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A little boy named Julian fights for his life as he faces his fears, he fails he dies.

Horror / Adventure
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“Jackson, go wake up Julian for me. He always wakes up late.” The mother says in anger as she puts her hands on her hips.

The brother continues playing on his phone ignoring the mother’s command. “Jackson Smith! I said go!” “Okay, damn..fine.” Jackson quickly gets up as his mother raised his voice at him. Jackson goes upstairs stomping his feet as this happens all the time.

Jackson slams Julian’s door open as he wakes up in fear. “What the hell is wrong with you!?” “Mom said to get your ass up. You’re always doing this, just set an alarm.” Julian shakes his head. “The alarm doesn’t wake me anymore.” “Yeah, okay. Hurry up and come downstairs. I don’t want mom bitching about us being late to church again.”

Jackson leaves his room as Julian sighs as he sits up, sitting on the side of his bed. Julian looks up seeing his old toy box, the dark closet that doesn’t seem to have a light inside, and his clothes all over the floor.

“I’m throwing that toy box away.”

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