Radical Love

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When 4 teenagers decide to check out the abandoned and supposedly haunted Convent one night, they have no idea that it is possibly the worst idea ever. There are rumors about two ghosts haunting the ruins, two girls in black satin robes. Supposedly satanists who were discovered mid-ritual by the Sisters and were punished. Tonnes of online, first hand accounts tell of seeing these spirits. But who are they? And how do they change the lives of 4 freshly minted 18 year olds?

Horror / Romance
Dipabali Dey
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Chapter 1

Kolkata, 2041:

The red sports car stopped in front of the ruins of what was once an orphanage and school run by Catholic Sisters. The 4 slightly drunk teenagers turned the headlights off and killed the engine.

'Ready for some fun guys? ' the birthday girl asked. It was her idea to come here.

To the other three, in the beginning it had seemed like a great plan. This abandoned lot was famous in the area for being haunted.

Now however, they hesitated. There were no lights, just a huge compound sitting behind those gates with two separate buildings looming over them, not to mention the place was huge.

The birthday girl, Celina, looked around at the faces of her boyfriend, Noah, and her two best friends at the back, Helen and Alison. They didn't look as excited as she felt.

'Come on guys! '

'Look... She squinted at the board... The Orphanage and Convent of the Catholic Sisters beckons us! '

'What have we got to be scared of really? We're Catholic Christians too. Even if there are ghosts in there, as they say, they wouldn't attack their own kind! '

Helen found zero logic in that theory. But it was Celina's 18th. And they had all agreed in the beginning.

'I don't put much into the fact that Catholic Christian ghosts are gonna leave us alone because we belong to their faith, but we did promise Celina guys'

One by one everyone muttered their agreement and the 4 of them emerged from the car with their flashlights.

Standing at the gate that looked like it would fall apart any second, Celina chimed, 'Here we are! No turning back now guys! '
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