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"Today, you are all writing a story..." ... "...really?" "Yes, that's what a story is..... I can't wait to read yours." ... "You really wish for that..." "Yes." ... “PLEASE! STOP! I BEG YOU!” ... DISCLAIMER! LEVI IS NOT LEVI ACKERMAN! :)

Horror / Fantasy
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Levi's Story

“Haha, look at him!”

“What a loser!”

“It’s always the quiet kids! Haha!”

“That was not funny, Mizuki. You just ruined it.”


Levi walked past them, covering his side face with his hood. His seat was at the back, where only one other person sat.

“...brats...” He whispered under his breath. The teacher rushed in with her trolly.

“Girls! Get off the tables! Where did you learn those bad manners from!”

“Pfft... sorry.” They all scattered across the classroom to their seats.

“Great, class 2Y! Today, you are all writing a story! It will take you 2 hours and 59 mins, or should I say 3 hours! Off you go!” They opened their books and got to work. Levi, confused, shot his hand up.

“Miss... I don’t know what to write.”

“Hmm... well, for instance, a story is writing of someone’s wishes or thoughts. Expressing how you feel about this world or what you want to happen.”


“Yes, that’s what a story is..... I can’t wait to read yours. Before that, your detention is today.” She smiled off with malice, then wobbled to her seat. Levi sighed. One of the girls next to the window looked at him then dropped something out of the window.

“Was that your pen, Levi? Oops.”

“Now THAT was funny, Mizuki!”

“Sorry, Levi, go get it.” The teacher said to him. He made a tight fist and walked out.

The stairs were just opposite the classroom. Two flights down, a right turn and across the outside doors was where his pen should be. He knew that with accuracy.

“It should take me 12 minutes to return, but I’ll be walking slow, so 20 minutes.” He arrived at the spot in 10 minutes. “...my pen... it’s not there?... What’s this?” He spots a black pen with a diamond skull on it. He picked it up then went back inside.

“Did you get the pen? Sorry I made you tired. Haha, not.”

“Mizuki, you are on fire today! I love how you want to be funny for the group! Hundred per cent effort.”

“I know, Eri.” She rolls her eyes. Levi sat back down and started to write. He got an idea.

“Time’s up!” The whole class groaned. Levi had just finished his. “Levi! Come up and read yours!”

“I don’t want to.”

“Come on, loser!”

“You’re going to get another detention if you don’t.” Levi stood up and carried his paper to the front. He clears his throat and reads.

“Title is ‘Ideal world’. This all started when Mizuki finds out she can’t talk anymore. She feels her neck and holds it tight. She starts to choke herself, run out of breath and dies.”

“...What are you saying...?” They all turn to look at Mizuki.

“What? I would never-” Her mouth moved, but no sound came out. There was a tense moment. Even Levi started shaking.

“...Mizuki...” She felt her neck just as she did in his story. Slowly, she choked herself. Levi paused and looked at Mizuki as she gradually became lifeless. He then stopped trembling. Smiling, he got back to reading.

“Then the doors locked. No one could escape the madness caused.” The was a lock.

“LEVI! STOP READING!-” Said Mizuki’s friend.

“The students yell for help. Eri runs over to her friend who just killed herself. She touches her dead body then weeps-” A loud cry comes from Eri. Levi looked up to see if it was working. It was. “-till one teardrop turns into acid. It burns Mizuki’s corpse and turns it into ash. She cries more and more. More tears came out. They all collapsed on her. She joined her friend to ash.” Eri lets out a yell. She transformed into ash.

“PLEASE! STOP! I BEG YOU!” Levi sighed.

“When I pleaded you that, did you stop bullying me? No.”

“...Revenge is not the best choice-” Kesh got interrupted by Levi’s reading.

“Kesh stands up and heads for the big windows. He places his head against the windows and smashes it against it. Back and forth. Back and forth.” CRASH. The windows broke open. Kesh turned around to reveal a big shard stuck in his forehead. “Kesh then goes to his two mates, Itachi and Akihiro, grabs them out of their seats. He drags them to the opening he made, and they all free fall." The teacher screams as she saw three of her best pupils jump off.


"Miss Sampson is stressed, so she follows the boys, along with Sasha, and together, they fall to their deaths." The two remaining students cried their eyes out. Levi smirks. "Do you like blood?"

"NO! YOU'RE A MONSTER!" She puts a hand over her mouth. He chuckles.

"Even I didn't call you guys monsters when you burned my dog alive." He smiles. Not quite a friendly one.

"...We are sorry..."

"I will only accept your apology if..." He looked down at his story again. "... Asi gets a lighter to make a fire, and Hatsumi collects papers and anything flammable. Luckily, the fire they created was big enough to roast a full dinosaur. They hold hands and sizzle away to hell." He heard shrieks as they evaporated. "Pfft. That was easy." He sits by the flames cross-legged. "...then the doors open..."

"WHAT'S HAPPENED... CALL THE POLICE... MARI, GET THE NURSE..." Three boys came in with teachers.

"NERD!" They push him into the fire. Strangely, he smiled. He knew this would happen if his story were real. Which now is a reality.

"Hey, let's read his book."

Bodies lay on top of others. No one out there to help. Everyone was fated to their deaths. No human on the planet Earth survived. Except... Levi.

"...Those idiots read it out. So this is how the pen works, huh. I write it, I or someone reads it, boom!!" He glared at the ocean sky. "I'm glad I wrote down, '...and I shall be brought back to life.'. This is the ideal world I have been longing for." Then he cackled away.

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