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In this story, a girl named Ridhima got a taste of fear see goes through so many things, and also came across so deadly thing

Horror / Mystery
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It was about 12:30 am when everything outside was calm, the sky was clear, stars & the moon were shining. Ridhima was alone in her house, planning to go sleep when she heard some strange noise. She got scared, looked around her there was nothing strange she led her way. Again, that sound came this time it was coming from outside. She was sweating with fear, the only question was coming to her mind “what is that sound, from where is it coming, who could be there ?” she peeped out of the window, a shadow ran across, she felt that her heart came into her mouth, her legs were numb, she didn’t know who to call she tried calling her friend with trembling hands, when she shadow dashed inside the window and hold her tightly from behind she screamed and after a sec she look behind there was no one except the footsteps stained in blood she was too terrified, she ran towards the main door as she opened the door there was a blackout and she saw two stunning yellow eyes coming towards her she started walking 1 backward and she trembled upon something & fall she saw that her hands were covered in blood and as she bent forward she saw a “DEAD BODY” she screamed .....

story by Lui

original’s series

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