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Chapter 11

Kumiko’s mother’s hunch was correct. She had informed police that her daughter had most likely taken her granddaughter to the family cabin. She urged them to waste no time as Kumiko could be quite unstable without her medication.

Officers arrived too late, however, as they were presented with a cabin already mostly burned to the ground.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire before it had a chance to spread and create even more misery. All investigators could do now was search the cabin's remains. The rising sun would do its part to aid in the search.

Part of the roof was moved away revealing a most heartbreaking discovery. Kumiko and Takayo’s bodies were found underneath. They had been left completely charred black. But what was even more tragic was the fact that the two were still holding onto one another.

“It’s them,” said one of the detectives. “They must have become trapped. Being burned alive, there's no worse way to die.”

“I’m sure she did everything she could to protect her child,” said another detective. “These two must have really loved each other. Even in death, they can't be separated."

The first detective nodded. "There really is nothing stronger than a mother’s love, is there?"

*Ai Otsuka - Renai Shashin

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