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The Monster Under The Bed

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Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Tim was your average innocent six year old kid. He loved The Pajama Masks, loved dressing up as Ironman, had Thomas the Train bed sheets, and loved Cheerios. He was a good boy. He had good grades in school( He was in Kindergarten so not that difficult) and never picked a fight with his fellow peers. He never wet his bed( the last time was when he was two). The family dog, Bacon was very attached to Tim, who in return, was attached to him too. There was only one thing that tainted the perfect image of Tim.

“ Honey, that’s too much ketchup. You’re drowning your eggs″,Tim’s mom said sternly.


Tim was currently trying to focus on his food while Bacon nibbled at his toes. He bit back the retort of her trying to keep focus when Bacon’s wet nose tickled your feet with no mercy.

“ Tim, you’ve put enough ketchup on that plate to feed America, stop.”

“Right, right. One second.” Tim pulled his feet away from Bacon and was now trying to salvage his food from the now full plate of ketchup. It was gonna be an interesting breakfast.

“So honey how’d you sleep?

“ Fine. I slept very well.” No, no he didn’t. But Tim couldn’t tell that to anyone. He was a grown six year old, so he couldn’t be thinking of that stuff.” I was very cofmy”

“You mean comfy?”



“ Tim, stop playing with the scissors!” In his class they were doing a project that involved a cut out turkey.” You know better than that.”

“Yah”, Steve the bully of the class hissed under his breath. “You know better than this Timmy”. Tim was a good boy but still, he felt his blood boiling and wanted nothing more than to punch Steve in the face. Steve on the other hand wasn’t a nice boy and continued to whisper insults at Tim.

“Timmy Timmy, wanna blanky?’’

“Hey Timmy Timmy you need your mommy and daddy here to help you with everything. Your such a baby.¨

Tim internally growled. Steve was crossing the line. If Steve didn´t shut up, Tim was gonna use his hands for something other than cutting a paper turkey and it wasn’t for hugging.

¨Timmy do you need to sleepy in your beddy¨. Steve didn’t even know what Tim thought about his room and especially that bed of his. Tim no longer wanted to sleep in his bed.

¨Steve be quiet… or else.¨

¨Or what. You’re gonna snore at me?¨ Steve was a stubborn boy.. And he paid dearly for it later.

¨BOYS!! GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF EACH OTHER!!!¨ The teacher screeched. Tim had finally cracked after years of being calm and nice. E was currently trying to punch Steve as hard as he could. ¨I am getting the principal. You two know better. Especially you Tim!¨

¨So, Tim, your saying that Steve made fun of you and called you a baby during class,¨ Mr. Grey´s voice slurred out . His blak eyes bored into Tim and Steve´s faces. He wasn’t very excited about working at a school. He thought that those intolerable whiny toddlers should just be locked up in a daycare until they actually learned respect for anything. Not exactly the type of person to be in charge of a school full of ¨toddlers¨. ¨Steve do you have anything to say against this?¨

¨Yes, actually, Tim is lying.¨Steve had come up with his own elaborate story on the walk to the principal’s office.¨ He was the one that made fun of me and he wanted to use his reputation as being nice to blame me!!¨Steve spent quite a big a deal on adding fancy words to his speech.¨Therefore, Timmy is lying¨.

¨Tim, do you contradict this or is Steve telling the truth¨. Mr.Grey´s words slushed out like slime.¨You know how this school does not tolerate bullying.¨His eyes flashed dangerously at Steve. He knew Tim was telling the truth.¨Or liars¨.Steve opened his mouth to retort but before he could say a word to protect his case, Mr.Grey’s assistant came in and said¨Principal Grey, I’ve just heard that one of the kids in preschool was reported missing. At this school. And their ready to sue¨.

MR.Grey did not look to pleased at this so decided to cut the conversation short.¨If you two will excuse me, I will need to attend to this very much more important occurrence¨. And Principal Grey left. Leaving Tim and Steve to throw daggers at each other with their eyes for the next thirty minutes, as the secretary just chewed her gum and watched with a strange look on her face.

Phoenix didn´t know why he was running from the school back home. But HE had told him to so he had to obey. HE was to be obeyed more than his parents or teachers. Sure, they would throw a search party to find him but they didn’t really care about him. HE did. As he walked towards his house, the leafs ruffled all around. Phoenix gave off the aura of death….

Phoenix silently opened the door and closed it. He went upstairs. Into his room.HE was here. Phoenix was scared but knew what he had to do. He crawled under his bed. Blood soon creeped out from underneath and Phoenix was no more. HE was satisfied.

Timmy was glaring at the ceiling in his room. He was forced to do a group project with Steve in HIS OWN ROOM. Steve was to be over in an hour. Tim hated the idea of Steve coming in and just bullying him there. Tim thought about keeping Bacon up here and letting Bacon chomp Steve´s jingle bells if he got too mouthy. Soon after he thought of this very amusing thought the door rang.

¨COMING¨! His mom yelled. She rushed to the door and opened it.¨Oh it’s you¨. She had heard of the story and didn’t believe a word Steve said.¨Come in, Tim will call you into his room when he’s ready¨. To unleash Bacon on you.¨Would you like a sandwich?¨

Steve didn’t like the way Tim could just summon him when he wanted, so refused the offer for a sandwich and sat grumpily on the couch in the living room.

Tim was pacing the room, hiding everything that Steve might make fun of. He was a good boy and didn’t want to get into another fight. As he was covering up his Pajama Masks poster, a snarling and cracked voice spoke to him.

¨How would you like to get rid of Steve young boy. You seem to hate him...plus I´m very hungry and could use another meal….¨

Tim backed up against his wall. The voice seemed to come from under the bed. His brain wasn´t fully developed so he replied in shaky voice ¨Can I know your name¨

The thing under the bed growled¨Call me… The Monster under The BEd. That’s all you need to know for now.Also put your hand underneath. Let’s shake on it¨.

Tim shrugged and crawled onto the floor. This was a very good deal in his opinion. He was about to put his hand under the bed to make it official, and the monster was growling in pleasure at his success, when his mom barged in.

¨Honey not to be rude but Steve really isn’t pleasant, can you let him in.Er, what are you doing?¨She added.

Tim felt something leave and he hastily pulled himself up.¨Uh just cleaning up.¨ the room was pretty much ready for Steve´s rampage.¨And you can let Steve in.¨

Steve took pleasure in getting off the couch with as much pressure as he could. There was a mark where he sat. He smirked at Tim´s mom, who looked astonished at how a seven year old could be this rude.

Tim was waiting calmly on the bed, with the materials lying across the bed. .Steve snorted as he looked around the room. It showed that Tim had stuffed out of sight so Steve wouldn’t notice. Sadly, he did.

¨Aw, Timmy did you cwean uppy your room just for me? This is so nice¨. He paused. Tim wasn’t paying attention to him at all. He kept shooting covert looks under the bed. Steve´s smile grew along his face.¨Hey Timmy, do you have a diary under there?”Or do you have some money for me?¨

Again he hesitated. Tim didn’t look scared because of Steve. He looked scared because of something else.¨Timmy is there a big bad thing under there that you’re hiding¨. Not very confidently.

Tim stood up and blocked the bed from Steve´s path. ¨Steve listen to me for once you don´t want to go under -¨. BUt Stev had pushed him out of the way and Tim hit the door, his nose inches from the doorknob. Steve bent down and muttered¨Now lets see what Timmy is hiding under here¨. He crawled under until only his legs showed. He looked around underneath. It was strangely big. And a pair of yellow/red eyes sinsterly stared back. He gasped, and his throat became dry. The thing growled and revealed a mouth full of oh so sharp teeth. Steve´s gulped and he tried to get out. He never did.

Tim came around and rubbed his eyes. He saw Steve´s legs flailing around and then got dragged under the bed. A pool of blood soon surrounded the bed. Steve´s ripped up arm rolled out from under the bed. Written in blood on his arm was¨Your next¨. Tim screamed and ran out of the room. He felt like something was running to get him. Once he got to the living room, it went away.

¨MOM, MOm COME!¨ His mom came with him up to the room, expecting to see Steve,because he could, shoving a pair of scissors down his throat, but nothing was out of the ordinary. She wasn’t amused.

¨IS this some prank that you guys decided to play on me?¨

¨No mom looks under the bed¨. She did, and there was nothing except a couple of boxes. And a note. It read¨Hey Timmy I left because you’re a loser so do the project yourself¨.

Tim´s mom took this to mean that Tim got upset that Steve left and went to get her.¨Tim don’t scare me like that again¨. ANd she walked out.


¨Honey are you ok? Fine, I´ll get you a bed if you don´t think it’s comfy enough. But also you just wasted a whole bottle of Ketchup¨.

¨What?¨Tim was lost in thought of the horrific events less than month ago, and the thing saying he was next...¨Oh yeah sorry about the ketchup mom¨.

At school, the police were searching the school grounds and Steve´s home as they were told by Tim and his mom that he had left the house. They had been searching for over two weeks. Mr.Grey was even more unpleasant.

As Tim was about to walk out of school at the end of the day Mr.Grey stopped him. ¨Not so fast, Tim. I know you made Steve disappear. You didn’t like him, so you decided to get rid of him. I have no proof but I know it’s you.¨ Tim gulped. He didn´t get rid of Steve but Steve did die in his room.

¨So , Tim¨, Mr.Grey said in his slow voice.¨You have a choice. You can tell me what happened to Steve or suffer my -¨. He froze. His eyes seemed to bulge out of his skull and he was staring at something in the far distance. Tim backed up.

¨uh, Mr.Grey are you ok?¨ At this, a trickle of blood ran down Mr.Grey´s nose. Tim´s eyes widened. Then a sickening crunch and Mr.Grey fell to the floor obviously dead. Tim ran all the way home, not wanting to be found anywhere near the Principal´s dead body.

¨Good night sweety¨, Tim´s mother said. She had just found out about the death of Tim´s principal and decided to treat him carefully so he would not try to investigate because she had heard of another kid that had walked out of school for no apparent reason and was never found. She wanted Tim to be safe.

¨Good night mom¨. His mom turned off his night light and he fell asleep, tossing and turning.

Suddenly he woke up. He peeked a look at his window, and it was still dark out. As he decided to go back to sleep, he felt a sudden tugging near his bladder. He needed to pee. He gulped and thought of what could be under his bed at night. He had been cautious the last two weeks to never leave the safety of the top of his bed at night. Just in case. But he needed to pee really bad. Luckily, his mom always kept his door open if he wanted to go downstairs to get a cup of water real quick. Just in case, She always said. He sat up. It was maybe three footprints to speed out the door and then he could wait out the rest of the night in the bathroom. Just in case. He tried to steady his now panicky breathing. He pulled his blanket away from him, and grabbed his miniature baseball bat that was on his dresser next to him. Just in case. He stood up on his bed, took a deep breath and ran towards the door. It slammed shut, and Tim never made it out of the room. His struggling body was dragged under the bed by shadows of something and was never seen again.

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