he mistakenly trades his body with a demon which leads him to be in trouble. This ended up him mysteriously reaching the soul world and become a student of the school of the spirited.

Horror / Fantasy
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EPISODE 1: The forgotten worlds


Dystpia a world like our own home planet used to live a modern peaceful life. Every thing was perfect which truly made an exception when compared to other planets. But every perfect life has to come to an end and that's what happened.

A planet with no crime, no problems like world hunger or natural disasters seem too unlikely and so it got the attention of other planets too. But even if you ruin a planet or rule it, power doesn't stop there you get more hungrier to consume more. If you destroy someone's physical state the spiritual form still remains.

One day on the town Metranioni a strange visitor came. His name was Raken a broken angel but he didn't harm the town nor filled it with hate all he did was to become a part of the town and carry out the orders of his master.

But unlike an invasion on a planet, he came with a purpose much more than that.
As a fellow believer of his master, he knew that this was just the beginning...

His master when Raken departed told him:
"To destroying a planet is different from tearing it apart. Division is the best way to tear them apart but that ends when they unite to defeat someone more stronger and evil than them. In this case, these poor fools didn't know that they will be their own greatest enemies. Since the planet was perfect, all it needed was imperfection since you are my ally you know what to do right? Spread it all over, then after 12 years meet me.

12 years later...
LOCATION: Midali kingdom.

The world had changed completely, every country present were ruined and this time nothing was left except for blood.
Deaths had increased but 10 times more than current earth..

Starvation, poverty you name it all.
Women were walking with their body full of chains, shaved heads. Some even ate their own children to feed themselves and in guilt committed suicide.

Men went crazy and committed homicide and burned their own families, town etc..
It was like a total hell to say, some expected a saviour while others had given up hope..
Because of the red rain war there was nothing left to even remain, the bodies were cremated by mad men. No world came to help them because of their jealousy in their mind when they were perfect and when Dystpia was ruined and became prey to other worlds and their leaders. The leaders like vultures they are, tried to take this as an opportunity to rule the world.
Just like what Rakens master wanted...

The markets were all destroyed by arsonists and several crimes were happening around. Women sat down on the streets to beg for food and their kids were sold to other countries who transported them to other worlds.

One day the great rayen bell rang..
The great rayen bell is a bell that rings when a spiritual being appears if its danger or something related to rescue it rang 3 times.

[The reason why it didn't rang when Raken came was because he had a relation with the human world in the past. He is half human and half spirited being.]

The crowd assembled together to check it out they turned to see...

A handsome man, six feet tall wearing a black coat with one hand he was holding a bottle of milk. He walked slowly gazing on the crowd and slowly walked towards the GIDEON---(A place where all rulers are present, and today they had assembled to make some decisions)

He had all the characteristics of a human except he HAD DARK WINGS and a symbol of amuki.
Amuki is a sacred demonic sign which is used to show the rank of demons and it is divided into 5 ranks.
The Mendelivain Demon posses the 5th rank and this guy has it.
Knowing that this guy was dangerous, they all fled away while some being terrified stood there.
People who looked at him where crying and blood started coming from their eyes. They simply were standing like statues not knowing what to do.

They thought that this was a call from the ONE [a mythical creature] but some said he might be a phony and those who didn't knew who he was watched in silence while the man walked to his way to Gideon. The man combed his hair and chugged his bottle till it became empty. Later he started wandering for a refill only to see a bar, he rushed in to find them celebrating.He closed his wings and transformed himself into a fat merchant.

He said laughing and entered.


The people were celebrating with the last money they had, as they had been given the information that the enemy's would soon arrive to capture them. The man then placed his bottle of milk and drank it and shouted:" Hey you pour some milk in it."
" This is a bar not a store." Said the bartender.
" Ha Ha.. Today is the Meri Feast right? I deserve my feast too. One lamb roast and a spinach leaf. I also want my meal to be extra spicy with the laquine sauce. And don't forget the milk."

The bartender said:" You may get all of that but do you have the money? But you wouldn't get the milk. Order something else."
The man got frustrated and placed a bag of money on the table.
Surprisingly the bottle started filling with thick blood and milk. The man drank it and then said:" Now on drink as this is your last fill.
" What?" The bartender asked.
The bottles started breaking and the entire bar was filled with blood and people started drowning in it.

The man said:" Thank you." and showed his wings. He then showed them the symbol and after seeing that they all dropped down dead. The man then looked at the bar and chuckled.
" PIMPOP." he said.
The bar collapsed and fell into pieces.
While the man was walking each building he trespassed collapsed and then a massive earthquake came over.

Inside the Gideon, the higher officials started mumbling and shit talking about others while others worried for their country remained silent and waited for the GRAND MASTERS RESPONSE...

The grand Master arrived and sat down on his throne. He is 7 foot tall, muscular and quite known for his courage but still he is stupid and made several decisions that took place in the Red Rain War.
Hearing the whispering and mumbling he shouted:"QUIET YOU BASTARDS.."
"The one who make another sound will know the sharpeners of my sword ELSTRI.."
Everyone stayed in silence and the grand Master gave his official statement.

"I had approached the Soul Valleys people, they are pretty angry because of our actions and were planning on starting over a new world. Since our Soul Valley is messed up too it's pretty hopeless to do nothing but being redement on our survival. The world is ending and what can I say," the grand Master rubbed his forehead and sat down...

"Sir, it's true we had faced many things and done nothing but made war but what do you mean the world will end, every world has some kind of war but doesn't mean it will end right?" General Alfo asked.

" He has come here today
BERCUIS.. And he wants this world and the soul valley..."

" That's just a myth sir, he is banished from the NOIVANT, its been over 3000 years ago and right now he has come?"
"YEAH!! Tell us.." others asked.
" I don't know! The reason why I called you was because there is a chance we can join to fight him in the first place but now when I checked, he murdered the country Histolia in a minute."
" Was it destiny? Is there a saviour out there? What will happen in the future of our and other worlds? " the grandmaster rubbed his forehead and started crying cause he knew that he would die soon...

The grand Master quickly gave a thought, he knew that even if he dies it should be with pride. The grand Master stood up and roared: "EVEN IF WE DIE LET'S DIE WITH PRIDE..." The men looked at the grandmaster in awe despite his cliche dialogue..
The men cheered (maybe because they lost a few brain cells) or they decided to go with whatever the shit he says.


The head of the general Alfo head got exploded and the remaining body fell down..
"SCREAMMM..." The rulers looked at the body in horror seeing that body they knew BERCUIS had came.

Thump.. thummmp..
The voice of a beast walking..
The grand Master turned around to see the rulers head bursting and everyone was dead..

"AAAHHHH" he screamed.
He turned around to see a demon holding his sword and placed it on his head.
"Please kill me.." the grandmaster cried seeing the death of his fellow men.

"Its easy to be killed. But it seems foolish if I wasted my sword on you so how about we make a trade.." said the demon.
"No way.."
"Good Choice." The demon said while changing into his human form.
He then laid a red carpet fully clean into the floor and said:" Come Master Horake."
Master Horake was the same man who destroyed the bar.
"Bercuis, summon others as the Soul army is arriving."
" Yes Master."

Somewhere in Soul Valley 23

From Devian tower, a bearded man looked at the window and he turns and talks:" Well then let's do like I said. The world is ending right now so what else we could do! After all it takes a bad person to defeat a bigger bad guy isn't it right Lady Miza!"

" Yes Lord Ozzo, you are absolutely right."
A Vilare arrived and handed them a scroll which had a image of a boy.

"Say his name Miza" said Ozzo
She placed the photo on the table.

" Arem Jeki Sant."

"" Age 21 Red hair and wearing a soulvercer uniform."

Ozzo starts laughing on seeing the photo.
"Well well well...
He then said: " Murai MEQUES Murai."

Meaning Rise Meques.

The screen turns pitch black...

" Sorry this channel isn't available right now because you didn't recharge it.."

" MOM! Why didn't you recharge the TV??" I asked. My mom came and looked at me Rolling her eyes out.

"There is so much work here to do and look at my son relaxing all day, wasting the electricity and blah blah..." like every mom she started chanting the relatable nagging mantra of her doing the work all alone.

I got fed up and headed up to my room to check my phone's battery. I checked through social media and found everything was suddenly boring, so I decided to read some web novels and some on inkitt. I ended up wasting my time on my phone all day and did nothing special.

The truth is my mom was right I am lazy as heck, to avoid obstacles I don't anything in first place. Nothing surprises me even in school I find everything predictable. Its like I am stuck in a time loop. I am not a prophet still its easy to find out what would happen if you are just observant. Because of that I don't get beat up or have any problem related to it. Practically I am the class clown they call me


Even though its a silly name for teasing I like that I get some attention. I tried to make my friends call me my real name but they don't.
"You know that's not my real name"
"You are our GAEGU what you don't like that name?"
At this point, I should have said no but at some point I am recognized and not forgotten. "What if they leave me alone?"
I was so afraid of that I dropped the question in first place.

But my inner mind tells me that your name is your identity when it's lost its hopeless to be someone you are not.
Since everyday I am called that name, I lost my own identity on who I was.

Next day at school..
As usual I arrived early and sat on the bench all alone. Little did I know it would be a messy day.
I looked at my watch 9 am now everyone would gather in for chit chat etc in the hallway..
Till 9:05 other than few nerds and sleepy heads no one would come.

A big slap on my back..

I turned around to see Mike a normal bully smiling and looked at me and asked:" Dude did you complete my work?"
Usually it's called help, but in this case its different whenever I need help others would do the same for me and I would do the same when they need me too. But Mike was different he was a lazy muscle head who dumps his work on others.

"I forgot.."
" You forgot, how could you I told you to.."
Usually, I apologize and try to finish the work but this time it was different. For a minute I lost consciousness and only regained it when I heard a sound.


...... I S L A P P E D M I K E!

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